Monday, August 23, 2010

Texting is Evil

This is not a poem, I'm venting...

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter  
I believe cell phones are one of the primary causes
"Back in the day," you had to find a phone to call someone
Or you spoke to them in person
Now a phone is always as close as purse or pocket
Even the phone "call" is becoming passe
It's being replaced by "texting"
When will we stop calling them "phones?"
Texting has already turned email into the new "snail mail"
Texting while watching a movie?
Don't even get me started on this disgrace
Manners are dead
Must people have access to each other during every waking moment?
They fire messages back and forth at high speed
Where is the thought process in that?
The car in front of you is going under the speed limit
When you pass, you see that they are busy texting
Don't you want to smash your car into them?
Or lay on your horn?
Or force them off the road
To punch them in the ear
Yesterday, this happened to us, the idiot just happened to be
A highway patrolman
I couldn't get my camera out fast enough to capture it
I think he saw me and lowered his phone. 
Hypocritical Bastard...

Or is it just me?


  1. Yikes! You'd think that after that youTube video of the woman texting with both hands while driving went viral, people would think twice about doing stuff like that. I'm not much of a texter. I just send little cute messages to Funny Man once in awhile. It's never a substitute for real live calls and conversations. - G

  2. People texting while behind the wheel winds me up too...yesterday we passed at least five drivers on the motorway doing this, including two truck drivers. So very dangerous!

  3. This - my friend - is exactly why I DON'T have a cell phone. (And I just didn't want to pay for a service that did little more than annoy the hell out of me.) I use mine now for a portable alarm clock to remind my meds!

  4. texting while driving is crazy. Yes, I want to smash my car into them.

    I DO love texting though because I HATE talking on the phone mostly because I like to keep things short and sweet and I find that often times others don't.

    P park- we are just leaving c u in 10- at the bench by water.

    How easy is that?
    Now imagine getting two monkeys to put on shoes and suncreeen and call to tell your friend you are meeting- that would disrupt the flow- do you feel me?

    I think texting is the BEST and talking on cell phones is probably going to be linked to terrible stuff.

  5. My state just added that as well, a ticket for texting while driving. And twittering is texting to strangers. Let's not even go there.

  6. That's bad... haha

    I understand what you're saying. For several years I've said that our next generation is going to grow up speaking a pidgin of texting, online slang, and actual English.

    By the by, I don't own a cell phone and don't plan on it.

  7. Drives me crazy, Pat.... Even when people are on their cells, their driving is impaired.... And texting is even worse..... Scary!!!!

    Hope you got that highway patrolman's license --so that you could turn him in....

  8. Totally with you on this one, Pat. I have even known adults text each other from the next room instead of just calling out!
    Looks like the art of conversation is a dying out pretty fast, which is pretty sad.
    There are even competitions to see who can text the fastest!
    "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world."
    This was written in 25.94 seconds and is now in The Guinness Book of Records.
    Whatever next!

  9. Your label says, Is it just me?

    It's not just you!!!

    I try to keep a clear eye so I won't fall into these awful traps! This world has become so impersonal and scary.

    Too bad you didn't get the patrolman's picture. That is the most maddening situation.

  10. getting his picture, that would've been something...especially if you took it with your cell phone.

  11. Oh Pat do not even get me started on this topic!!!! I hate the cell phone, texting and this form of "instant' communication. What happened to anonymity and possible wondering what someone was doing instead of getting angry phone calls or texts 'where are you???" I do miss the old days where people could not track you down 24/7. do we really have so much to say that it can't wait until a proper phone call can be made or heaven forbid some 'face to face" contact." Technology is here to stay and I must get used to it but I am going to do it groaning and whining all the way!!! Oh...and the idea of texting in a movie should be punishable with a more popcorn for you!!!!

  12. I agree! Nobody uses a cell phone to place a call anymore. One more reason why I don't own one.

  13. Totally agree with you! Wish you had been able to capture the highway patrolman texting. If, it had been would have gotten a ticket.

  14. I agree too! Sometimes I think we need to establish tech free zones!

  15. Georgina - I may be "behind the times" a bit, but geesh!

    Nat - And you know when both hands are on the phone, they're driving with their knees!

    BB - I'm going to start leaving my small camera in my lap instead of my pocket.

    Rabbit - I agree. I don't text, I hate talking on it, but I have a fancy phone because it's like a small laptop for me. And also as an alarm clock..

    Ren - I understand that there is a valid use for some texting. Loke your example... but some people use textin as their absolute primary means of communiation. pretty fuunny monkey example...

    Karen - I have another rant of twittering. I must be getting old...

    Tim - I love mine but I don't text, and rarely talk on it.

    Betsy - I wish I had gotten the license....couldn't though...

