Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Other Sights From Our Road Trip Day 1

I know it's a bit busy, but this is my favorite pic of the trip

I'm pretty sure this is a valuable cabin cruiser even if it is neglected.

The working end of the boat harbor

I don't know what kind of bird it is, but he is trying to find a way to get into this bait tank

Somebody told me not to let looks fool me, this is one of the busiest fishing boats in the harbor

A look from the  foot of the rock to the town of Morro Bay

A friendly blue jay in an apple tree, at the little house we stayed in at Morro Bay

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I presume...

Tomorrow I'll be posting "Other Sights From our Road Trip  Day 2"



  1. I love the blue jay- such a vibrant color- and I am from Toronto-
    Looks like a lovely inspirational trip!

  2. Love the bird photos! One of the best parts of an incoming storm around these parts is watching the seagulls play in the wind. Even before the wind arrives, we know there will be a storm because the seagulls start to loiter around the air above the harbour. They are waiting for the wind to come in so they came ride it. - G

  3. The sights are amazing, so many birdies too!

  4. Liked the pictures. LOVE the new header!!

  5. Beautiful photos! The one that you used for your new header is still one of my top faves. :)

  6. Very enjoyable, indeed. I have that same bait tank bird on one of my posts:


    I am told it's a starling, and that they are not always black with yellow eyes. On my post, it was on the pilings pecking for food, so maybe yours was as interested in the mesh as in the fish below.

  7. Great colors and pictures, as always, Pat.

  8. I think I like the shot of the blue jay best. It's so peaceful and pretty.

  9. Wow, nice shots!

    The unknown bird is a type of kingfisher.

  10. i love Morro Bay. It's so pretty. I remember going there the first time when I was around 14 or so. My friend's grandfather lived there. It was a fishing village, nothing more. Oh, the big rock. My folks retired to northern Santa Barbara County and they loved to drive up and have breakfast there at a famous place whose name escapes me but I bet it's still there....crap. Can't think of it.

    Looks like you lucked out on the weather.

  11. am so OC I had to look it up: Dorn's.

  12. Love the photos, as always! That's an incredible shot (great colors) on that blue jay!

  13. Pat- I grew up on the water and these pics are telling me just where my next home should be.. near the small fishing villages.. Just love each one of these. thank you.. Visting your page is truly a highlight and joy....

  14. These are great. Thanks for sharing.


  15. Ren - It was a lot of fun! The jay was a very nice shade of blue.

    Gerogina - I know what you mean. We're in a very hilly area and the gulls and crows soar for a long time (and fight)

    Brian - Thanks!

    BB - I always want to change my header now. I guess you're rubbing off on me.

    Salt - Thanks so much! I really like it also...

    tapirgal - Maybe. this guy had some long legs though...

    Alex - LOL..good old JLS...

    Robyn - Thanks so much Robyn! Also, as always...

    Tim - thanks Tim. It was a peaceful place...

    Blue Wave - a Kingfisher! Thanks so much...

    California Girl - Me too! I remember when it was a tiny place. Also Cayucos just down the road was the same way. I know Dorn's! We didn't eat there this time, but I have in the past.

    Marlene - Thanks! It's what I love to do...

    Lynne H - Wow! Thanks so much for the nice words. It sure would be a nice relaxing place to live (maybe a little too quiet)

    Clarissa - My pleasure! Thanks!

  16. Nice Pictures, #1 may be busy but an excellent shot my Friend.

    Loved them all.

  17. Hi Pat, Looks like you have been doing some trips in your area. You do have a fabulous coastline out there.... Love seeing your pictures.

    You should buy the cabin cruiser and fix it up!!!!! Great bird pictures also... Your birds are quite different from ours...

    Keep those beautiful pictures coming...

  18. Gorgeous photos, Pat and I love the first one the best too..they are all fantastic. Sorry I haven't commented too much in the last few weeks. We have had company at the lake and I have had hardly any computer time to read my blog buddy's blogposts...I have been lucky to be able to "prepublish" my own blogposts when I have had a half hour now and then to myself....glad i caught this one tho..it is full of gorgeous shots!

  19. Looked like a condemned cruiser. haha. Love the blue jay pic!!!

  20. The unknown bird is a juvenile
    night heron..REALLY ..

  21. Amazing! my favorite is the one boat that appears to be neglected!

  22. Jimmy - thanks Jimmy! I liked it also.

    Betsy - It is a nice coastline! I think it was a Chris-Craft and may be worth some money.

    Joan - Thanks! Hey, sometimes real life has to come first!

    Jesse - I liked it also.

    faye - Thanks Faye!

    Kimberly - It was kind of sad...

  23. That first pic with the boats is amazing and totally my kind of thing. It's the kind of image I'd get laminated!

  24. Great shots Pat
    as always..

    Looks nice and relaxing too...
    I like the Jay, but prob agree with you on the best one..


  25. Boats, birds, and the bay; what could be more perfect?

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  26. That was an excellently written essay, thank you so much.


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