Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Q And A 003 Friday Follow (and why I don’t)

Question 003
Friday Follow (and why I don’t)
From Anonymous

“I first came to your blog as a "Friday Follow" person. I left you a comment and you responded with a smart aleck remark. What exactly is your problem with me, or Friday Follow?"
I don’t know who you are, but based on your question, I’m pretty sure I can figure it out. If you are in fact who I think you are, I have one problem with you and another one with "FF."  In a nutshell, you “misrepresented” yourself to me, and I believe that for the most part, Friday Follow is nothing more than a gimmick to boost the number of followers a person has.

The first time I noticed “Friday Follow” I thought it looked pretty cool and signed up. Somebody (you?) who also signed up, came to my blog and commented; “Hi, I’m here from Friday follow! Follow me back!” I remarked to her/your comment, “thanks, I’ll check you out!” When I went to the blog I found out a few things.

• She had not “followed” me at all.
• She already followed 300 people and couldn’t follow me, even if she wanted to.
• This person had well over 900 followers.
• She averaged only about 20 comments per post.
• Next, I went to several other sites who also participated. Found a lot of the same thing.
• Three others actually did sign up at my blog. I liked one of them and follow her blog to this day.
• The other two have never left a single comment at my blog.

I’m just not that easy. If I like a blog I follow it. If I don’t, I’m never going back there. I know a few folks who participate in FF on a weekly basis; I like their blogs, so it doesn’t bother me at all. If they like to participate in FF, that's fine with me.

I don’t “expect” a blogger to follow me, just because I follow them. It goes the other way also. I like followers, but if they don’t ever comment, they probably aren’t reading what I post, so what’s the point?

Currently, I feel pretty good about who follows me. I’m happy to say that I get regular or semi-regular comments from about half my followers. They don’t all show up on blogger though. I get a lot of comments on Facebook, on Facebook messages, and email. I clearly spend as much time dealing with comments as I do “blogging.” But I’m fine with that. I feel like I know a lot of the people who follow my blog. I truly think I’d be friends with many of them in “real” life, if given the chance.

At least one person “caught on” to my feelings about FF, because they appear to have signed me up on a few occasions without me knowing about it. I know somebody else did it, because I didn’t.  I must admit, it's pretty funny...

Seriously, this isn’t a contest to see who can get the most followers.

Well, maybe it is to some folks...



  1. I've never heard of Friday Follow. I guess none of the blogs I read participate in it. Altho I have heard of people saying "I'm following you, follow me back" and they don't. Liars. And if this anonymous guy doesn't like smart alec comments, why is he reading your blog in the first place?

  2. I tried it a couple times but finding similar results haven't since. I will follow people back if they follow me but their content has to be good enough to keep me interested otherwise I'll just be a static follower.

    Although, I do also read more than I comment. Sometimes I enjoy reading posts but never quite know what to say. Rather than just saying 'hi, awkward comment' I choose to remain silent.

    I also know that the more one is on blogger the more blogs one will follow and the harder it can become to keep up. I have ended up forgetting some. I do try to make a concerted effort though to stop by my favorites.

    Where was I going with this? Oh yes, I agree. Friday follow is a pointless adding of blogs I probably won't ever get to.

  3. I feel the same way. I won't just follow to follow. If I read your blog on the regular then it warrants a follow :)

    I only have a few followers and only get a few comments but I am happy with that :)

    ps. I love your blog :)

  4. I've never heard of FF before. What is the point of having lots of followers that don't really follow? Some bloggers follow evey blog that they can and hope to be followed in return but I can't figure out why.

  5. Whaaaa? Someone signed you up for a FF? That is just weird. I tried the FF thing once and it wasn't for me. I like it when people follow because they want to, not because it is part of a contest. With 4 bazillion blogs out there, it think having followers who "choose" you is much more valuable. - G

  6. *cheers*
    I'm with you. I would much rather have a smaller number of people follow my blog and actually appreciate what I write than two thousand people follow my blog that never stop by.

