Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taco on a Bun


I assume that most of you have eaten at Taco Bell sometime in your life.  Some of you may have eaten there MANY times in your life. Currently, one of their catch phrases is "Think Outside the Bun!" I find this to be a very odd thing,  because their absolute best menu item ever, did in fact, come on a bun...

It was called the Bell Beefer...

The Bell Beefer was a taco served on a very fresh hamburger bun, instead of in a taco shell. I loved those things!  Even today, when we are having tacos at home, I sometimes make mine on a bun, or two pieces of bread. IT IS NOT A SLOPPY JOE! It doesn't taste like a sloppy joe at all. It's a taco on a bun and it's great...

best photo I could find

upper right menu, fourth item down, "bell beefer"

Does anybody out there remember these things?



  1. We don't have taco bells over here, but last year, when I was in Seattle, I was treated to a visit there - ooooooooooh, good, isn't it? (Grin)

  2. We don't have Taco Bells in England, though I have heard of them. Taco in a bun sounds like a quite a novel idea, I must try it one day :D

  3. I do! I do! I loved them!

    What happened to them?

  4. I have eaten at TB exactly once in my life- I was so sick afterwards that it was enough-

  5. That is so funny...when I first viewed your photo that came through on my feed, the first thing that came to mind was Taco Bell because as a kid, that is the only item I would order at Taco Bell along with a drink that came in a character glass:)

  6. Shrinky - I don't eat fast food that often, but it's one first choices if I do

    Sam - You can make it at home also!

    Betty - I have no idea why they stopped serving them. I'm gonna try and find out. Their HQ is in Irvine...

    Tocalbocina - Okay, but you're missing out on something good!

    Ren - That's not good! Still, you could make them at home...they are even better when home made.

    Nancy - It was my favorite item also. I was so sad when they took it off the menu. I remember for a couple of years afterwards, some TB's still had them as a "non-menu" item...

  7. I think I know what I am going to make for dinner tonight! I've never seen this item before, but then again TB's aren't as prolific here in Canada. - G

  8. TB should probably stay out of the bun business, but I would have tried them.

  9. I've never heard of them but I'd sure be willing to try one. I love tacos. Pizza on a bun is pretty good. (pizza burger)

  10. Looks interesting but we never heard of it and we TB on occasion.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  11. I used to order those all of the time....and have forgotten them. Thank you. I know where dinner is coming from tonight.

  12. I never knew they had those, but I can tell you I will try it at home instead of using a taco shell!

  13. As much as I travel across this country, I have partaken a meal or two at TB, but I have never seen this item on the menu. Sounds interesting. Ol' iron gut.

  14. Pat you asked me that question after you read my post on Taco Bell that I did a few months ago. I have been trying to think ever since if I ever had one and I can't honestly remember this item on the menu. But making it at home may be a good way to jog the memory, I'll have to try it.

  15. Haven't eaten at a Taco Bell
    in years... my favorite was
    the burrito supreme.

  16. I should try making a homemade sloppy joe- do you think anyone would notice if I put spinach in it? Yes I'm that kind of mom.

  17. The preceding advertisement has been brought to you by Taco Bell :{]

  18. I don't ever remember those, however...I so want to make one at home! I think tomorrow night will have to be taco on a bun night! LOL. Love your blog Patrick!

  19. Georgina - I know what you mean! I'm ready!

    Cheeseboy - I promise you, they were so good. The key was the that the buns were ALWAYS fresh and soft.

    dot - I'll try pizza on a bun!

    D & R - It was quite a few years ago, but I know they used to have them in the TB in Merrifield.

    Jerry - Yeah! I'm ready!

    Joe - Too bad you missed them. I'm pretty sure they had them when you lived here.

    pitchertaker - I hear ya! I'll eat just about anything...

    Chuck - Oh yeah! I steal all my ideas from others! LOL...thanks!

    faye - Yum! Those were pretty good also.

    Ren - I think they would notice! But sloppy joes sound good.

    Warren - If they would put them back on the menu, I'd be their poster boy!

    The Insomniac - Too bad you missed them. When we have tacos at home, I usually use a bun...Let me know how they were! Thanks! I like yours also. I'd like it even better if you'd post more! LOL...

  20. Cant say Ive ever SEEN one let alone eaten one, though you really are teasing me as I sit and starve while the fam sleeps in lol..

  21. Carl - Hey there! Long time no see!
    They were sooooo good! I never had one for breakfast though!

  22. I'll often fry up some ground beef, diced tomatoes, onions and some chili powder and place it on a kaiser roll. It's quick and delicious.

  23. Minoccio - I don't confuse it with "real" mexican food, but for fast food it's pretty good!

    Warren - Sounds like a winner to me!


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