Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Capillary Thyroid Carcinoma - One Year After Scan Results

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Capillary Thyroid Carcinoma Part 3 of 4  Post Surgery
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Capillary Thyroid Carcinoma - One Year Follow-up

Last Wednesday I was given the radioactive iodine pill in preparation for Friday's scan by a Gamma Ray Camera.  I've had plenty of MRI's and CT Scans before.  The GRC scan is a bit different. It detects pockets of radiation in your body.

As I explained before, this radiation is affixed to iodine; it can only remain in the body if there are cancerous thyroid cells to ingest it. If there are no "hot spots" detected by the GRC, then my thyroid cancer hasn't spread anywhere and is gone. Fingers crossed of course. The scan lasted 40 minutes and of course I had to stay perfectly still, and of course every part of my body itched.  I'll find out the results of the scan today.

The scan was nothing, but the preparation SUCKED! As you know I've been eating nothing but apples, bananas, canned peaches, and fruit juice for the past 20 days.  I kept a record of what I ate every day. I averaged about 800 calories.  No weight loss diet is as strict as this one. Below is the running tally of my weight loss.

The diet lasted 20 days and I lost 20 pounds.

May  23 225
May  24 223
May  25 221
May  26 220
May  27 218
May  28 217
May  29 216
May  30 215
May  31 213
June 01 213
June 02 212
June 03 211
June 04 210
June 05 209
June 06 209
June 07 208
June 08 208
June 09 207
June 10 207
June 11 205

Of all the things I couldn't eat, for some reason the thing I craved most was broccoli.  As soon we were done with the test, we went directly to our favorite Chinese restaurant and I got my plate of broccoli.  I can't remember ever eating anything that tasted quite that good.

Oh yeah, I forgot why I was here! I just got the call from my Dr.  The cancer didn't spread and there are no cancer cells left in the surgical area.. 
Thanks to all of you for the kind words and for sending your positive vibes this way! I will forever appreciate it...


  1. a weight is lifted, best news I've heard for a week! Congrats my friend.

  2. Congratulations! What good news! - G

  3. I'm really glad to hear that you're well and cancer free! Yeah!!

  4. Congrats on the good news! I hear that smiley faces are corny, but I just have to indulge in a few...
    :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) !!!!!!!

  5. Congrats! My best friend has been in treatment(chemo) for a year now- still no good news...

  6. That's great news Pat - about the cancer being gone I mean, not about the broccoli. I can't believe that you craved broccoli!! Congratulations!

  7. Whoo-hoo, FANTASTIC news, Pat!! I can't even imagine the worry and stress you've endured, I am so, so happy at your wonderful news (hugs). That diet sounds draconian - it took a lot of self-discipline and will power to stick with it as you did - I'll bet you are super-fit having gone through it - well done, hon, you deserve all the plates of broccoli you can eat!

  8. One word-



  9. That is fantastic news! I am so happy for you man. I'm going to toast you later with a round of broccoli.

  10. YAY!! Man that was good news! Congrats, Pat! :)))

  11. Yay yippee! You have had quite enough challenges in your life, time for you to take some time out and enjoy!

  12. That's great news, Pat. I am relieved and very happy for you.

  13. That is AWESOME! A huge weight lifted from your shoulders. Enjoy this beautiful week!

  14. Fantastic news!

    May you and your stories of maternal/drug abuse be around for years to come!

  15. Jhon - Thanks, I'm pretty darn happy about it

    Georgina - Whoo whoo! thanks!

    IW - So am I...

    Margaret - thanks for the indulgence!!!

    BD - thanks, my best wishes for your friend

    Neil - thanks! I can't believe I craved broccoli either.

    Shrinky - I usually managed to not even think about it, when I got the results, I have to admit I was a bit choked up...

    John - one word- whew!

    TS - Thanks buddy! Make sure you have a little oyster sauce on it!

    RA - whoo whoo! thanks...

    Nancy - Thanks! Yup, I feel a lot lighter that's for sure!

