Friday, September 17, 2010

Swarm of Locusts

Amid the foggy chaos
That is my thought process
I’m blessed with moments of utter clarity
This is payment, I assume
For my usual confusion
It’s not having these things that taxes me
It’s drawing words out of the mess to describe them
My thoughts are like a swarm of locusts
My brain hides what I am not to see
And reveals only what I feel to me



  1. I can relate- when i spend hours trying to settle my mind to fall asleep.
    Beautiful poem- you have a gift!

  2. On a good day my brain feels like a swarm of locusts...on a bad day more like a downpour of acid rain. I really like the clarity of thought that you expressed in so few words. And as usual...I think you and I see eye to eye on many things. Nice poem!

  3. That's just fantastic. What a great image to describe it. I can so relate to it too.

  4. beautiful poem... thanks for stoppin by my blog and leaving kind words! :) those pizzas do look amazing right!

  5. This is awesome, Pat. Sometimes, our brains save us from insanity, you know. When they hide certain things from us... even if we struggle to "uncover" those things... it is for our own good that we do not succeed. As I always have believed, some things are best left in the dark. A lovely write!


  6. Ah, I was all set to see some cool photos of my favorite insect...and knowing you, they would have been great pics!
    But I love the poem, especially:

    I’m blessed with moments of utter clarity
    This is payment, I assume
    For my usual confusion

  7. Nice! The only time I'm clear is when I sleep.

  8. That was a great post, I usually attribute my problem to too much catnip! Have a calm and relaxing weekend my friend!

  9. In complete chaos, one finds the most poignant perfection. A stirring poem, Pat.

  10. A swarm of locust.. excellent..
    my mind buzzes like that at times..
    A well done poem Pat!!!

  11. As usual, your poems are very moving or touching.
    This one especially is just how I feel at the moment, things get so cluttered up that you can't see where you are going...then suddenly, everything becomes clear!
    It's as if it has been staring at you all the time...yes, I can fully relate to it!

  12. Oh, I like this very much. My brain works the same way I think. Oh for those moments of clarity!

  13. Beautiful poem! Describes how we all feel, at one time or another.

  14. That is a very cool poem are talented!

  15. Did you write this poem!? It's wonderful! It's often how I feel. Thanks for sharing.


  16. Those moments of utter clarity are what I live for.

  17. Ren - Thanks so much! I'm happy to say I can shut down at bedtime now. It wasn't always so.

    DrSoosie - I think we do see eye to eye on a lot of things! Thanks so much my friend.

    Tim - Thanks! I think that's why I've always been somewhat ADD...

    MissAlyssa - Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Nevine - Oh yeah! Many times, if the background noise stops, we may not be able to deal with what's "really" there. Thanks Nevine.

    Joe - I saw you had a nice photo of a green grass hopper (or locust) today! thanks Joe!

    Alex - Thanks! I'm not even clear then. Many nights I have wild dreams.

    Brian - Too much catnip will do that to you!

    Sam - You are so right Sam! Thanks.

    Lynne - Thanks Lynne, I appreciate the nice words.

    Alice - Thanks so much! Sometimes I think it's actually a way to escape...

    Betty - Thanks Betty! here's to clarity!

    Marguerite - Thanks so much! I agree...

    Chuck - Thanks Buddy! I appreciate it.

    Clarissa - That I did madame. There are plenty more where this came from...check out the page links below my header photo.

    Cheeseboy - I with you! They don't happen often enough...

  18. sometimes i compare my thoughts to a whirlwind of autumn leaves and, when i try to write, i can't seem to focus on one of the leaves long enough to write it's story, as i'm continously distracted by all the others fighting for my attention. don't they realize they can't all be written at once?

  19. Vencora - That's exactly what I'm talking about...Amazing!

  20. Wonderful poem! Sometimes, it's the words I feel inside such as "My brain hides what I am not to see
    And reveals only what I feel to me"

    Just wonderful..

  21. I really like this one Patty.
    It reveals the way I often feel, the craziness inside (the creatvies mind?) head, the inability to fully describe the way that feels - and yet I think that's where the best poetry/creative work comes from.

    great stuff mate


  22. Robyn - Thanks Rubyn!

    Icy BC - Thanks so much for the nice words...

    Anthony - I think your right, I'm happy that I can sometimes squeeze out a coherent thought or two...


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