Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moonstone Beach Day 3

Between San Simeon and Morro Bay, is a town called Cambria. It's an awesome little artist colony with great restaurants and shops. We avoided the little downtown area and went to their beach. It's called Moonstone.  Moonstone Beach is at the bottom of a pine forest that leads to a rugged shoreline. There are several small motels across the street from the ocean. It's a stunning place...

Okay, enough of the stunning shoreline, let's get to the things I like.

I saw a 1953 Chevrolet rally car.  The wording on the car said "Carrera Panamericana." Google told me that it's a 2000 mile road race in Mexico. I have no idea what the car was doing here, but it was kinda cool.

I saw a very odd looking man body boarding (enlarge please)

I'm sure many of us have done some body boarding at some time in our lives. I've done it and I've seen a lot of other people do it, but I've never seen a TROLL do it.  You've must enlarge these two photos to check this guy out.  I don't mean to be mean...but wow!

We just left Moonstone and are about to turn right onto Pacific Coast Highway. What pulls up next to us but a 1919 Harley Davidson! The really odd thing is that my bro-in-law Don (smile Don) had a T-shirt on the day before, with a silkscreen of that exact year Harley on the back of it! Don is a motorcycle guy.   Then i saw the string of hot rods pulling up to the light in the background and I was really happy. (more for the hot rods than the bike)

Look at the Harley's headlight

We turned right onto PCH and in about 20 minutes we could see Morro Rock.  Our last night in town was spent going out to dinner and then finishing off our alcohol.  It was a great trip.  Once again I'm reminded that I enjoy small road trips every bit as much as organized and long distance vacations.   

I'm also reminded of how fortunate I am to live directly on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.  I thank my lucky stars for that... 



  1. I'm making a list of stops for our family roadtrip and I'll have to come to your blog to figure out where to go.


  2. It sounds like you're having the most amazing time, Pat. The photographs are beautiful, I especially like the one of the man body boarding - the light on the waves is brilliant. Wishing you all the best :)

  3. I love living on the Pacific too! It's worth the risk of living near the "Big One's" fault line that scientists have been yammering on about for the last 15 years. "Any day now, any day now!" they've been saying for as long as I can remember. - G

  4. Boy, I sure could stand living there, that's for sure!

  5. Clarissa - There is so much to see. The drive along Big Sur is one of the most amazing in the world. At the northern end is Monterey. The aquarium there is unmatched anywhere...

    Sam - Thanks Sam! We hit it at a good time of year, so it wasn't crowded at all.

    Georgina - The big one! I don't see the ocean everyday, but I love knowing it's there...

  6. Forget the old cars. I think the tide pools would have been neat. Ditto the gorgeous water and yeah, that bike is pretty cool. What a coincidence with the shirt! Love it.

  7. tapirgal - The tide was up so there was no getting to the tide pools.

  8. What an amazing trip you are having Pat, I have been looking back over the last few posts and have truly enjoyed the pictures and the tour.

    The Harley is impressive along with the hot rods and rally car, the flowers are cool along with the seals and beach scenery.

    The body boarding troll and the local characters you have a way of bringing all of these things to us in such an interesting manner that makes me proud to know you my friend.

  9. That's one of the best parts about studying abroad, actually....lots of mini trips around Rome/Italy/Europe, just of wandering around and enjoying the culture.

    Side note: surfing is awesome.

  10. Wish we lived close to a coast rather than a beach.
    And hey, even trolls have hobbies!

  11. Beautiful shots ( as always )
    and I love the new header.!!

  12. I've heard of troll-boarding but I thought that was just an urban legend from South America. What a great and relaxing road trip that must have been. The pictures are awesome.

  13. Yes indeed, that coastline is beautiful, but I thought the hot rods were way too cool!!!

  14. I think the PCH is the most scenic and diverse road way in America. The views are awesome and you are indeed a lucky man, Pat.

  15. Why am I not surprised you know a couple of my favorite places. Cambria, Moonstone, they're the great escape.

  16. as always, great photos man, I LOVE to see that harley on the road more so than the cars as they cars can be all modern on the inside when there is no inside to hide the wrong thing on a harley.

  17. TBFKA - It sure is! Thanks for the HTML help assistance also...

    Jimmy - thanks my friend! I appreciate you're support!

    Softy - I'm envious! I hope you have a fantastic time. You better have a camera! If not, you better buy one...

    Alex - those damn trolls... A zombie? no problem...

    faye - Thanks faye! Headers are for playing!

    Kimberly - Thanks Kimberly!

    Chuck - It was a great trip, that's for sure. Trolls are an issue on every continent...

    Brian - I agree! Two of my favorite things together...

    Pam - I totally agree and I thank my lucky stars!

    altadenahiker - I'm so happy to hear that. they are indeed amazing places...

    Jhon - I like both of them. I understand what you're saying. I had mc's in my past life. My wife would like for me to get one again, but I don't know if I want a back seat on it.... shhhh!

  18. What stunning photos, Pat!! Well, I'm jealous!
    Great commentary, too!

    Happy Sunday!
    B :)

  19. Fantastic photos and the guy is a little odd looking. The cars are great.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  20. All your recent photo posts look so cool... so nice! Too bad we can't get the sound of the surf, too, Pat! Great photos!

  21. I've only driven parts of PCH1. One day I'll go the entire length. Thanks for sharing.

  22. That Harley is awesome. I doubt I have ever seen one that old - even in a museum.

    That old guy on the waves - he would have totally freaked me out.

  23. Blue Wave - Thanks so much!

    Betty M - I thank you! Sometimes nature makes it easy on us...

    Darryl and ruth - Thanks! The photos really didn't do the guy justice, he was built like a fire hydrant

    Brenda - Thanks Brenda! I appreciate it!

    Jen - I've done the length of it before and we're planning another!

    Cheeseboy - It sure is! It almost looked like a bicycle. The guy did freak me out.

  24. I love the PCH, it is one of the most beautiful roads I have ever traveled. While I have spent more time on the northern end it is all worth the drive. I do miss living closer to the coast.

    The old Harley is really cool.

  25. Bet the hot rods would've giving the 1953 Chevrolet rally car a run for its money.

  26. Everything you're seeing has such vitality in your words and pictures. It sounds as though you're living in the PERFECT place for you!

  27. Costea - Thanks so much!

    SQ - I totally agree. It's beautiful. Back in the day, I even hitchhiked the length of it a couple of times while "on the road."

    Jesse - Oh yeah! I bet they would!

    Margaret - Thannks for the nice words. California has just about everything. The most amazing thing is that people who have never been here think that it's crowded. Except for the San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas, the state is totally uncrowded. Mostly sea shore, farm land, deserts, and mountains.

  28. Beautiful the color of that water and of course your blue-bird friend!
    Wishin' I had coast line like that!
    (Like your new header too:)

  29. Dawn - Thanks Dawn! The coast will be here waiting for you!


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