Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sequoia National Park 01

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There wasn't supposed to be any snow when we got here, but there was an unexpected snow storm in the middle of the night. I was so happy to see that no one had touched the snow on top of this fence. Whoever came next wouldn't be so lucky, because I took a big bite out of the snow on the top rail...

This would have been a choice photo if the junk in the lower right hand corner wasn't there.



  1. Awesome place...I have been there. You travel around a lot. When I retire, I want to travel too.

  2. Seems like I traveled more before I

  3. These are TREES! I wish I could have been there, with the fence and all (it gave a nice depth to the photo).

    Thank you for the comment!

  4. thanks for commenting. We got there fairly early on a weekday and had the place to ourselves. Of course the snow had a lot of the park closed, but we didn't let that stop us.

  5. A beautiful shot of the sequoias and I love that fence.

  6. I know it was cruel. I know it was wrong. But I took a bite out of the snow on the top rail, right after I took the pic...

  7. Awww, so lovely photos!Great place!
    I really love that fence! So vivid colours
    I 'm now following this blog , too. I absolutely love good *photo* blogs!

  8. thanks Betty, thanks for commenting and following!
    Sequoia national partk is a beautiful place..

  9. I love Sequoia national Park. I stayed a few nights there at a place called Wuksachi Village and Lodge and it was great. The trees are amazing. I really want to go back.

  10. Yup, it's fantastic. That park next to it (King's Canyon) is also fantastic..

  11. These are amazing! I love the trees!!

  12. That sure is beautiful, it is gonna be winter before you know it and snow will be here for real.

  13. Beautiful photographs Pat. I need the freshness..
    It is still too hot here.
    Have a great day.

  14. The snow really added to the photos.

  15. mmm, tasty snow.

    i know winter must be getting close, because when i saw the first picture, i said "ooh pretty" before i had time to catch myself. had i been looking at the same picture in, say, april, the words would have been "oh gods, no more of that shit." i suppose my brain is used to warm weather at this point and readying itself for the next seasons.

  16. Wow! Those trees remind me of the ones I saw in Portland. So majestic.

  17. Love the colours of the top one...these trees are awe-inspiring!

  18. Our family is planning on taking a vacation to Sequoia National Park later this year. I'm excited. I've been there before but my family hasn't.


  19. Love the trees!Sequoia National Park is one of the places that I would love to visit, along with The Joshua Tree National Park!
    Maybe one day....sigh!

    Big hugs!

  20. Very beautiful! Let me know if you ever want that junk in the right hand corner photoshopped out. :)

  21. I really, really want to go there someday. It's just beautiful...

  22. Love the snow in that first one. Thanks for sharing, Pat!

  23. Wow...looks like such a cool place to visit. I've never been there.

  24. One of my favorite things about the snow is the way it covers rooftops and railings in its most pristine nature. It always reminds me of the frosting on a cupcake. And like you I always want to take a big old bite out of it!! The size of the sequoias in your second photo is so impressive. It reminds us once again how small we are in comparison to some of the wonders of nature.

  25. snow? that's a little too soon Pat.

    I'm going to sunbathe.

  26. Bri an - I wish it would snow where I live every once in a while...

    Costas - I thought everyone might a little "coldness."

    Alex - thanks! It wasn't expected, that's for sure

    Vencora - Yum! It doesn't snow where I live, so I've never had that happen. I can get to it pretty easily, but it's never snowed here in my life.

    Jesse - All up and down most of the west coast there are awesome trees..

    Nat - It's an amazing place...

    Minoccio - Thanks! they fill me with wonder everytime. Not only are they big, but they are very old. the largest being around 2000 years old....

    Clarissa - I want to go again soon. Kings Canyon NP, next door is also awesome.

    Alice - Both great places, but totally different. One in the mountains and one in the desert. thanks Alice!

    Salt - Thanks so much! I just may take you up on that, I don't have PS...

    BlueWave - Thanks! Not winter though! May!

    Kristy - I've been there several times and have always been happy.

    Talli - thanks Talli! It tasted good also.

    Marlene - Maybe someday you will be able to go there, it's amazing!

    DrSoosie - I agree, and you are so right about the size! We are dwarfed...

    Ren - As hot and humid as it is here today, I wouldn't mind a little snow flurry right about now...

  27. this is why i keep visiting your blog... its cool

  28. I have always wanted to go there.It's on my bucket list and I will do it before a couple years goes by.

  29. It looks like moss really does grow on the north side of the trees! Great shots of a great place.

  30. Oh, snow and cold weather. I miss that.

  31. Yougurt - Thanks so much! I really appreciate it...

    Joan - While you are there, you might as well go to Kings Canyon and Yosemite!

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck! Good to know in case we get lost.

    Erika - Not me! but then again, we don't have any of that here...

  32. Beautiful captures. I love the
    fence photo .

  33. I miss the big trees, I need a trip to the redwoods.

  34. Whoa you got a lot of readers.

    I like the junk. It gives the trees perspective. I think without it, you wouldnt have a clear idea of scale.

    Love the first shot too.

  35. faye - Thanks! Me too...

    SQ - I know, we're planning a border to border coastal road trip sometime fairly soon. I can't wait to see the big trees again.

    Anthony - thanks Anthony! More than some, less than others! You may be right about the "junk."


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