  7. As the old saying goes...."Quality rather than Quantity!" :)

  8. I totally agree with you. However, I too am a blog following slut (in dude form). I know. I know. I'm trying to change my ways. BTW...if anyone is reading this I will follow yo...sorry, there i go again.

  9. If traffic is what they are after why don't they just start a porn site?

  10. I never did Friday follow.
    The followers I currently have are so great and cool that I don't think it can get any better than that!

    I think in real life I would be your friend, Pat!

  11. Whoa, first of all, what is Follow Friday? I agree. I follow people (over 500 blogs now) but I will read their blogs for awhile and (a) if they post multiple times a day or (b) post things that don't interest me (but I have lots of interests) then I stop. But, I never tell people to follow me. I hope those who follow my blog follow me because they actually like what I write. I suspect the drop in followers comes when I don't immediately follow back. Great post.

    Also, I'm not sure you've seen my cover (I think you have) but do you think it's all right?


  12. I believe Dezz the Hollywood Spy called them "blog-whores."
    Never done FF and probably won't.

  13. I have to agree with you. I know that everyone blogs for different reasons and in different styles. I honestly don't care if I have 1 follower or 100. The people who do read my blog are great. I do know there are many who just want to collect followers. I had a friend who started a blog after me, everyday she would call me and say "I got another follower." or "No one commented me today." If she lost a follower it was like her life was over. It was ridiculous. All she cared about was collecting friends.

    I do enjoy your blog. I may not comment all the time, but I read every single one!

  14. I never do the Friday Follows either.
    - I find people through other blogs.
    - I follow people who make interesting comments and interesting posts.

  15. Hi Pat!! When I first started blogging about nine months ago I had no idea about all the various kinds of "gimmicks" that go on in the blogosphere. I just wanted to write about certain things and I hoped some people would read them, As you once pointed out, we don't just blog for ourselves. We do it to get some feedback from others. A few months after I started I have to admit I did get kind of wrapped up in the number of bloggers who followed me. It was an ego thing. At the time I was on Facebook too and would get a lot of responses there as well. Plus I would send a mass to all my family and friends.To be perfectly honest, I loved all the attention and the occasional ego-stroking. But as I started to write more from my heart about what was happening to me this year, I had a complete turnaround about who was reading my blog and why. I now have about ten or fifteen regular readers. I quit Facebook and only send out the mass e-mail to family and friends if it is something specific I want them to read. I like the intimacy of sharing my feelings with those few other bloggers who have read me regularly and who I feel do "know" me in a way that even some of my closest friends do not. Sorry for the long-winded reply but I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately. Anyhow...I am a loyal devotee of your blog!

  16. I'm fully with you on this one Pat, there is just no way that you can keep up with all these people. I only follow about 40, and most of them don't write regular, so who the hell are all the others that "Follow" me are, I just don't know.
    It does get really annoying, especially these little grey profiles who never say anything! Either leave a comment or find somewhere else!
    900 followers is just a ridiculous amount, and this is not a competition.
    I'm pleased that someone has brought this up.

  17. never heard of friday follows, but now I readed this post; I feel very flattered you are following me. haha.

  18. Totally agree with what you're saying. I only follow blogs I really enjoy, and read regularly (and before I follow, I usually subscribe in a reader so I can get a good feel of the blog before I follow). I'm happy anyone follows my blog -- just knowing someone out there's reading what I have to say is great (so the number doesn't really matter too much -- I'm not stuck on getting to 500 or anything).

  19. I'm right there with you Pat, I did look at the FF thing a while back but my impression was exactly what you described here, I am amazed and impressed with the number of followers I have and even more impressed with the friendships I have formed with some of my regular readers.

    I do my best to read everyone's blogs on a daily basis and when I miss a day or so you know I have something going on that has taken me away from the computer, as you pointed out the regular readers I have a blog friendship with I would most likely be friends with them in person and you are included in this statement my friend.

