Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm sure this subject has just about been beaten to death on various blogs.

I love Costco!
There I've said it...

  • I've gone to Costco several times for no other reason, besides eating for free.
  • I've totally gotten over my shyness about "repeat" sampling.
  • Sometimes I take more than one at a time.
  • The best time to go is about 3:00 P.M. on a weekday.
  • If I can't get full on samples, a polish sausage and a "bottomless" drink for $1.50 can take care of the rest.
  • I've entered famished and left needing nothing but a nap.

I live in the only zip code in the United States that has more than one Costco. We live between them. It's about 5 minutes in either direction.

You know what? I'm going today! I sure hope they are giving out samples of all the different flavored sausages.

Is it just me?



  1. I hate Costco 'cause they have none in NYC...hrrrmph!

  2. It is just you, Pat. But I've seen you slip on sunglasses, different hats, and change your shirt so they don't recognize you.

  3. My wheelchair bound daughter loves COSTCO! So she's said it too!! Thanks for a delightful post.

  4. lol

    this is really funny

    and nope, its not just you... i'm trying to get used to the shyness thing.

    till i get there you are such an inspiration.


  5. Nope, I take my kids there for snack time:) Plus they have the BEST return policy. Just this past Sunday, my little camera broke and it was a few days past the 90 day return policy and they accepted it anyway! They are the best!

  6. No it's not just you! I'm right there, along with most of my family, several of whom have been or are employed there at different times. I worked for Costco for 5 years, and loved it. Well, I mean, it's still work but it's an amazing company to work for. Costco rocks! Enjoy your samples, and don't forget to stop by the food court for a delicious slice of fresh baked pizza, made right there! (Yes, I know all the ads.)

  7. that close to 2 Costcos! lucky! I visit Costco at least once a week, love the samples

  8. I love going to Cosco and 'grazing'
    We also have a Market Street where they give free samples tastes of wine too! Goes fine with the cheese, a good day.

  9. I still haven't been but I've heard rave reviews and hope to go soon. I like them for their management style and their low turn over rate of employees - I boycotted WalMart years ago for their lack of the two. :) Enjoy!!

  10. So there IS such a thing as a free lunch after all :-)

  11. Sadly enough, I've NEVER been to a Costco. How pathetic is that!??!?

  12. you're just cheap.
    and a human garbage disposal....
    don't lie.


  13. I love the food at Costco. And it's cheap!

    I don't go often because it's not near my house but when I do go, I love to get their frozen yogurt.


  14. We have Sam's Club here ---and they offer all of those free samples also. I refrain alot though usually because we are going out to dinner --and I don't want to spoil my appetite. Hubby takes advantage of some of the goodies also.

    What I hate to see are whole families of people standing there feeding their faces --and going from one station to the next.... Oink Oink!!!

    Just my opinion.

  15. I love Costco too! I miss it. None in NH or, if there is, none close. I still think of it as Price Club which began in San Diego when I was in college. What a great place to shop. I've bought furniture, books galore, camera equipt., towels, food glorious food & more food. Perfect for a growing family (or waistband). Soda, beer & wine. The wine deals used to be spectacular. Are they still?

  16. Have never been to Costco myself but as soon as Miss Cindy reads this about the samples guess where we will be visiting Ha Ha

  17. My latest throne came from COSTCO so it must be a good place!

  18. Sorry, none here, and all we have is Sam's Club - and I with no membership.

  19. LOL!!! I like the way you think.

    We've got BJ's and Sam's Club here. No Costco for 20+ miles.

  20. I've never been to one but I always enjoyed the free samples at Sam's.

  21. What I don't like is when they snoop through your shopping cart as your leaving comparing it to your receipt. I get this close to starting some indigent yelling Samuel L Jackson style. That's got to be illegal.

  22. I have never set foot in a Costco in my life.

    I feel like I've been missing out on something marvelous.

  23. I never heard of this store.

    "I've totally gotten over my shyness about "repeat" sampling." - so funny, lol...

  24. Copyboy - That's amazing! I wonder why...

    Robyn - Even after all that, I think they're on to me...

