Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Morro Bay Day 1

I've been off the blogosphere grid for several days. I did schedule a few posts in advance, but I haven't had any Internet access at all until yesterday.  We've been gone since early last Friday. We (me, buymebarbies, her sis, and bro in law) hit the road at 5:00 A.M. and headed up the coast. We stopped at Pismo Beach for breakfast (much too foggy for any photos). We then headed for Morro Bay where we stayed for three days. In case you've never heard of it, Morro Bay is a small fishing town that just happens to have a gigantic rock in its small harbor.

By the time we got to Morro Bay, the fog was burning off a bit, but it was still very overcast. Those of you who take a lot of photos know that bad light means poor pics. This one is no exception. The Morro "rock" is actually what is left of an ancient volcano.  The colors stand out a lot better in sunlight.  Once you get there you can:

Rent colorful kayaks and paddle around the little harbor.

Walk around the obligatory tourist shops (and buy a fresh baked dog bone for your mutt).

Check out the local fishing fleet.

Hold your breath as you walk by abandoned sail boats.

Check out the local Coast Guard Station

Hang ten

But above all...
You'd better beware of the giant seagulls....



  1. I love visiting little coastal towns like that. I always jealously wonder, "Where do the people who live here go to get away from it all?" I love the last photo. Fortunately, unlike some people I know, I don't pee my pants every time I watch Hitchcock's "The Birds". - G

  2. Love this area! I do! The picture of the seagull and the rock is such a great one.

    Are you sure you had more followers than I did? Humm..... Perhaps while you've been scoping out the free food at Costco, I've been working away like the industrious bee.

    I'm feeling a post about Morro Rock coming on!

  3. Whoa, I wouldn't want to be dive-bombed by THAT gull! What a pretty fishing village. I have also just returned after a week of no internet connection - shudder..

    Welcome back.

  4. Beautiful! You're making me miss the sea...

  5. I miss the west coast so much sometimes. These pics are great! I never got to Morro Bay unfortunately, but it looks so quaint and cool. I want to climb that rock.

    And hopefully not get attacked my the massive seagull. (Haha that picture is awesome.)

  6. That is such a beautiful place and I love that big rock right in the middle of everything! Nice seagull, just don't look up at the wrong time!

  7. Thanks for the ride-along, that was fun. It's been years since I've been to Morro Bay. I didn't know the rock was volcanic.

  8. What a great bunch of pictures. I would love to visit someday.

  9. Ah, another road trip...a good excuse for not blogging, I guess.
    The water by those sailboats looks pretty scummy...is that why you have to hold your breath?
    Your pic are fantastic, as usual.

  10. Love exploring coastal places like this...thanks for the fabulous pics :-)

  11. Love your photo's, as always!
    We live nowhere near the sea....but still we are pestered by sea-gulls!
    I've known them swoop down and take food out of your hands as well as attack you!

  12. Georgina - I do also. We visited 5 or 6 of them on this little trip. Thanks!

    Bossy Betty - I love it also. We have friends who have a little weekend house just a few blocks from the harbor and that is where we stayed.
    Yes, it's true, but your blog is on fire now! (that's because it's so good!)

    Shrinky - I'd hate to be under him when he "bombs!" Thanks...

    Nariane - LOL....thanks!

    Talli - I agree. I live just over the hill from the ocean, and I miss it when I don't see it everyday.

    Salt - Thanks so much! Too bad they don't let anybody climb it. Its a bird nesting spot. Thanks so much!

    Brian - It's a nice place. Without the rock it would be a TINY little place.

    tapirgal - My pleasure! It hasn't changed much at all since you've been there

    Clarissa - If you ever get a chance it's a great place to do some relaxing...

    Joe - I didn't really have to hold my breath, but it did look kind of scummy in that spot. the little harbor is totally clean besides that; sea otters and seals all over the place. Thanks Joe!

  13. Nat - I do also. I like being around boats for some reason.

    Alice - Thanks!
    We live very close to the ocean, but crows are the problem here. Sometimes the crows and the gulls have air battles...

  14. Nice place!
    And beware giant seagull poop!

  15. Beautiful photographs. I love coastal towns and villages, especially Whitby in Northern England. Morro Bay looks splendid - I'd love to go there some day :)

  16. what a lovely rock. i want to climb it and stand at the top. of course, as is usual for me, once i got up there i'd probably have no idea how to get down. ^_^
    do people ever go up there?

  17. You know, your photos always make me feel like I "wish I was there".

  18. Thanks for the tour...
    looks like a great place to
    relax for a few days.. if you
    avoid those ginormous gulls..

  19. Another place to add to our gotta go to list, Nice Pictures Pat

  20. Love this last picture, though I suspect this might not be the seagull's most flattering side.

  21. Alex - It sure is! I'd advise carrying an umbrella at all times!

    Sam - Thanks Sam! It's a nice place.

    Vencora - They don't allow climbing because there are so many birds who next there...It's is lovely though!

    Marlene - Thanks Marlene! Me too!

    faye - My pleasure...I came back very relaxed...

    Jimmy - thanks Jimmy! It's not too far away from you...

    Robyn - I had to sneak up on him...

  22. Gorgeous..I have heard of that giant rock and seen pictures of it..I love your photos of it too..especially the one with the boats!

  23. abandoned boats/ships. reminds me of forrest gump! lovely. all of the photos are lovely.

  24. haha - nice one Pat. Good storytelling technique and cool shots.
    Love that volcano too!


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