Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sequoia 02

importing yet again

Yeah, we were a little bit crazy climbing out onto that rock. It wasn't very slippery, but there was nowhere soft to land.  We were on an established high country trail, but we couldn't see it because of the snow.  We also hadn't seen another human in quite a while. I was just a tiny bit worried.  It wasn't supposed to snow at all and we really didn't have the gear for it.

I entered this photo in a contest and I must admit, I was a little surprised when it didn't win. I'd love to find Christmas cards with this on it.  If  you enlarge it, the frozen fog and trees in the background are pretty amazing.


  1. I hope everyone enlarges the photos to see all the details, both are beautiful.

  2. It looks great with snow on the ground. I really can't wait to go again. Sadly it won't be soon.

    Where in OC? I was born in Orange, I grew up in Orange,Santa Ana and Fountain Valley and I lived most of my adult life in Costa Mesa. :)

  3. Doesn't look over processed at all...nice pic

  4. SquirrelQueen - Thanks! I should put a label advising folks to enlarge. good idea!

    James - I'm in Laguna Niguel now. Before that Garden Grove. thanks for commenting!

    Joe - As always, thanks pal...

  5. I just love your photos Pat. I am so pleased that we met!

  6. Wish I could photo as nicely as you guys do. I used to try to years ago, but lost my desire. Hope I can find it again. These are beautiful. Tell your wife she is brave! The pic would have featured me floundering around after landing on my behind on the wet rocks!

  7. Andrea - You can do it, just don't fall into the trap of letting it get too complicated. That's when a lot of people give up. To me, the art isn't in the "developing" or "photoshopping." It's in the shot itself. The angle, the perspective, the textures. Get yourself a digital camera that does the technical part for you. can learn to tweek and adjust things at your pace, but only if you want to. I usually do nothing to my photos after I take them.

  8. Thanks! I have a little Nikon Coolpix now but I dont like it as well as my old one. I don't seem to be able to get those angles, etc. Did use the B & W opt the other day to take some of my kids at the park that turned out better. I'll keep letting myself get back into the joy of it - thanks again.

  9. I have several cameras. I of course take my nice ones with me, when it is my intent to take photos. But for the rest of the time, I carry a Nikon Coolpix S600 in my pocket ALWAYS....many times when you don't think a pic you took is good enough, a little creative cropping sometimes helps you find it!
    it's just like anything else, you have to keep at it...

  10. Patrick, these are amazing photographs. Both of them.

  11. Superb pictures. I'm also impressed that you were only a "LITTLE bit worried" being in the high country---in unseasonable snow and no warm gear...and no humans in sight...and leaping around huge rocks. You and your partner must be blithe AND brave!

  12. I agree. I bet the contest was rigged. The judge's daughter one. Love the pics, not looking forward to the upcoming snow. haha

  13. The pictures are great and I think they do look very much like they should be on cards!

  14. You could always design your own cards and even sell them!

  15. I agree! I'd love to see that photo on a Christmas card, or "seasonal" card, if you will. - G

  16. Pat I love both images nice color and detail.

  17. Just beautiful scenery and the photos are amazing! You should publish a book of all your photos on Hope you have a great weekend!

  18. I like Alex's idea. Make your own cards. The photos are beautiful. Cant wait to see the real thing again.


  19. My continuing computer challenges mean none of your pictures are loading for me but I thought I'd say 'hello' while I'm here.


  20. Gorgeous photos! Looks a bit chilly but YAY for being dangerous!

  21. Both photos are beautiful :-)

  22. you're not THAT good... hahahaha. JUST kidding.... we should have a photography competition.... i'd totally kick your butt. lol. PSYCH!!!!

  23. Beautiful photos. I would have
    slipped off the rock whether or
    not it was slippery...

  24. Very nice, I am surprised it didn't win, I agree it is well worth enlarging them to see the details--impressive.

  25. You are totally right....that photo should have won (smiles)...keep entering my free photo contests, Pat...I always love what you submit...remember, these aren't professional photographers judging and the judges are different each is fun just to enter and see what others enter...yours are always in the top 1/4 of the picks!

  26. Stunning photos, Pat. I don't know who won the contest but an investigation should begin now.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  27. Glad you got out alive, and I'll give you a prize for that photo. Gorgeous.

  28. Beautiful! I love the depth and soft colors of the second one.

  29. Time to make your own Christmas card with that one! Lovely!

  30. Wow.....that second photo is phenomenal!!! I'd have been surprised it didn't win, either! It's gorgeous!

    As for the first photo...whoa, you guys are daredevil-ish!

  31. That picture is a winner in my book! Timing is everything and it is a great shot. You can make it into a Christmas card!

  32. Costas - Thanks my friend!

    Margaret - thanks! My wife is the fearless one. I'd have been a little safer about hiking around under those conditions. If we hadn't, I'd not have gotten those photos (and many more), so my hat is off to her!

    Jesse - LOL...I am looking forward to the snow, because although we can see it, it never actually snows here...NEVER...

    Brian - Thanks! Nature just kind of laid it all out for me.

    Alex - I'm too A.D.D. me thinks....

    Georgina - Thanks! I will...

    D & S - Thanks so much!

    Marguerite - thanks! I've been thinking about doing that...

    Clarissa - thanks! I can't wait either...

    Lucy - I'm sorry to hear you are still having problems. Nice to see you here...

    Kimberly - It was very chilly, my wife is the billy goat, I'm not quite that brave...

    Nat - Thanks Nat...

    Ashley - Bring it on!

    faye - That's funny! I think I' climbed up there also. dumb...

    Jimmy - That's the thing about contests, different folks like different things. The only one's I don't like losing to are the ones that are obviously "enhanced."

    Joan - Hey, you win some and lose some! It's no problem at all Joan.

    D & R - Thanks so much! I don't mind not winning (much)...LOL

    altadenahiker - Me too! I accept!

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! Nature is a beaut!

    BB - Thanks Betty! Maybe I will this year.

    Marlene - Thanks! There were some other great photos there for sure! I'm really not mad about it. I just REALLY liked this one.

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck! Maybe I will..

    PTM - Thanks so much my friend!


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