    FF works for a lot of people but like you I'd rather someone follow me because they like what they are reading rather than trying to boost their numbers.

  20. I tried FF a few times (hey, that is how I found you!), but I quickly realized that just because these "followers" left a "I'm following! Follow me!" comment, well, it didn't mean squat. They never come back, and only a handful of faithful friends leave comments. Oh well. I blog because I like it, not for anyone else anyway!

  21. I only went there one time, and won't go again. I felt so cheap after that, like I was prostituting myself for followers or something! (I know, it's silly. LOL) I like my followers to read me because they think my blog is interesting, and so the whole FF thing is counterproductive toward that end anyway. I'm definitely with you on the lack of FF love! =)

  22. I only went there one time, and won't go again. I felt so cheap after that, like I was prostituting myself for followers or something! (I know, it's silly. LOL) I like my followers to read me because they think my blog is interesting, and so the whole FF thing is counterproductive toward that end anyway. I'm definitely with you on the lack of FF love! =)

  23. I have to say I have thought of trying the Follow but honestly have been to lazy to sign up. I am certainly not looking for any "one night stands" as it pertains to blogs and followers.

    Pat, I trust in your review and know you haven't pulled any punches. I am not looking for more followers per se, but people who find interest in some way in what I post.

    I know I read many blogs without commenting every single time. I comment on verious blogs for various reasons. I try to comment most often on those blogs whose authors comment on mine. And I read those blogs because I like them.

    And Pat...I am sure I would enjoy sitting down and sharing a beer or two with you!

  24. hello Pat, I've been stalking you and I'd be thrilled if you stalked me...or not. I'll be commenting every so often anyway.
    I agree with Dr Soosie almost word for word...my blog friends are the best audience for my personal rants. And sometimes they lead me to other cool bloggers such as yourself.
    peace today,

  25. I don't understand why people
    get so caught up in the number
    of followers... I'm not saying
    it isn't nice to have people
    follow and /or comment.. but quite
    honestly I blog for myself and
    I have several friends that haven't
    signed up to follow... they just do and then comment in personal e mail...

    Sometimes I just like a blog and
    may not comment every time..
    just me.

  26. Forgive my ignorance but what is Friday Follow? The thing that really ticks me off are people who leave comments merely to advertise.

  27. KarenG - It's pretty popular. I think maybe mostly among the "mommy bloggers." You are right about the smart aleck part.

    Tim - I agree. I also don't comment on everything. I just don't always have the time. I like to go and catch up sometimes though. I always make sure to check out my favorites daily if I can.

    Penny - I agree! Thanks Penny...

    James - The FF thing isn't that prevalent among photo blogs.

    Georgina - More than once! I agree with what you said, it seems like some people only care about followers.

    Salt - I feel the same way! A lot of follwers who read and comment would also be a ton of work!

    Nat - Yup! Consistent quality posts isn't all that easy!

    Copyboy - you whore!

    Random Thinker - There ya go! And then charge for admission...

    Joe - I agree on both counts Joe!

    Clarissa - I agree! I just don't have time to look at blogs I don't find interesting.

    I may not always comment on your blog, because sometimes I don't have anything to add. BUT, I have learned so much there! I read everything you post.

    I did see the cover. It looks great! Thanks for involving me...

    Alex - I won't either. BTW, I'm already thinking about my top TV shows for the 20th...

    Nariane - That's how I feel about it.

    DrSoosie - That's pretty much how I feel. there are a core group of followers who I love to death. Everything else is a bonus! I wish I had more time, because I know there's a million great blogs and nice people running them...

    Alice - If I got 900 the "natural" way, I'd be happy, but man that would some pressure...

    Sophia - I follow you because you have a great blog. your photos are getting better and better with every post!

    Jo - I never thought about doing it that way first. I'm just happy anybody reads what I do

    Jimmy - I think you hit it right on the head. I truly like most of the people I follow. If I didn't, I'd delete them.