    Alice - Wow! I understand that the intent of it is good, but it's sure not ending up that way...

    Ann - I did get a photo of him driving, I think he saw me and dropped his phone into his lap.

    Joe - LOL...i wasn't driving, but you are right, that would have been classic!

    DrSoosie - There is no privacy anymore. You are right, when texted, people expect an instant response. I'd rather have the popcorn!

    Alex - You are so right. They don't talk on them much at all. When I sometimes pick up my grand D. from school. When they walk out MANY of them go directly to their phones and start texting...This isn't high school either, it's elemtary...amazing!

    Anonymous - You are so right, that's what bugs me about the most. BUT, somebody told me today that law enforcement officials are "exempt" from the law....I don't know if it's true, but I'm gonna try and find out! Thanks for reading and commenting (whoever you are! I appreciate it...)

  16. Brian - Tech free zones! Genius...
    too bad it'll never happen. Thanks for commenting..

  17. Oh...don't even get me started, Mr. Pat! Texting while driving, or eating in a restaurant, or watching a movie - I could go on....just drives me up and around the bend!

    It is one of the primary reasons I avoid movie theaters like the plague anymore....and those who text and drive are just asking to ram their car into a fire hydrant (like I saw a couple of weeks ago). Grrrrrrr.

  18. Amen to all of it, Pat. Bring back the days when "text" was just a noun, and you found it in those things called "books."

  19. Not going through the Darien Gap, huh? Did you also not see any tapirs? You got my attention, though :)

    Just to weigh in on this, I do like cells and texting, and it especially helps with running my business, but it can get way out of hand. It's hard to remember, but there IS an off button. Loved the cop story. I actually admire people who have the talent to txt and drive, although they should definitley not do it. I'm incapable even if I wanted to.

  20. So if I ever typed OMG to you would you rip off my fingers and make me eat 'em? true that technology has turned us all into a bunch of wimpy introverts lost in our own worlds.

  21. calling while driving (not-handsfree) brings you a fine of 150€+ overhere, a week ago I saw a policeman driving with his walkietalkie in hand. Should've gotten a snapshot too:)

    A good friend of mine phones and drives to, but he speeds up..the idiot.
    I don't mind the easy acces to mobiles, but sometimes people should think before they send messages and communicate things they didn't want to..

  22. Nope, not just you. And I do lay on my horn... BIG TIME! And I get the finger quite often for doing it... but I really don't care. There is nothing that pisses me off more than to see people texting while driving... they are an accident waiting to happen... not only to themselves... but also to me.


  23. I am all for tech free zones-

    I'm glad you liked the monkey example!

  24. Marlene - Everywhere! I was in a restaurant the other day. The table next to us had four people sitting at it, three of them were busy texting. the other one looked like she wanted to get get up and walk out...

    Robyn - Books? what the heck are those?

    tapirgal - Saw plenty of

    There are legit uses for texting, I agree...I would have expanded the suject to women putting on make-up while driving, but I'm not that stupid...

    Jesse - Nah... you get a free pass!

    Arjan - the fine is much too small here. I don't think people even care, it seems like half the drivers are on their phones!
    thanks for commenting Arjan!

    Nevine - The finger just means "You're number one!"
    Everybody should start honking at them...

  25. Ok, I am going to say it, I LOVE YOU! I thought I was the only one on the planet who felt that cell phones are the downfall of man! I detest them. Yes, I have one but it's for emergency only and I can count on one hand how many calls I have made with it since I have had it. They should be outlawed!

  26. Amen brother.. I hear you and totally
    agree. One day I just watched to see how many people crossing the road were talking or using a cell phone...
    6 out of 8 people... grrrrr

  27. Oh my, dirty cop for sure. lol. He must have been a young one. It takes me forever to text just a few lines. First I have to pull my glasses off so I can see the darn thing. It's easier just to call and be done with it.

  28. I am working on a short range, quick burst EMP device...that'll show those bastards. I agree with you 100% on this post.

  29. I am with you 100% Pat I actually see no reason for texting, email is as close as I get to that, I figure if you have enough time to text then you should be talking on the phone instead, I also figure that if I am in the car then I am away from the phone, I don't like it anymore than you my Friend.

    I wish you had got that picture being as he was breaking a law in our great state huh.

  30. I am WITH YOU, sir! Of course, I don't own a cell phone.

    But the worst is when I am having an actual conversation with someone and they are start texting in my mid sentence. The ultimate rude.

  31. I'm with you. When cell phones first began to gain popularity I thought I was driving behind drunk drivers and then I realized it was people talking on their phones. People talking on cell phones also don't use directional signals because they're holding the phone in their left hand. I don't multi-task well, so I know better than to drive and talk on the phone. The only time I've ever done it was when I was lost and someone was giving me the directions as I drove.

