Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Only a Little Bit Self Serving

I'll get to the self serving part in a minute...

As most of you already know, I have a lot of active projects. I'm trying to write a couple of books, I write short stories, I write poetry, I blog, and I'm addicted to photography.  I know nothing at all about writing. I just know what's in my head and I try to get it on paper or on my blog, and hope it makes some kind of sense. 

Some time ago, I stumbled upon a blogger named Clarissa Draper.
She's a full time writer and published author.  Her blog is a fantastic reference for both writers and bloggers. It helps me make sense of what I'm trying to do.  She's also a very nice lady.

On her main blog, Listen to the Voices, Clarissa's last three posts were:
"Mystery Writer's Guide to Forensic Science - Blood Stain Analysis." 
Book Critique 5:  The Rock Warrior by Jan Morrison.
How to Make a Book Trailer: Part III - Adding Video.

Even if you aren't a writer, or don't aspire to be one, it's still very interesting reading.

Clarissa's other blog is titled The Sholes Key.  This blog is a chapter by chapter posting of her latest and soon to be published novel.  It's a mystery and really good reading.  I'm extremely pleased to tell you that the cover photograph is one of mine.

Please take my word for it; Clarissa's blogs are both worth checking out. If you like to write (after all, you're a blogger aren't you?) the first blog is top rate. If you like to read, "The Sholes Key" is also well worth your while. Maybe you'll like both.  I sure do...

Did I mention that the cover photo is mine?



  1. Thank you for the reference Patrick. I will check Clarissas's blogs.

  2. I've always admired Clarissa's cover, that's so cool that you did it! I know a publisher who could use your talents.

  3. That is phenomenal!! Great cover man. I will definitely check out her blog too.

  4. I always knew you were a great photog... as well as writer.
    When her book gets published, you will be famous!
    I will check out her blog.

  5. That's awesome! Congrats. I'll definitely check out her blogs. Thanks, Pat.

  6. Wow, they way you talk about her, I'm definitely going to check it out! And, I have to say, the photo is wonderful!

    Thanks so much, Pat. I really appreciate it.


  7. Great cover, that is so cool! I'll check out her blogs as well.

  8. Congrats, Pat, for getting to do the cover on Clarissa's book.... That is super... I'll check out her blog.

    Isn't blogging just wonderful???? We all meet so many fabulous people all over the world...

  9. Even though we post stuff on blogs every day, it lifts our work into another dimention to see it transformed for someone else's use. This is great! Will check the refs when I get a chance. Nose to grindstone at the moment.

  10. You did the cover? Awesome!
    And yes, I've followed Clarissa for a while now. She knows her stuff.

  11. Fantastic! Congrats, Pat :)
    Will have a look at Clarissa's blog now...

  12. Mazel Tov Pat- that is so great!

    I am so happy for you!

  13. Congratulations, Pat... a job well done. What a wonderful honor to have your photo selected to adorn the book cover!

  14. I'm checking out her blog now. LOVE the cover shot

  15. Costas - Please do! It's worth it.

    KarenG - Thanks! I'll send you an email...of course I'd be interested!

    Jesse - Thanks buddy!

    Tim - Heck yeah! I hope you like it there...

    Joe - Why thanks! I think I'm an okay photog, but I struggle at writing. That's one of the reason I like Clarissa's blog so much.

    Sarah - Thanks Sarah, please do.

    Clarissa - LOL...Yeah, you should check her out! She's awesome...

    Ree - Thanks! I'm honored that clarissa asked me...

    Betsy - Yes we do meet some great folks! Thanks, I'm truly honored.

    tapirgal - I totally agree! thanks!

    Alex - Yup, she sure does. I've learned a lot from her...

    Nat - Please do check her out! Also, thanks!

    Ren - Thanks so much Ren.

    Pam - I'm excited about it. It's a darn good read also. I'm happy to have my photo there.

    who is ya? - thanks so much! I appreciate it.

  16. I'm already a follower of Clarissa's blogs and I totally agree with you! She's awesome! Congrats on the book cover! That's great, Pat! Cheers!

  17. I have been following her blog for a little bit now and I have to agree it is a fantastic resource for writers and aspiring maybe-writers. I am in the middle of reading The Sholes Key and have found it an excellent read. It is so cool it is online to read.

    Pat, I can totally believe that picture is yours, congrats!

  18. Marguerite - Thanks so much! I'm glad you already discovered her.

    Chuck - Thanks Buddy! She got a lot of stuff there to help us...

  19. I really like your photo and will check out the blog.

  20. COOL!!
    And THANK you for the directions to her blogs!

  21. Congratulations! That's a photo for you to be mighty proud of. I'm going to pay her a visit.

  22. Karin - Thanks so much!

    Brenda - Thanks and it's my pleasure!

    Robyn - I'm pretty happy about it. I hope you like her blogs.

    John - Thanks buddy!

  23. Clarissa is great, isn't she? Her posts are always so useful - infact almost so useful that I might consider writing a mystery book myself ;)

  24. Pat, you are far too modest, you certainly DO know what you're doing when you write - tips can be taught, but a good writer is born! How fabulous to see your photograph on the front cover of a book - you have many talents. I certainly will take a peek into her blogs, you've roused my curiousity now..

  25. How neat! Congratulations! It's fun to see your creative vision out there for the world to see!

    Thanks for sharing. This made me smile.

  26. How cool is THAT??? Your cover on a book!
    I have sent some photos into a company that actually only publishes technical books but haven't heard anything as of yet. ha
    It is an honor you should be proud of and I certainly hope they paid you for it well! Congrats..
    and P.S. enough bullshi* of not being a good certainly ARE!
    Hey, I have an idea...when you are ready to publish, will you use one of MY photos??? (wink, wink!)

  27. I can't wait to read your book. You are an excellent writer and have amazing life stories to tell. Congratulations on having one of your photos featured on a book cover! Is that the one that you took on a road trip recently where you visited a cemetery? It was a striking photo and I can see why it makes such an excellent book cover. - G

  28. SUPER RAD!! Love the photo :)

    Congrats! I may just have to check her out, as I love a good book :)

  29. Cruella - She is great! I've learned so much about blogging and writing there.

    Shrinky - Thanks for the nice words, but writing really is a struggle for me. I've adapted by concentrating on just writing it like I would "tell" it.

    Jenny - Thanks so much! I appreciate the nice words.

    Joan - Thanks so much Joan... I promise, I don't think it's BS...LOL It's hard work, much more than I'd like it to be.

    Georgina - yep, it was a short time ago at the National Cemetery in San Diego. I'm pretty darn happy about the whole thing!

    Penny - please do check her out, she has an AWESOME blog...


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