Thursday, August 12, 2010


another import from my old blog


  1. Beautiful and very mysterious, the tree is magnificent.

  2. WOW, love all the little boats in the harbour!
    We have just had all the tall ships here for a while, schooners, baroques, and I wish I had taken some photo's of them.
    But we live so far from the sea, so we only got to watch them on Idiot Box in the corner of the room!
    I do remember seeing them once, but I must have been about 10 at the time,but I remember how fantastic they all were.

  3. Now that is picturesque. Dare i say color would ruin it?

  4. Ah yes, my favorite spot in CA. I love the dark-light contrast with the tree and background.

  5. I lived in Monterey for many years while in the Army at Ft Ord.. those were the happiest years of my adult lfe.. thanks for the walk back down that beautiful lane.. lovely picture...

  6. Love it B and W-
    The tree in the front looks spooky.

  7. Love the framing here.

    B and W makes me happy.

  8. Gorgeous shot! How I'd love to be someplace like that right now.

  9. I dont mind if its imported or not.
    Its a great photograph Patrick.

  10. Lovely shot. I'd like to have that one hanging on my wall.

  11. Oooo relaxing - just looking at it! Wish I were on a boat somewhere with a book, a glass of sweet iced tea, and a gentle breeze. Man, I drifted away there for just a sec! This is a wonderful photo!

  12. Sam - thanks Sam, it's a nice place.

    Alice - Monterey is one of the few really old places in California. It was the capital when it was part of Mexico.

    copyboy - I agree! no color here.

    Robyn - One of my favorites also. We've been there many times.

    Lynne - It's such a beautiful place. I'll post more photos of from there.

    Ren - I don't think it would look as good in color.

    Betty - Me too!

    Marlene - It will be there when you're ready to go...

    justsomethoughts - Thanks! Hard to take a bad photo there.

    Costas - Thank you sir!

    Megan - I'm going to start making some of them available. I spoke to a printer about it this week.

    Andrea - Very relaxing place. That sounds so good! thanks

  13. I love black and white photographs. They're my favorite. This one is wonderful. Glad you re-posted it since I'm a fairly new blogger.

  14. i was looking for the "like" button. dang it.

  15. The view through the tree looks so peaceful and serene, Pat.

  16. I live in Monterrey. But not this one. Mine's South of the border.


  17. Ann - I feel the same way. Thanks!

    Ashley - I totally understand...

    Pam - thank you! It worked out well.

    Clarissa - I'd like to see that one also some day...

  18. It's pretty cool, Pat. The boats almost look like toys! In face, and I had to go back and make sure your post didn't mention that they WERE toys, you know, the remote control ones...

  19. KaLynn - It sure is! thanks for commenting and signing on here.
    I'll be sure to check your blog out as well...

  20. What a beautifuuly framed shot - oh, that tree is magnificent!

  21. Oh how I love CA, and I have never seen Monterey, in a real person's photos, lovin' it.

  22. Shrinky - Thanks! The tree did all the work

    Entre Nous - It's a fantastic place to be with a camera. A lot of history there as well. Thanks!

  23. Great shot, I love how you framed it with the tree limbs. Monterey is a beautiful place.

  24. SQ - We were walking up on the cliff, I looked to my right and there it was!

    Alex - thanks! It sure is. Back in the day, Monterey was the capital of California.


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