  32. SenoraG - Why thanks you! Don't get my wrong. I also have a cell phone in my pocket. I NEVER send or recieve texts. I also rarely ever talk on it. We have several kids who all text! They all know to never send me one, cause I won't look at it...

    faye - Oh yeah! Even looking at folks walking down the street. Most of 'em are texting...

    dot - Oh yeah! Gotta do a sting on him. I have large thumbs so it isn't easy for me either...

    Chuck - there's the answer! EMP...

    Jimmy - When I'm in my car, the last thing I want to do is talk or text. I value the "alone" time...
    I was so pissed I couldn't get the camera out in time...

    cheeseboy - I do have a phone, but I don't EVER text and rarely talk on it. Oh yeah...rude to the max...

    Betty 1951 - I'm with you. I always think they're drunk, but there texting or talking...Click on the cat head on the right side of my page. This guy sleeps on my wife's head like your Grace does...

  33. Ms. A - Darn! That's what i though...

  34. I never turn my phone on unless I need to use it. Otherwise it's off. If I am not at my computer or my home then I am somewhere that I don't want to be reached.

    I can remember back in Middle School when they held a meeting in the Gym to basically tell us that only drug dealers needed beepers and cell phones so therefore we couldn't have them at school.

  35. Another thing that drives me bat crazy is when you phone a company and what you get are recordings asking questions and telling me to choose buttons. I want to speak to a human being dammit! I would like to be able to phone my phone company, electric company etc and get a real live human being on the other end.

  36. People are consumed with this technology. I once saw a woman texting during the eulogy at a wake and she wasn't young, she was like in her 30's.

    I text a lot but only at home. I hate texters at the movies, I want to make them eat their phone.

  37. 24/7 access and availability is going to cause more and more stress in peoples' lives for sure!

  38. i think they will soon have a group called CPA. cell phoneaholic's anonymous.... i will be it's first member.... =( it's an addiction. it is.... it gives your "loneliness" a "fix." sick? yes. highly dysfunctional? yes.... and it's not even a conscious effort.... it's like i just grab my phone and hit the "end" button constantly.... and i'm not entirely sure if that's because i keep my phone silent or what.... but the constant buzzing was irritating the heck out of me.... so as much as it bugs me when i see other people do it, i am totally guilty.... to the nth degree.... =( you can go ahead and delete my comment now. ha.

  39. Michael - Mine is either off or on silent mode. I don't like talking on the phone...or not being able to be alone...

    Warren - OH YEAH! Of course they say that it keeps costs down. But how many customers do they lose because of it....

    PTM - Wow! That's amazing. I know folks who text constantly... Oh oh, and I see she commented (probably by phone)...

    Joan - I agree. What happened to good old isolation and silence?

    Dear Ms. King - I'm sure you would be the poster child of that organization. I won't delect your comment, it's too darn funny!
    Did you sent this comment from your phone? I'm betting you did...
    You have major phone issues, but I love you anyway!

  40. Just adding that the only phone I have is my mobile so I need it.

    I don't have a problem with texting but there's a thing as overdosing. It's the same as with all things..moderation. Know when to turn it off or when not to answer a call etc.

  41. It's not just you..I saw a cop today driving while talking on her cellphone and not looking at all where she was going..she's supposed to give the example!

  42. And here I am looking for a new cell with a Qwerty keyboard to make texting easier. I don't do it often but when you have a teen it's the only way to get them to answer. I also have a Twitter account....don't delete me yet!

    I have threatened my teen that if she texts while driving the phone gets cut to basic features ie calls only. It is illegal here in WA to talk or text while driving, the fine is pretty strong.

  43. I had a woman honk at me the other day because I was looking at my phone while crossing the street and she wanted to make her right turn and didn't think I was walking fast enough.

    I felt like an idiot but I was pissed as hell at her at the same time.

    Stupid phones.

  44. Oh boy! Thats crazy..a patrolman texting while driving.

    I enjoy texting. It's quick and easy if I don't feel like getting stuck on the phone and I just need a quick question. I don't text while driving and I don't text all day and I would never waste the $9.00 I pay to go to cinema only to text during the film. haha.

  45. Attentions spans are gone. Especially to the under 30's.

    Phone while driving is illegal yet so many do it. And I read about phone related car deaths all the time.. and people still dont get it.

    I hate it when your walking and someone stops in front of you - texting.. the other day, this guy couldnt get around me on a wide footpath because he was texting with one hand. He had to stop right infront of me.. Fuckwit...texting.. grrrrr

  46. last week a woman got seriously injured in a carcrash. They found her mobile and it appeared that she was half-way through typing an sms where she said she could hardly stay awake at the wheel.

    If you'd put this combi in a movie, people wouldn't believe it.


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