    Megan - Really? LOL... Thanks so much for doing so and commenting!
    I appreciate it...

    passionofthemom - Thanks! I thought it would be something good, but it didn't take long to see that I didn't like it.

    Chuck - Right! I follow your blog because it's interesting. I'm sure that it's gonna take off like wildfire sometime also. I also would like to sit down and have a beer or three with you my friend!

  28. ~L - Well I thank you for following and commenting and I'll be sure to check you out.

    faye - I feel the same way! It's nice, but not the end all...

    Warren - FF is a "you follow my blog and I'll follow yours." It doesn't even matter if they like the other blog...It's a gimmick to get more followers, but none of them may actually read your blog.

  29. ~L - I tried to go to your blog, but it told me I had to be invited and I wasn't invited yet...

  30. well geez.. my 26 followers and average 4 comments per post thrills the damn dandy out of me.. Friday follow? Not a clue.. I follow you Pat because you make my reading times pleasurable and send me on visual vacations I can ont go on.. So there.. We love ya man!!!

  31. Dear Patrick,
    Way to go! A man with principles and one who can say it like it is. I have enjoyed "following" you for the past many months and will continue to do so until you do something really, really stupid, like advertising, give aways, and other nonsensical things to gain more followers. I know it is hard to turn down those offers to boost your blog followers with "simply commenting/critiquing/advertising someone's merchandise" but you can do it.

  32. A dinner party for a few close friends or a frenzied bout of mayhem at Chuck E. Cheese? You decide.

    I'll take the dinner party, please.

  33. Every now and then I pick up a follower of whom I know nothing. I can't figure out what they possibly hope to gain by it? Do they really think I'm going to click on their picture just because?

    It's a flawed system, and the only reason I haven't given it up entirely is because that's where I go to get my updates and that part of it works for me.

    I follow you because I want to know when you post. So's I can read it, dontcha know... :)


    I did Friday Follow ONCE and NEVER AGAIN. I don't need/want these worthless followers. Maybe I will get ONE decent one, but the majority of them are worthless!

    In conclusion, Friday Follow is a SCAM!

  35. I have never done one of those Friday follower things. In fact, this is the first time I am hearing about it. Followers are nice, but I like the comments myself. I know there are people who know more about a film I have just posted and I want to hear from them. A follower is just a little picture on my blog.

  36. Lynne - Thanks so much Lynne. I'd say your comment to follower ratio is much better than those who have 800 followers and only get 20 comments. I love what you write.

    Rosemary - Thanks Rosemary! I don't think much is gonna change on my blog. All that stuff is much too complicated for me...

    BB - I'm with you Betty, but some pizza sure sounds good right now!

    Megan - Thanks for the nice words Megan. Right back at ya...

    Cheeseboy - I won't do it again either. It's not for me...

  37. Jump_Raven - Hey Michael. I know what you're saying, it's nice to get comments. I just wish I could leave more comments at your blog. I just don't know crap about obscure, or semi-obscure movies. I read what you post, but I know I just look stupid always saying the same thing...I'm still reading though!

  38. I've never heard of it. I don't normally "follow" any blogs but since my bloglines is being removed I've got to find some way to keep up with blogs.
    I like to go to some blogs just because I like them and I don't care if they come back to mine or not. Your's is one of them. It lets me enjoy reading what I like without the pressure of making comments. I hope that makes sense. lol

  39. I've never heard of "Friday Follow." Seems weird. But I think you're right that for some people this is about how many followers they can get, not about sharing their interests, thoughts, opinions, photos, etc., and sparking discussion and a sense of community. With some people, everything is a competition!

    p.s. I don't know what happened to a comment you tried to post on my blog a while ago - I never saw it. I don't want you to think I didn't post it!

