Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shell Beach Day 2

So, we left the historic confines of San Luis Obispo and headed back to the coast. Our goal for the rest of the day was to look at some high priced real estate that white trash like us could never afford and eat some cookies that were way over priced at one dollar each.  This post will be boring, I assure you. We didn't run into any people worthy of sneaking their photo...

The was the view from the back edge of a vacant lot we stopped at.  Although I can't be sure, this one went for at least a million dollars.  When the tide is out you have your own private beach. Of course you have to build the stairs that allow you to go down there (in addition to the house).  Now I may be mistaken, but doesn't it look like erosion has already "taken" some of the cliff face away?

The house in the photo is three lots over. Poor bastards don't even have a beach. I wonder if anybody who lives like this worries about the occasional "rouge wave." One moment your asleep in your bed, spooning with your pet of choice, and the next minute your trying to climb onto the Kon-Tiki, which in this case now happens to be your floating coffee table.

I made a pact with myself that I'd never post flowers on my blog.  I'm not saying I don't take photos of them, because I do. I just don't want to post them.  For the moment, forget all that. This vacant lot was totally empty except for a downed power pole and two flowers. This is one of them. I was going to pluck it out of the ground and give it to my wife, but then she might expect such things from me that might be illegal in Shell Beach.

This is the other flower.  I thought it looked kind of cool next to the industrial stuff. Okay, maybe not, I promise I won't be posting blossoms for a long time.

Another lot down the street. No telling how much this lot would cost.  Seriously, look at the view!  In the pic from right to left are buymebarbies, her sister, and her 81 year old mom. That's right white people. Friggin' 81 years old! She's got better skin than most whities half her age.  I thought about throwing her off the cliff for making me look old.

The one dollar cookies sucked pretty hard, so I'm not going to give them any ink. For half the price maybe, but not for a buck.

Okay, this blog post sucks. I realize that. Nice photos of a nice place. But no people or odd things to take photos of.  Had I spent more time working on my career instead of trying to avoid being arrested, maybe I could live there...



  1. It's a good thing you didn't pluck that little flower. Any dirt you might have pulled up with it probably would have been worth more than the sum total of my home.
    I love grabbing those glossy real estate magazines from sales offices when we are in PS. They are FREE and some of the interior photos are just as gorgeous as anything you'd see in a $10 copy of Architectural Digest. - G

  2. That's quite a trip you're all on...I'm enjoying tagging along :-)
    Great photos and narrative...and your wife's family do seem to hold the elixir of youth! What's their secret?

  3. "Had I spent more time working on my career instead of trying to avoid being arrested, maybe I could live there..."

    But then your blog would be far MORE boring, and we wouldn't want that ;)

  4. No matter what you say Patrick, I really enjoyed this post as I did all previous post of yours that I have read.
    And I have to say this...
    If you really did not care if you d be arrested or not, then you would probably be able to buy and and plot of land of your liking and live there.
    Like all those who can afford them.

  5. Actually I enjoyed the post've got a great sense of humor!!!

  6. An unexpected climb onto Kon-Tiki sounds kind of fun.
    Great pictures, Pat.

  7. Building a house on a eroding cliff - now that's a brilliant idea! They're no smarter on this side of US - build house on shifting sand.

  8. what's the REAL reason you thought about throwing her off the cliff? NOT because she looks younger than you. lol.... JUUUUUST KIDDING!!!! i still liked the post.... but that's just cuz i love you!

  9. Loved this post, you made me laugh!

  10. buymebarbies still cracks me up. BTW...does Bossy Betty know you're invading her turf? She's got a lock on flower.

  11. Your blog is never boring, Sir Pat. :)

  12. Boring!? No, I love you photos. Question for you: Is your wife from Japan? My mother and all her family is from Tokyo.


  13. Georgina - I also grab those magazines. I even took one from Shell beach. WAY out of my league

    Nat - Thanks Nat! Their secret is just being Asian...

    Softy - You are so right. Gotta keep my priorities in order...

    Costas - Thanks! I have a feeling that most of the people who live in these places had the houses in the family for years.

    Brian - Thanks Brian, I appreciate it!

    Robyn - Not much of a life raft though! Thanks Robyn.

    BlueWave - Thanks!

    Alex - Out here, people build on cliffs, on earthquake faults, and in mountain areas prone to forest fires. Go figure!

    Ashley - Ahhhhh, love you too!

    Ree - Happy to be of service!

    Copyboy - I can't believe you said that, I thought the same exact thing as I added that photo...

    Marlene - Why thank you!

    Clarissa - thanks so much. My MIL was a Japanese war bride and my wife was born here. Most of her family is still in Tokyo though. Saves us a lot of money when in Japan! I love it there...

  14. I loved this post.. Having lived in California, I remember some of these places...Thanks for the road trip.. One day I'll get back for a visit..

    81?? Jezus, I need to just sleep in a vat of Oil of Olay....

  15. one dollar cookies that don't taste like one dollar cookies is bullshit.

  16. Where is the second photograph taken? Reminds me of my favorite point as you enter Santa Barbara tho' it's not as lush as I recall so perhaps not?

  17. Dude don't sell yourself short...the post was pretty cool and the photos are your usual best.

  18. Lynne H - Oh yeah! sometime I'll post some pics from the Monterey area... I love it up there also.

    Ren - I totally agree! Rip off!

    California Girl - It's in Shell Beach, which is just a tad south of Pismo Beach. Love SB also!

    Chuck - thanks Chuck! It's just that when I'm at a place for only a short time, I don't go for scenery, I go for oddities!

  19. I see you are hungering for more than just a dollar cookie. You want to take pictures of strange people. Wish I were there to grant your wish!

  20. You just crack me up! And why don't you want to post blooms?? For goodness sake!!! hahaa

  21. BB - That's true, it's all about the oddities...

    Joan - Because I don't know any of their names.....LOL

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