Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Acrid Taste of Bluing

A bit of elation
A moment of clarity
The serenity of finality
The freedom that can only come
From accepting your own fate
The acrid taste of bluing

Bluing: Commonly used by gun manufacturers to improve the cosmetic appearance and provide resistance against rust on firearms.
If you don't already know the story behind this poem please go to the following three links, in order.

Slowly Turning Out the Lights
Follow Up to Yesterday
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  1. I do know the story.. and I understand Patrick.
    Have a great day.

  2. Wow, if this poem means what I think it means, ...wow. Does this all end the way I am thinking it does? - G

  3. Bam... Pat you brought the hammer up and brought it down to a Tee here.. Nicely done my friend.....

  4. Very painful. Every word.
    But not only as written by you. A blogger friend, Derik, bought himself a hunting gun in May. He cleaned it, varnished it, very probably blued it, made it beautiful. And then he shot himself...

  5. Wonderful poem, Pat. The lyricism and the melody of your words is a joy. And, I learnt a new word - bluing :D

  6. WOW! That's all I can find to say... and I knew what "bluing" is. We have rifles for hunting here too, but much stricter laws.

  7. Costas - Thanks for reading so much of what I write!

    Georgina - I walked in during the process and stopped it. she did in fact die, but not at her own hand.
    Ther e's a few other links with the post that fill in the gaps.

    Lynne - Thanks Lynne! I appreciate it...

    RA - Oh man! That's terrible. I've known a few people who have done that to them selves also

    Sam - Thanks! I added the definition because I didn't want people to think I was talking about clothes or hair "bluing."

    Alice - A lot of people here think our gun laws are too strict also. You'd be amazed at the number of people here who own guns. If they could they'd still be wearing holsters and cowboy hats...

  8. Powerful and emotional, well done Pat. I have heard of bluing, my dad taught me to shoot long ago and we have a few rifles for target practice.

  9. It's amazing the crazy, raw emotions you paint with. I better see the full collection of these poems in Barnes & Noble during the holiday season.

  10. I believe a person who tries to shoot themselves in order to end their life is completely serious about wanting to end it. I wonder if on some level she knew all the terrible things she had done in her lifetime and was trying to render her own kind of justice...upon herself. I wonder...were you ever sorry in some small part of yourself that she did not in fact end her life this way? However, maybe this kind of end might have been too kind, quick and blunt. just curious what you think. Oh..and the imagery of your poem is very powerful and fits in beautifully with what you have written prior. Again..I am quite impressed Pat.

  11. Simply stunning. You never cease to amaze me.

  12. That is really haunting...I have read all the links on this one several times. You are pretty good with a word.

  13. SQ - As long as we don't know how it tastes, everything is good..

    Jesse - Easier to write them to do put them together like that...

    Warren - For me, yes! For her, no!
    She much too far gone for therapy.

    DrSoosie - I agree. A person goes to the trouble of shooting themselves in the head, they mean business. My opinion is that she just couldn't stand to be percieved as weak and feeble. No, I wasn't sorry she didn't go out that way, because I'd have been the one that discovered her. Thanks my friend!

    Micael - Coming from you, that means a lot...Thanks!

    BB - Thanks so much!

    Chuck - I don't know too many of them, so I better be good with the ones I do know....Thanks buddy!

  14. A very touching poem.
    I have lost two friends to the
    acrid taste of bluing.

    Love the new header.. I can never
    capture tracks that distinctly.

  15. Faye - I'm sorry to hear that. I've know an a few also.
    thanks for the header comment also.
    Sometimes the they just present themselves that way...

  16. Holy Shit Pat! (and sorry for profanity - but nothing else really says it.) The poem is very good - the linked explanation and related poetry is incredible. Your life story and your ability to share it... amazing!

  17. Neil - Thanks my friend! It's been quite a ride...

  18. I truly appreciate what you're creating here!

  19. just dropping by to say hello


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