Monday, September 13, 2010

Ironing Clothes

I NEVER iron.
I REFUSE to iron.
I made a pact with myself to ONLY buy clothes that never need ironing.

If for some reason something does come out the clothes dryer wrinkled. I have several options:
  • Throw it back in the dirty clothes (maybe next time it will unwrinkle)
  • Throw it in my wife's dirty clothes hamper (maybe she will do it)
  • Throw it in the back corner of my closet (maybe it will disappear)
  • Wear it anyway.
I would rather walk out of the house looking like an unmade bed than waste 5 minutes of my life ironing...

Or is it just me?



  1. I don't iron either. I don't even own one.


  2. No I'm the same. I hate it with a passion and just don't do it. And I'm a woman so that's not good. Here's a tip. Toss the wrinkled clothes in the dryer with a damp rag. Run dryer for about 5-10 minutes then pull out the clothes. Presto wrinkles are gone. They don't look as good as freshly ironed but they aren't bad either. What you don't wear, hang up right away.

  3. It's not just you! I try to avoid ironing. The only time I will is if I have to dress up (wedding or funeral) and what I want to wear is severely wrinkled. But before I drag the iron out (which I will do on the floor with a towel), I try the Downy wrinkle-free spray stuff. That stuff is awesome! Just hang your clothes up, spray and spread out the wrinkles. They disappear.

  4. I avoid clothes that need ironing and working from home is great for need for corporate wear :)
    I do have a hubby that is very good at ironing though - it's a deal, he irons and I clean bathrooms.

  5. An unmade bet, huh? (Giggle) I rebelled after 15yrs of hating every second spent ironing for a family of six (three of which requiring a freshly ironed shirt evech day).

    Hubby does it all now. Don't worry, I gave him a fair trade (wink)..

  6. Hello Patrick.
    Can you believe me if I tell you that I dont want anyone else to iron my shirts..?
    I m never satisfied with what they do... So I do it...

  7. I confess, I iron some article of clothing at least once a month. If I left it for my wife to iron, I'd never wear it again.

  8. There sure should be an easier way!

  9. I'm with you on this. Ironing is an act of evil forged in the bowels of hell to make man waste little fragments of his existence.

  10. Hi Pat!! An iron...what is that?? I think years ago I touched one and burned my leg...oh that was when I was nine years old and since then the iron has become a distant relic of my past. Not only do I hate to iron, I really suck at it. However, I am among the privileged...I have a housekeeper who comes a few times a week and I leave the ironing for her. She is really fantastic at it. There really is a talent to I hope never to learn to master. So I am like you....I would rather have a few wrinkles in my clothes than stand over that steaming machine and try to manipulate different cuts of fabric to lay flat in the right way so I can maybe get that item to look somewhat decent. Yuck!!! I suppose that is why God invented polyester!

  11. I used to iron, but it is too hard to get the clothes to 'lay' correctly, so I end up getting creases where they shouldn't be, etc.
    So now, like you, if it needs to be ironed, I don't wear it.

  12. No, it's not just you. I also hate ironing. We don't even own an iron, so when we go to a wedding or someplace where unwrinkled clothes are more appropriate, I borrow my mom's. I've found that men's clothes are particularly annoying to iron.

  13. I own an iron to use on veneer while wood working otherwise ironing an article of clothing would require me going next door to ask my mother in law who hates to do it but loves me enough to do something this simple that requires more effort on my part to have it done rather than do it myself.

  14. I used to iron in the 80s when I worried about being popular in high school. Had meh results. So no, I don't feel the need to iron anymore. Amen brother blogger.

  15. I hate ironing too, so it's not just you!
    I just take out my washing, shake it and hang it on clothes hangers to dry. If it needs ironing, then I don't buy it!

    Grrr, don't even get me started on washing machines! I have just bought a new one that is computerised, all flashing lights, bells and whistles, but I'm still getting the hang of it!

  16. The mere fact that you do your own laundry entitles you to an automatic get out of jail free card on ironing and the right to discard, replace or wear in any condition what ever you damn well please. You are a true Renaissance man Patrick Tillett !

  17. I think the nays have it! Boycotting ironing for life.

  18. waste of time...I'd rather be stalking on the internet...peace.

  19. I used to hate I kinda like I sick??

  20. I have a friend that irons his friggen' t shirts. Whenever we go to a football game or whatever, I am waiting for that loser.

  21. The last time I used my iron I somehow got wax all over it, that was 5 years ago...

  22. I hate ironing, but I do it anyway..
    my OCD showing.. I can not wear
    anything wrinkled...

  23. Clarissa - Your priorities are certainly in order!

    Karen - I've tried that before with a damp washcloth, sometimes it works well.thanks!

    Lisa - Hi there! I'll try the wrinkle-free spray! Thanks for that...

    Softy - I couldn't agree more.

    Nat - When I did have to wear shirt and tie to work, I let the laundry do the dirty work...

    Shrinky - I can't even imagine ironing for more than myself. Hey, I can't imagine even doing it for myself...

    Costas - It's the exception that makes the rule! I'm so glad I don't have to do it...

    Alex - Same here! But I don't even do it once a month. In fact, I don't do it at all...