    MD jackson - Thanks! Me too..

    Joe - thanks Joe, I've had my share, that's for sure. Things are good now...

  16. The Illustrious D - Thanks! you are right, I need more time. Lot's more stories to come...

  17. That is fantastic, Pat! Interesting craving. Maybe you body needed Vitamin A? Lots of that in broccoli.

  18. What wonderful news, Pat! Being new to your blog, I was unaware of your illness. I will add you to my prayer list and pray for your continued good health. Cheers!

  19. Best news I've heard all day!! (I needed to read some happy uplifting stuff!)

    YAY YOU!!!

  20. What great new, Patrick! YAY! :) :)

  21. Congratulations! That is wonderful news. I wish there was a way to have instant on the spot results. It's the waiting that's so awful...even a 24 hour wait. That is unbelievable the way you had to eat for 20 days. I've never heard of that one before.

  22. Wonderful news! Glad you survived the torturous diet and got the all clear. Are you planning a celebration party, with all your favorite foods? You've earned it!

  23. woooot woot!!! that means you'll be around for another few history tests....

    i'm just kidding. i know i tease you a lot, but i learned from you (and jason).... and well, i just try my hardest not to be all sentimental and shit.

    but i DO love you with so much of me.... and i couldn't imagine if the news came back otherwise.... now we should go to siamese express soon.... my treat.... well, after my next paycheck.... and if i don't leave my debit cards at home.

    love you.

  24. Congrats, Pat... I had no idea you were having these kinds of problems. I know that losing weight may be good--but NOT that way... I hope you stay healthy and keep those ole' cancer cells out of your body.

    One of my best childhood friends has breast cancer. She is doing okay for now--but it has spread to her bones.. So I am very worried about her.

    Here's my thoughts and prayers to you for continued good health...


  25. Johnny Rojo - No doubt it did need it. I also couldn't take any vitamins or suppliments. Thanks!

    Marguerite - Thanks! I appreciate it!

    Marlene - Me too! Happy to help...

    Talli - yahoo! thanks Talli...

    Betty - Thanks... You are right, the waiting sucks...the diet was worse!

    Ms A - Thanks! I've been eating a lot since Friday!

    Ashley - At least a few! Thanks Ash, you know I feel the same way. Let's do that soon! You don't even have to pay...

    Betsy - Well at least I had some real incentive to diet...Sorry about your friend, that's terrible.

  26. Good Evening Patrick. First i must tell u i m glad the results of the scan show that cancer is not spreading. Thats good.
    And i must also admit.. that .. i m doing similar scans and test from time to time myself after i had an operation about a year and half ago.
    Keep it up buddy.

  27. Wooooo! Doing a little dance here and wishing you good meals too!

  28. Wonderful news! May you have many more meals of broccoli to to come (even if it is a vile weed)

  29. Pat, I'm so glad! I must confess when I saw the post I did skip to the end hoping it would be good news. Congratulations :D

  30. YES!!! GREAT NEWS – About the zero cancer and the fact that you can eat broccoli again!!!!

  31. WOOHOOO!!!Nananana, nananana, hey hey hey GOODBYE CANCER!! Excellent news, I'm so happy to hear about it!:D

  32. Sweet, Dude! I had a feeling you were clean! I am sure that is a big load off your mind.


  33. AWESOME good news, Patrick!! I knew it..I just knew you'd be okay.
    If I could make you a broccoli cake to celebrate, I would! ha
    I am so dang happy for you!

  34. Yesss.. good vibes and good karma.
    Sooo happy that you have fantastic
    lab results..... I will eat some
    broccoli tonight in your honor...
    I would have a beer for you , but
    that would make me loopy at work
    and they frown on that.

    Keep on blogging my friend !!

  35. Patrick I am so happy for you! This is wonderful news and one I hope you are celebrating by eating a big, hug meal. I think your positive spirit has helped heal you and keep you well.

  36. Nice Pat Very Nice,

    I am so glad to hear this, have an extra plate of broccoli for me my Friend.

