Wednesday, August 11, 2010

animal in pool

importing from my old blog
Not sure exactly what it is, but I only took the picture because of the look of the water.  It's probably a pest to most folks, but it looked so miserable and cold in the water, that I had to rescue it.


  1. Oh my, what is that? It looks like some sort of mouse, a very wet mouse. The water did come out with an interesting pattern, very cool effect.

    The one of the Emperor Goose was taken at our local aviary, there is netting across the top and it reflects back on the water. I keep playing around to get different effects in photos.

  2. Oh my gosh... isn't it a rat? ugh, creepy fellow, but I would probably fish it out too, and let it loose somewhere far far away! oh and run very very hard! I really don't like rats

  3. Now I have to know what it is. I won't rest until I do. Can't you please just make up a name for it? I'll believe you.

  4. Yes, it looks like a mouse of some sort and even though I really can't stand mice, I would've rescued it if I was in your situation :)

    The look of the water is amazing, the shimmering and the light are truly wonderful.

  5. That looks like one damn big rat to me. But I'd still rescue it. I used to rescue bees and ants and cockroaches whenever they feel into the pool. I just felt so sorry for them. If I rescued a spider though, it was a totally self-sering act because the thought of swimming in a pool with a spider just gave me the willies. - G

  6. I like to hear that you rescued it. I would have, too. The water is stunning! I'm pretty good with animals, but I also don't know. The hair is long. I'm not sure what a packrat looks like, but this guy looks more moousy than ratty to me.

  7. Yep, looks like a mouse to me.
    I agree with SQ, the ripples make a pretty cool pattern...for a moment I thought it was a watermark!

  8. Oh poor thing! It does look miserable. I'm glad you rescued it.

  9. My guess is it's a rabit-cat-quirrel.

  10. I'm pretty sure it's a mouse of some sort (there are many around here) or a gerbil...
    He sat in the sun for a while until her was dry, gave me a peace sign, and scampered off...

  11. It's a rodent and I would have probably have rescued it too. Can I relate a disturbing thing I saw last week. We have a few mice here in Mexico (rats even) and last week, I saw someone throw a rat (I hope it was dead already ) and hit it with a baseball bat. It went flying onto the street. I felt sick. I know they carry disease but please...


  12. It looks like a water-rat or vole to me. At the river where I live, you can watch then swimming in a V shape at nights, but it is unusual to see one on it's own.
    Like rats, they are usually in packs.
    Loved the first photo, yes, it does look like a water-mark!
    But then, all rats can swim.
    Personally, I believe in the saying that I do not have the right to take another life, so I would have left it alone. If it is a vole, then it can look after itself.

  13. Haha, that's funny especially about the peace sign!

  14. my cats love these things. Great photo

  15. Poor thing. It's lucky and you're nice, to help it out. It doesn't look like a rat in that photo, more like a mouse but hard to get an idea of scale really. Your other photo looks more like a rat but like I said I can't tell exactly how big it is. Either way, poor shivery thing.

  16. SQ - I do admit, that I did take the time to run into the house to get my camera, before rescuing him.

    Biana - It's not a rat, of that I'm sure.

    BB - There are so many different kinds of small mammals around here, I'm not really sure what it is. I've fished most of 'em out of the pool. No rabbbits yet though...

    Sam - When I looked through my camera, I was so happy! I forgot about the victim for a minute...

    Gerogina - We have so many different wild animals around here. I've pulled just about everything out of the pool at one time or another. Well no deer or cougars yet...

    California Girl - If you mean did he survive. Yes, he did...He sat in the sun to warm up for a while, and then scampered away.

    tapirgal - The thing I pull out of my pool the most are lizards. I have no idea what it is...

    Joe - Me too. I like the photo also.

    Tali - poor little guy!

    Copyboy - I think you may be right.

    Clarissa - That is a disturbing thing! Sorry you had to witness that. Miss seeing you here! It's been a while...

    Alice - We have voles and moles here also. I've recued a mole before.

    dot - he was cold, but he was also "cool."

    Warren - It's a hose that goes to the underwater pool vacuum. It travels around the bottom, cleaning.

    Jhon - thanks! My cats would love to get at it also...

    MeredithDuck - This guy was sort of cute, but not nearly enought to be a chincilla...

    TVA - Yeah, I have more compassion for animals and insects that I do for people. Just another of many dysfunctions...

  17. You are so kind hearted, Pat!

    I do love the jagged lines in the water. Great picture!

  18. Loved the water patterns...but the rodent looked pitiful...but it is a rodent for sure. ha I am going to believe it is a gerbil which is more pleasant than thinking it is a RAT. ha

  19. Good for you - I would've rescued him, too.

  20. Pat i am sensing a relationship to the rodent family here and even though the poor thing was suffering it is still uly as sin. I love the picture of the looks like marble...I love it. I would love it better sans ugly animal!

  21. Of course you rescued it...
    well done Pat..

    its a great shot too.. surreal almost.. the water doesnt look real

    very cool mate


  22. Robyn - thanks! Sometimes I am...

    Joan - It was pretty sad looking!

    Alex - Thanks Alex...

    DrSoosie - I like the photo too. It wasn't a rat, that's for sure. He was so pathetic looking...

    Anthony - I just had too...thanks!

  23. Awwww...I think it's so cute! (I'm an animal lover....just not a spider lover).

    I knew you had a big soft ol' heart!

  24. I looks like a mouse. It's a very good picture and a very nice act of kindness.

  25. Whatever it was... it was cute !!
    And of course it would give you
    a peace sign.... I once had an owl
    flash the Vulcan sign to me...

  26. Marlene - I thought it was pretty cute also!

    James - Thank you sir! I'm sure he would have done the same for me!

    faye - I agree! That must have been a wise old owl...

  27. Love the photo. I am glad you rescued the little guy, he does look chilly.

  28. Whatever it is, it gave you the chance for a great photograph Pat.

  29. WHAT A CUTIE!! I love all animals, pest or not!
    Great photograph :)

  30. I'm so glad you rescued him. Look at the delicate little feet in the other photo! Now he's off somewhere in the sun telling the other mice or voles about his big adventure...

  31. that stinky little guy!!!! lol. uuuuggggghhhh...

  32. I'm right there with you Marlene!!! I felt sooo bad for this little guy and would do anything to save it's life. Even if that means, making Pat go out and do the good deed!!! LOL Pat didn't used to be an animal lover, still isn't a whole bunch, buuuuut, if one is in danger, he will rescue it OR listen to me for the rest of his life!!! HAHA Not too hard of a choice, huh? It was not a rat or a regular mouse. I know, I've had both as pets when I was little and I too, love those little stinky things!!!

  33. Erika - thanks! He looked so sad and just about all done in...

    Costas - Yes he did. I figure I owed him...

    Penny - Thanks! I seem to be getting that way myself...

    Margaret - I sure hope he is! I don't think he could have lasted much longer in the water. If he fell off that hose, he probably would have ended up in the filter basket...

    Ashley - He wasn't ugh...

    BMB - I think you've one of everything... and more than one of some...even if I'm allergic to them!

  34. It looks like it's sitting on a muffin wrapper. That water does look pretty awesome.

    I don't know how you capture those shots.

  35. My HERO!

    Humans keep suggesting I find a RESCUE ANON meeting.

    I politely ignore them!!!!

  36. PTM - thanks! It's a weird thing, but after a while you sare o used to looking through a camera that you "see" things differently, even when you don't have one with you.

    Entre Nous - That's funny! My wife could use a few sessions herself.

  37. Poor little thing. I would have probably adopted it LOL.


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