Thursday, June 17, 2010

Japan 24

She is probably thinking, "Silly American tourists, always with their cameras."  There are times in Japan when I feel like I'm on the other end of the stereotype. I was wondering "how do they keep their streets and alleys so clean?" All of them...

Another one of my favorites. This is a very old four story walk-up.
I love how the zig zag of the stairway and all the sharp angles of the rest of the photo, fight for your eye.  


  1. I got here first this time! The staircase actually fooled my eye into thinking that I was looking at a pagoda for a moment - I wonder if that was the intent or just an accident of the architect.

  2. So are you in Japan? I love the photography. Btw, American streets are clean too. You should come to Russia and see all the trash people throw on the ground.

  3. Neil - I'm thinking the metal staircase was added years after the fact. I think this building is VERY old. I say that because it looks like most of the plumbing is on the outside...

    Minoccio - Sadly, I do not live in Japan. My wife is Japanese and most of her family lives there. Even the alleys are clean in Japan. I would like to go to Russia someday.

  4. More amazing shots. I've never been to this is a real education.

  5. Your photos were a topic of conversation in the car, recently. Hubs and I were discussing all the litter and wishing it could be as clean as your pics of Japan. Won't happen, but it's a nice thought.

  6. I love the "stairway to heaven" shot!

  7. Maybe they keep their alleys and stairways so clean because they have more respect for their environment than we do here in America. I think on some level americans suffer from entitlement and they think someone else should pick up after them...leave it for the other guy mentality. I don't think this is true of everyone here but I do think it is true of a lot of people. Love the cultural lessons being learned from your pictures. Thanks

  8. "Silly American tourists, always with their cameras." I loved this line :)

    I too have been impressed with how clean the streets are there, even the alleys that is amazing.

  9. Really nice black & white tone in these, pat. I love all of the lines in the second!

  10. Love your B&W pictures. In that old building, I'll bet there is NO elevator. Bet the folks who live on the top floors don't have a weight problem... ha ha

    Great pictures.

  11. oooooooo. Love that second one especially!

  12. See if I lived there I could leave the house everyday while getting my cardio. Totally eliminates the need for a gym.

  13. I am going to schedule your "visual" field trips into my weekly calendar. Beautiful images.. thank you so much!!!

  14. Blue Wave - Thanks!

    Marlene - I am so happy to be of service!

    Ms A - It's pretty clean where I live, but not anywhere close to Japan. I'm happy to hear of your conversation, thanks!

    Joan - Me too...

    DrSoosie - Respect for the environment is part of it for sure. For some reason the way things look is a reflection on them as people and as individuals. You can see it everytime you eat at a true Japanese restaurant. The prep and presentation is second only to freshness. YUM! just made myself hungry.

    Jimmy - thanks! I gotta dig up a pic that took of a Japanese guy taking a picture of me, while I was taking a picture of him...

    Betsy - Thanks! The humidity during summer is brutal there, so I'm sure you are right..

    Bossy Betty - Thank you!

    Jesse - Most of them are pretty thin, so I guess it works!

    Lynne H. - No, thank you!!!!

  15. Wonderful fun shots .
    You get the best street shots !!

  16. AMAZING! i totally love the zig zag staircase as well! I totally agree with you that sometimes i feel like a tourist in my own city lol but isn't that the beauty of it?

  17. Great shots! Love that staircase, but wouldn't want to have to climb it everyday!

  18. Interesting architecture. It really does cause you to battle to focus.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  19. awesome as always, pat!

    i lived on the 4th floor of a fifth floor walk-up. it was exhausting. just thought i'd throw that in. it was a pre-war building in nyc but the bldg in your pic is much cooler looking.

  20. Godzilla gets paid a nice salary to keep the streets clean. In turn, he promises not to eat anybody.

  21. Faye - Thanks! That's what I like to do best. Wander around with a camera.

    Kimberly - I agree. I just need to get out and do it more...

    Marguerite - Thanks, I wouldn't either...I'm gonna come over and get that catfish and shrimp recipe.

    Darryl and Ruth - Lot's of it there

    Ally - thanks! My knees ache just thinking about it...

    Stela - Really? What city is that you SPAM SKANK...

    PTM - With their population, he could probably eat a couple million and they wouldn't notice the loss...


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