Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Japan Color 07

This was part of an ancient water delivery system (still in use) in a small town outside of Kyoto. The water ran for several miles from a mountain lake.

They also used raised aqueducts that looked amazingly like those used in ancient Europe.

I know what I'm about to say is an oxymoron, but this looks just like a giant Bonsai tree.
Please ENLARGE the photo to get the best effect. You will really be able to see the results of all the hand trimming and shaping.


  1. But Pat, we love your oxymorons! And your photos! There's something magical about those trees. Yes, the handiwork shows, but then maybe we are in the presence of magicians that work slowly... :D

  2. i have always found it to be most interesting how different civilizations figured out water delivery systems. What is more amazing is that with all the technology of today these systems are still in use and work just as well. It is too bad we can't turn back the clock and asked some of these ancient engineers what to do about the oil spill in the gulf. I bet they would have better answers than the ones being employed today. Love the "giant" bonsai...have always been intrigued with those.

  3. I think the reason the Japanese have such beautiful gardens is because of the tight congestion of the population. When you get away from it all, you really want it to be something pleasant to look at.

  4. The Japanese are unique in landscaping. I dont think they can be matched by any other race. They are methodical and have the patience to work on a project that might take more than a lifetime to be perfected.
    As for the aqueduct. The Romans used this method to carry water over long distances. There are many remains of old watering systems made by them.
    ..and you know I always love to look at the pictures you show us here and your narratives.
    Have a great day Patrick.

  5. WOW! I L O V E your blog page photo.

    Amazing! Love the other photos as well.

  6. I was thinking that tree looked like a big Bonsai tree!


  7. THE TREE, THE TREE! I can't seem to figure out my weird obsession with trees.

  8. Beautiful photographs, these have to be some of my favourites of yours. I loved the history behind them, you are so right - those aqueducts are interestingly rather European-esque. And that tree! I enlarged the image and it is simply beauty beyond words, amazing shot! :D

  9. I lived in Japan during my childhood - thanks for reminding me of its beauty.

  10. RA - Thanks! very slowly...

    BlueWave707 - Thanks!

    Giuseppe - Thanks! I like to also.

    DrSoosie - So true, many times it seems that the old ways are better. They seemed to have more common sense, instead of technology.

    Joe - No doubt about it. They seem to take the same pride in everything they do. Even how they prepare food.

    Costas - Your are correct! I believe the tree in the photo is well over 100 years old.

    SoccerMom - Thanks, I love that photo also.

    Ally - And so it does!

    Ms A - I love them also. Not for hugging though...

    Sam Liu - Thanks you Sir! when you enlarge the tree photo, it almost doesn't look real...

    Alex - My pleasure! I'm envious of you for living there. I'm pretty lucky that most of my wife's family is still there.

  11. OK -- the tree photo. I want it!

  12. Great shots once again! And it IS a giant bonsai tree...wonder how they trim the part over the water?


  13. Jerry - Then you may have it sir! Just don't sell it...LOL
    Say, Jerry...Do you know "rocky's" real first name?

    Chuck - you are right! they probably do some kind of Zen meditation levitation deal...

  14. I love these pictures. And it's fascinating about the water delivery systems. They do look like those in Rome.

  15. You need to set up a PayPal account for donations.. Tour Guide Expert..Amazing shots and notes..I love your Blog :-)

  16. Beautiful pictures from Japan, Pat.... I enjoyed them so much.

  17. A very nice series..
    just when I was leaning towards
    B&W, you go back to color..
    But your photos are great either
    way ..

  18. The water delivery system pictures are very interesting to me and I never tire of the tree pictures.

    Nice ones again my Friend

  19. Oh I LOVE the TREE!@!!! And the water system is awesome!


  20. Wow, that tree photo is insanely good.

  21. Real nice Pat! I especially love the first immage. Real peaceful and beautiful.

  22. Love all of your photos, but the tree is amazing.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  23. maybe it's a regular sized bonsai tree for a giant like Paul Bunyan.


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