  40. DOT - It makes a lot of sense. Keeping up with it all, takes a lot of time.

    Sarah - It is kind of weird. To some folks how many followers they have is totally what it's all about.
    As to the comment on your blog. no big deal. You bring up a lot great topics and I'm sure I'll be leaving a lot of others...I'm going to check it out though. Who knows, I might have said something profound for a change! LOL...

  41. DOT - It makes a lot of sense. Keeping up with it all, takes a lot of time.

    Sarah - It is kind of weird. To some folks how many followers they have is totally what it's all about.
    As to the comment on your blog. no big deal. You bring up a lot great topics and I'm sure I'll be leaving a lot of others...I'm going to check it out though. Who knows, I might have said something profound for a change! LOL...

  42. That's crazy! Someone signed you up without your concent? Man, they must really want you to get new followers...
    I have never done Friday Follow, and I have never made an effort of finding out what it is. I have gone through several stages of my "follower policy". At first I didn't really realize that many considered it common courtesy to follow back, so I didn't. Then I was extremely critical for a while, following only those who I was absolutely sure I would visit and read every single day. And then for a while I got very trigger happy, and followed a million or so blogs (not quite, but close), and I always followed back whenever someone found me.

    Now, though, I'm more relaxed about it. I only ever follow blogs whose subject interest me or whose authors have a voice I like. The problem is that I am quite versatile in my interests, so that still amounts up to more blogs I can keep up with on a regular basis. But at least this means that I know I have loads of great blogs I can "rediscover" whenever I have the time, since they are saved in my google reader. Always a pleasure to come back to treasures I had almost forgotten in the everyday hurdy-gurdy.

    In the end, this attitude, combined with very little time for blogging right now, have made me stop caring altogether for traffic. If people visit - great. If they don't, okay, I'll still write. It doesn't matter so much anymore.

    (I promise, I will end this ridiculously long comment soon...)

    Thanks for addressing the subject, though. I really think that people who follow someone *just* to gain a follower back is pretty out of touch of what blogging is all about. So it is good that someone talks (writes) about it. Great post :)

    (see, I'm done now)

  43. Oh man. You assured me that little e-mail exchange between us was private.

    I feel like a moron now.




    PS. I'm cutting off the caffeine effective immediately.

    PPS. I'm following you from Thursday follow.

    PPPS. I thought I read in our blog contracts that the person with the most followers wins! Now you're telling me that's not true. Well crap. I just quit.

  44. I enny you the mess of comments you get on any topic. Rememeber the great "white" experiment. I have regulars who seem to 'get' my humor and when I am goofing around and when not. I freaked over losing one follower because to take yourself off my list is intent. There is nothing worse that giving good comment - which I DO IN SPADES - and have them never answer back. There is this girl both me and TS comment on her site and often we are the only two but she never answers back to anything we write which is more often than not really good, heardfelt advice. So, yeh. there is that.

  45. Why read if you never reply. I want to know that SOMETHING appealled to ya, ya freak. Not you as freak but some of my followers who must be freaks.

  46. Cruella - Yup, happened more than once. I backtracked it to where the FF started and somebody entered things like "he doesn't know about it." I'm sure it was a joke. I've been through some changes about my feelings on the subject, but now I just feel that it is what it is...they come, they go. Thanks for the long comment, I appreciate that you took the time.

    Jenny - Very funny! (really)

    Kal - I do remember. I think some folks are on edge about things and are always poised to jump. I'd say most of the folks who comment at your site, "get" your humor. Those that don't, just show 'em to the door! Even though it's a lot of work, I agree with you, I think it's important to reply to each and every one of them. they took the time to comment, and we appreciate it.

  47. I came across you via "Alice in Wonderland" ... And so far I like what I see :) I did FF for a few weeks at the start just to see what it was all about, but mainly I found it easy for me to find other people's blogs that interested me. From the few weeks I did it I got loads of followers who were just looking a follow back - but their whole blogs were all reviews and giveaways - boring!! Not one of them has ever commented on anything I've ever written. It's a complete waste of time! So, in short ... em, I kinda agree with you! ha ha!


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