Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Open Wide

This is a "repost" of my very first "real" blog post.  It received exactly ZERO comments. I guess that is understandable, because I had exactly ZERO followers...  I hope it does a little better this time around...          DrSoosie, I apologize in advance...


I just spent an hour in an oral surgeons chair having an abscessed upper molar removed.

If you haven't got to enjoy that particular experience yet, when it does happen, insist on the "twilight sleep" or what ever they call it that PUTS YOU UNDER!

I have some questions and observations relating to the entire affair

  1. Why do the numbing injections hurt so much? Seriously, "this may pinch a little bit" isn't even in the same galaxy with what it really felt like. I know what a "pinch" feels like
  2. Do they really have to stick the needle all the way up into your eyeball? As a matter of fact, it felt like it was just passing through my eye on it's way into my brain.
  3. Why do they have to spill or squirt so much of it on your tongue? It is the nastiest substance I've ever tasted.  Do they do it just for kicks?
  4. Do they purposely balance a small piece of your tooth on the back of your tongue? If you leave it there you gag! You can't swallow it because both of his hands, assorted torture implements, the Kirby vacuum, and maybe a crowbar or two are in the way.
  5. Why does it hurt so much now, than it did when I went there for the pain? Isn't there something wrong with that? Seriously, he was grunting and sweating for about 15 minutes before he said "there, one root gone, two to go." Oh my god!  If I could have, I would have conjured up a bloody nose sneeze at that exact second. And I'd aim it directly into his face mask
  6. I wonder if there is a world record for the most  time a person has spent balanced on only the back of his head and his heels. I'm sure I looked like the St. Louis arch.
Is this god's way of telling us to floss? Is this really medicine? I'm going to go take another pain pill (alcohol may intensify the effect) and another, and another if I have to.



  1. Warren - Your comment maybe the one and only. Either there is a conspiracy at hand, or this post really sucks!

  2. Wow. I can't believe a first post about an abscessed upper molar was not an instant hit.

    Mine was about smelling my bottled tea and thinking it might be bad. Now, THAT'S exciting stuff!!

  3. I have trouble with sitting in a dentist chair too long... he advised me to take an over the counter pain killer, then gave me the gas...I was so in the ozone , they offered to drive me home..Doc Holiday knew more dentistry than some dentists today...

  4. Oh my gosh. I can totally relate. I have such teeth issues. I just had a molar removed this winter and got put under. Much better way to roll!

  5. my dentist told me that it hurts less if you inject the sedative slower, he thought my old dentist probably injected the whole dose in one fast push.

  6. okay, can i tell you that i'm such a baby my dentist rubs the injection area with a fruit-flavored numbing ointment of some sort before giving me the needle!

  7. Who knew you were so Seinfeldian in your first post. are the last person who I think could feel any sort of dental pain. I figured a pinch would actually feel like a pinch to super-you. That's my opinion of you and I'm stickin' to it!

  8. Bossy Betty - It might have helped if I had a single follower (besides myself). Your first post was, well, er, umh, interesting?

    BD - I've had a few bad experiences, but I have a good one now (I'm happy to say)

    These Nine Acres - I've never been "put under." Well, maybe in a recreational setting I have...

    Arjan - Yep! That's what they say.
    I think I still want to be put out, if possible

    Ally - You are such a baby! When he's done do you get a "sugar free lollipop" for being a good girl?

    Copyboy - I don't have the same power of disassociation as when i was younger... I have feelings, damn it!!!

  9. :(( yet..i dont have problems with teeth..i hope never do :))

  10. ".. both of his hands, assorted torture implements, the Kirby vacuum, and maybe a crowbar or two are in the way.." Oh, I do so love your turn of phrase (giggle).

    And I can totally relate to everything you say in this post, not only have I had root canal work, I had to fly to the bloomin' mainland and back for it, too (forget the dental fees, the airfare alone cost me over £250, booked as it was at such short notice) - ughhh, talk about adding insult to injury!!

    I remember the frustration of my early blogging days with nil readers, too. On the up side, I have since recycled most of those posts, so they didn't actually go to waste in the end (grin).

  11. I hated Mr. Dentist. Actually, we hated each other. I agree with you on all these observations. Its never feels like a pinch. EVER!

  12. Hi Pat, I have a REAL excuse for not wanting to go to the dentist even at age 67. When I was a little girl, our dentist did not even use NOVOCAINE or any pain killer AT ALL... That was a long time ago--and those were not pleasant visits to the dentist...Yipes!!!!

  13. Oh my gosh....I'm in pain just reading this!!!

  14. 1. Just cause.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes!!!!!
    4. Yep!
    5. See #1.
    6. 16 hours 6 mins.
    7. Why do you think one is named a ROOT CANAL--It feels like they are pulling your testes out thru your nose!

    Sir--I am truly sorry you had to go there! Been there Done that, Tee-shirt, etc. is a barbaric science & I commiserate with your Pain!!

    Now get some Tequila--and Rinse but don't spit!! x 2 for every question and DON'T call me in the morning!


  15. I think every dentist has a crowbar in their kit. In fact, I suspect a dentist's kit is similar to a DIY enthusiast - hence my apprehension with visiting one!

  16. You shouldn't go all the way under, that's when the dentist takes advantage of you. You wake up with your zipper down.

    I love observations like that.

  17. Oh Pat, I'm hoping time and these responses (especially John's and PTM's) have helped ease the pain..until your next visit. Perhaps you should bring an oozie.

  18. Yes, yes I understand what you went through. Altho my dentist is a nice guy when he gets that needle in his hand my soul starts screaming.


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