    Brian - there is! Have somebody else do it! LOL

    Tim - I agree and we have precious little to waste!

    DrSoosie - Now that's what I'm talking about! I also suck at it. Way too complicated for me. Yeah! polyester...

    Joe - We want and need our lives to be more's a good thing!

    Sarah - I don't own one either. My wife does...I don't ever plan on ironing matter the occasion...lazy and set in my ways.

    Jhon - Now that's a proper use for an iron. Hey, I'm loving your book! Great job...

    Alice - That's good to hear! Our washer controls looks like something that should be in a jet.

    vickie - Why thank you! A renaissance man! Wow!

    Chuck - I second that!

    ~L - A total waste of time! peace back at ya...

    Joan - Maybe just a little sick. I used to hate it, now I despise it!

    Cheeseboy - I've known a couple of guys who ironed also ironed their t-shirts. I think they have control issues...

  24. The first time I tried ironing shirts (at 11 years old), I pulled that steaming impliment of torture close to the edge of the ironing board and BURNED MY CHEST! It's been down hill from there. My dilemma is this: I adore linen, and all the beautiful garments that can be crafted with that lovely fiber. I buy them, put them in the closet and always hesitate to wear them because of all the work to make them look and stay looking good. hmmmmmm

  25. Who is ya? - you don't want to get that wax on your clothes! Thrown that thing away!

    faye - There's a fine line between OCD and wanting to appear neat! LOL...

    Rosemary - I'd say ironing and you don't get along. Do those items hang in the closet because your afraid?

  26. My cleaners will do it for a buck. But the only thing that ever needs ironing is the offspring's dress uniform, once or twice a month. None of my stuff wrinkles and if I make a mistake and buy something that does, back it goes! Ironing SUCKS!

  27. I only iron my blouse for my suit. Next to that, I néver iron anything.
    I just don't see the point in ironing my shirts or pants, they look better unironed.

  28. It is definitely not just you! I will not buy any clothes that require ironing. If they don't come out of the dryer without wrinkles they don't belong in my house.

    I think I still have an iron, the last time I remember seeing it was on a top shelf in the closet behind things we never use. Oh wait....I gave all those things we never use to Goodwill, maybe the iron went with them.

  29. Right. I LOVE ironing. I'm addicted to ironing! I'm a one-woman campaigner against wrinkles!

  30. I hate ironing as well!

    I never, ever do it!

  31. Ironing is the devil's work. Seriously, no respectable human should ever iron. I don't even own an iron. If you're careful you never need to iron. My mother is horrified. She's the ironing queen, but me? I'd rather eat my own foot.

  32. i don't mind ironing.... i think it makes the clothes look SO much nicer. in fact, i often ask myself, "and i was going to wear it out, BEFORE i ironed it?? what was i thinking!?!"

    we wouldn't mind ironing your things, just as long as you don't pull a jason and say something like, "hey, why don't you handle that shirt so we can get rollin."

    to which you will get a dazed stare, and my rump will not budge from the bed in which i will sit doing absolutely nothing for the next 3 and a half hours.... and if we WERE going to be on time, surely we won't be now.... ask her to iron, and give her flowers or something.... ;)

  33. or a starbucks gift card.... nothing says, "honey i appreciate you ironing my clothes" more than a starbucks gift card.... with at LEAST 20 bucks on it.

  34. Megan - I agree! That's what cleaners are for...

    Arjan - If I'm lucky, I'll never have to wear a suit again also...

    SQ - I totally agree, I used to use mine for a door stop.

    Talli - More power to you! I'll send mine right over...

    Penny - The more of us, the merrier!

    Vegtable Assassin - I had to wear a shirt and tie to work for many years and NEVER ironed anything myself. I ALWAYS took it to the cleaners...

    Ashley - If you like it, why don't you do it? I'd ask your mom, but I usually needed it in less than a month or two. Oh, I'd never say that to her. I'd have an iron shaped bruise on my forehead.

  35. Maybe it's a "man" thing. I wouldn't dream of leaving the house in something that hadn't been ironed.

  36. I have fond memories of my mother ironing our little dresses back in the day (usually while she listened to the radio show of an old coot named Arthur Godfrey). But in your case--obviously you're too cool to care about wrinkles, and maybe your wife is proud she married such a dude!

  37. This is so funny, it is SO me! The option "throw it back in the hamper" made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

  38. HAHAHA...hilarious! i just had this exact conversation with several people.
    Ironing is a ``lost art``:)
    My grandma used to iron EVERYTHING.
    Pillowcases, tea towels, even underwear. It took her a full day each week.
    My mom made me iron everything up to tea underwear.
    I...iron NOTHING. NOTHING.
    And I always put something back in the wash if it`s wrinkled when out of the dryer.
    One day I may get to wear that shirt....maybe.

  39. I am a weirdo. Not only do I iron my husbands shirts (who home offices...d'oh) but I hang them on the clothesline to dry AND I use sizing on them to make them crisp.


    I think I may need to re-think my life goals.

    I'll do that while I'm ironing the three shirts on my ironing board!

  40. Back when I lived in the United States people picked on me for ironing my jeans. I like ironing every once in a while.
    Throw it back in the dirty clothes (maybe next time it will unwrinkle)... LOVED IT :D

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