    Ann - My pleasure! hmmm, I'm getting hungry...

    yogurt - In the house I grew up in, if you snoozed, you loozed (when it came to food)

    Nancy - they do have an awesome return policy. Your new camera broke? the one we talked about?

    KarenG - I've never met a disgruntled Costco employee. Is the oppostie of that word "gruntled?"

    baygirl - yeah, 2 of 'em. and it's not even an urban area.

    Joe - Oh yeah! free wine and cheese, I'm ready to go with you...

    Meredith - their employees do seem to be a happy bunch. If you don't like "big box" stores, you'll hate it, but if you can get past that, it's great!

    Nat - Oh yeah! there sure is...

    Megan - It's not pathetic. You probably are saving a lot of money by avoiding it....

    Costas - Sure! I'm buying...

    Ashley - I agree with the second, but not the first. Didn't I give you a nickle once?

    Clarissa - Me too! I love the yogurt also...I'm going...

    Betsy - Very odd, but I've never been to a Sam's club...To avoid the lines you have to follow my advice.

    California Girl - Me too. They still have good deals on wine. the Ralph's grocery chain, now makes it a point to beat costco's wine prices. so thats good also!

    Jimmy - you gotta go!

    Brian - It is, we buy all our Cat supplies there...

    Alex - That's too bad, or maybe good!LOL

    Marlene - Thanks! it's worth the commute...

    dot - free is free, if the food is good, that is..

    Warren - All I can say about that, is that they do it pretty quickly...

    Salt - You have to! Be prepared to spend a lot more money than you thought you were going to...
    Unless you go for the free food!

  25. I too love the feast of samples to be had at Costco...=) But I have to disagree with you on one count -- unless you live in Austin, which seems unlikely, then there are 2 cities in the US with 2 Costcos. =) You are a joy, my friend!! Please never give up on blogging, because I would be sad and miss you horribly. ;)

  26. Bummer...I live so rural we don't have one within 300 miles!

  27. Costco!! YES!

    My favorite is the old ladies that cut the samples with the scissors.

  28. You know what I love about Costco? My dad still calls it Price Club...

  29. Hi Pat..I don't see anything wrong with sampling the "free" goods. In fact, it is one of the best parts of going to Costco. With that said...I have not gone to Costco for a long time. Being diabetic, the temptation is just too great since i do try to watch what I eat. I have resorted to going to Smart and Final. There are no free things but I still can buy in bulk.

  30. Janet - I am stuck on blogging, cause bloggings stuck on me...Thanks for the nice words!

    Joan - Wow! I'd like to live rural again some day. Of course it would have to be on the socal coast. Not likely then, is it?

    Cheeseboy - Oh yeah! Last week there was one cutting third pound angus burgers into fourths with scissors. I had six portions...

    Megan - Oh my! I still call it Price Club sometimes myself. Old age is a bitch...

    DrSoosie - I'm sure I shouldn't be sampling all of it myself. It's good that you have a good dose of will power in you! keep it up my friend!

  31. Back in college, we used to go to Ikea for the same reason. I don't think they have free samples anymore though.

  32. Agreed, whole-heartedly. The part of me that is a "buy local snob" hates myself for how much I love Costco. My husband and I will go for no reason just to see what random stuff might be in that month. I cannot even begin to explain how much random impulse buying has occured at Costco. It's like my own personal den of shame.

  33. Agreed, whole-heartedly. The part of me that is a "buy local snob" hates myself for how much I love Costco. My husband and I will go for no reason just to see what random stuff might be in that month. I cannot even begin to explain how much random impulse buying has occured at Costco. It's like my own personal den of shame.

  34. Minoccio - No free samples at the IKEA by us, but I sure love those meatballs...

    Erika - I know what you're talking about! But we're hooked also. I don't know if youi know it or not, but they have MUCH MORE stuff on their website!

  35. Oh my gosh - I love Costco. We don't have one here, so when we go to my inlaws in Houston I always leave at least half a day (and half my income) to spend there. It will be the highlight of my Labor Day weekend, and I say that without sarcasm, only gratitude. Amen.

    ps - sometimes I get my kids to say they all want a sample of something I know they won't eat - usually those spicy jalapeno poppers - so I can have more than that wrong?


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