Wednesday, September 1, 2010

San Luis Obispo Day 2

On day two of our little trip we headed inland a bit to visit San Luis Obispo and then back to the coast to visit the little town of Shell Beach.

In 1769, Father Junipero Serra, a member of the Order of Franciscan Minors, received orders from Spain to bring the Catholic faith to the Natives of Alta California.  The fifth mission founded in San Luis Obispo, blah blah blah....

Okay, enough history, you all know I wasn't in San Luis Obispo to take the same photos everyone else does.  While we were there I saw...

People who like to have their photo taken

People who don't

A woman who had obviously just been hit by lightning

David Archuleta being mentored by an old hippie

The remains of a crime

A bicycle that couldn't be ridden by the driver of the SUV behind it
(read the bumper sticker)

When your clothes go out of style, you just smoke them...

Yeah, right! I'm not shopping in this death trap!

I have no idea how to describe this whack job local citizen. In order to be a little less obvious, I used my little point and shoot camera for this shot. My SLR with the big lens, might have resulted in the slashing deaths of me and my lunch mates...

Tomorrow, Shell Beach...



  1. Great photos Pat-
    That warning is funny!
    Have a great day- looking forward to Shell Beach- never
    Been myself-

  2. Lived there for two years while HOB went to school. Worked at The Madonna inn!! Ohhhh....could be a post coming on....

  3. I've only been in Rome a few days, but already I'm feeling guilty. I'm getting lots of history nerd experience what with castles and columns and churches and whatnot, but I'm spending waaaaaaaaay too much time people watching. It's one of my favorite pastimes, especially when they're all foreign and usually can't understand what I say about them.

  4. I have a son who used to live there. It's a fun town. Loved your photos, esp the David Archuleta one LOL.

  5. I LOVE San Luis Obispo. I went up to visit a few times when I lived just outside of Santa Barbara!

  6. There are some strange looking humans around there! That bumper sticker makes me snicker!

  7. Your comments cracked me up! Loved the little village shot too...great captures!

  8. Not sure what I like more, the pictures, or your comments! great post

  9. Thanks for the laugh! And was the old woman in the second photo sucking a lemon prior to the shot?

  10. That's so funny. Especially the last guy. You're right, he looks a bit strange. You've visited some great sites.


  11. Great pictures and commentary, Pat!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

    Hope you're having a great day!

    B :)

  12. Loved your photo's and commentary!
    Looks like the last guy is ready for an earthquake!

  13. I love this POST! amazing especially the sign about the earthquake! lol

  14. I think i went to prom with that lady who shuns photos.

  15. Ren - Thanks! I'd like to live in Shell Beach, but I could never afford it.

    Bossy Betty - Really? I love the downtown area (Higuera St.) with all the nice shops and restaurants. also the trout stream downtown...

    Soft nonsense - Eat up that history! Are you taking pics and eating some good food?

    KarenG - It is a fun town, gets too darn hot though. I wasn't sure if anybody would get the David A. reference...

    Salt - Me too! I like Santa Barbara even more...

    Brian - It's an interesting place.

    Joan - Thanks Joan! I love road trips. I take a ton of "regular" photos also, but seldom post them.

    baygirls - thanks! I don't travel with the same things in mind as most.

    Alex - My pleasure! That was just a split second, she continued the dirty look for about 10 seconds as she walked by me.

    Clarissa - I make the most of wherever I go... thanks!

    Betty - Thanks Betty! I am!

    Alice - He's ready for something, that's for sure! Thanks Alice

  16. pat, man, you never disappoint. great photos and even funnier commentary.

  17. That's a cool bike. I enjoyed all of these photos. Thanks!

  18. I love these..... People watching really is the best.

  19. Great shots as always and your captions are very creative...and accurate!

  20. It is a beautiful mission and city. The people-- judging from your photos, well, they are rather odd.

  21. Cool shots! Especially the b&w ones ...

  22. Haha, love it, and love the photos!

  23. I'm really drawn tp photos that capture the oddity of life. Great eye!

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