    I am so proud for you.

  37. Pat - super congrats, great to hear, am legitimately and oddly happy to hear that someone I've never met is in the clear. But at the end of that post, all I could really think was: "Broccoli? Really?"

    Better get that green taste out of your mouth and grab some hot dog chips.

  38. Yaaayyyy !! Nuthin' I like more than a kicked cancers ass outcome !!!
    So happy for you.

  39. Bossy Betty - Thanks! I think I've already eaten a few too many!

    Costas - Thanks! Good luck to you also my friend...

    baygirl - At one time I thought it was vile also...not now though!

    Ellen - Thanks! I would have gone to the end also...

    Copyboy - I've never craved broccoli before, it's a first! Thanks...

    Sarah - Thanks! I'm happy as a clam!

    Chuck - Well, you felt correctly!

    Joan - thanks! broccoli cake?BARF!!!

    Faye - Thanks for the positive vibes! Just don't overcook that broccoli...

    DrSoosie - thanks so much! Yes I'm eating way too much, I'm afraid...

    Jimmy - Thanks buddy!

    Soft nonsense - I appreciate your thoughts. The broccoli? Yep, it's a first for me... yum, hot dog chips! Have you seen the new "cheeseburger" flavored Doritos?

    Vickie - Yeah, who Big "C" Who's your daddy? Thanks!

  40. You are going to outlive us all my friend. I am very happy for you. A clean bill of health and twenty pounds lighter to boot. If I say I hate you now would it spoil the moment? How much of each item did you eat a day. You can tell me by email if you like.

    Stay hungry my friend.

  41. Congrats Pat! I'm glad to hear the results were good. I have heard so much bad news from my blogging buddies lately it's great to hear something positive.

    I can relate to the broccoli craving. I worked for two weeks at a camp 20 miles S of Barrow AK. No fresh veggies the entire time. When I got back to Anchorage the first thing I had was a big salad and broccoli.

  42. Cal - Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I was eating about 800 calories. A couple bananas an apple or two and a large fruit smoothie for dinner. After a week it really didn't seem too bad...
    thanks again!

  43. Congrats, Dude! That's really good news.
    Every time I try to go on a diet, it only last for about three days. You really do have will power!

  44. You had me worried there for a minute. I thought it was going to be a sad post. Hurray for good news!!

  45. Congratulations Pat! Now go have a nice juicy steak!

  46. Minoccio - Thanks so much! I'm not too good a dieting either. It helps to have an actual health reason to do it...

    PTM - whoo whoo! It had me worried also...

    ABAO - Thank you sir! Rib Eye... yeah!

  47. you're right, doing it because you have a health issue probably makes it a little easier, rather than when you're doing it just to lose a little weight, or simply trying to live a healthier life.

  48. I did not know this Pat but let me just give you a big hardy CONGRATS. Having burden like this lifted from your shoulders must be very uplifting. I remember after I got my kidney transplant the first thing I did was pig out for the next few weeks on high potassium and phosphorus foods. Pizzas, Lasagna,Donairs, lots of Donairs, etc. So go and enjoy yourself and INDULGE.

  49. Congratulations on being cancer free! Thyroid problems suck..I know, I'm hypothyroid :(

    I'm your newest follower from Friendly Friday


    If you're on Networked Blogs, please join there too please :)

    Have a great weekend!

  50. That's brilliant news!! Phew!
    Just catching up after a fortnight away...

  51. I am so happy to hear it!! Woohoo!!!! Broccoli it up, brother! So proud for you and your family - great news.

  52. Warren - sorry for the delay!
    Thanks for the nice words. I have been indulging...I've gained 8 of the 20 back. I think I'll try to stay about there. I take it your transplant went well. Congrats on that...

    scrappinheaven - Thanks so much!

    Nat - thanks! LOL and I'm just catching up on comments!

    Andrea - Thanks! I'm also happy. A follow up blood test revealed zero tumor cells, so I'm good to go...everybody is happy!


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