Saturday, June 12, 2010

Japan Color 06

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Moat around the Imperial Palace in the capital city of Tokyo. The royal family still lives here today. It is a gigantic ancient complex, with the royal family living in a small isolated section of it.

Elevated view of the ancient Japanese capital city of Kyoto. Many of the ancient temples and shrines are in the background hills.

A peek inside the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. This complex is only open to the public, for one week a year.  The last time we were in Japan, we were very lucky to be there during that time.


  1. Beautiful photographs again from oplaces i am not sure i will ever see.
    Thank you Patrick.

  2. Always nice to be in the right spot at the right time!

  3. Excellent pics, as always.
    You certainly know your way around a camera!!

  4. Really enjoy this post, interesting to see other places other cultures!!

  5. Gorgeous pictures of one of the .I want to visit. Thanks for sharing these. :)

  6. I really like that first photo--is it a natural waterway or constructed? It reminds me of the canals built along all of the roads in Mendoza, Argentina.

  7. I'm enjoying your multifaceted blog. Keep it up :)

  8. Costas - Thanks! If you ever get the chance go. That is the same way I feel about your photos in Greece.

    BD - That's for sure. We didn't get to go anywhere close to the current home of the family, but the rest of it was gigantic and beautiful.

    Joe - Thanks! I don't know my way as well as one would think. I just have a pretty good eye for a shot.

    Giuseppe - Thank you for commenting and for following my blog. I appreciate it. Your photos are fantastic. I like candid shots best of all.

    Sarahjayne - Thanks! It's my pleasure.

    Aut - It's constructed. It's the moat around the imperial palace.

    tapirgal - thanks! I agree, my blog is all over the place.

    Blue Wave - Thanks, it's an amazing place!

  9. hey why don't you quit hoarding your money and cough up a ticket for me next time.... and a camera.... i promise i won't drop it in the tidepools.... or hand it to jason.... ;)

  10. Beautiful pictures.. I feel like I just took a free Saturday field trip.. Thank you Mr. Tour Guide...

  11. More great shots! You sell yourself short on your photographic ability.

  12. Love these pics.
    Next time you go to the
    Imperial Palace, just
    give them my name and
    they will let you in pronto.!!

  13. Ashley - I can cough up something for you, but it won't be a ticket!
    And please NO TIDEPOOLS... I think I should do blog post on that one!

    Lynn H - Thanks! Lot's of things like already posted and lots to come...

    Chuck - Thanks my friend! I really don't know much in a technical sense, and I REALLY have no idea about photoshop or those things. The only thing (related to photos) that I'll admit to, is having a good eye for photos and whether or not it will look good in color or black and white. Even that is just how I see the world.

    Faye - I tried mentioning your name last time, I ended up in the imperial jail...

  14. Once again, very nice Patrick.

  15. H! Stopping by from Friday Follow. Nice to meet you. Can't wait to read more about you through your blog. Hope to see you around my corner of bloggy land.

  16. Terrific scenery. Didn't Kyoto suffer a massive earthquake a while back....I don't know, maybe 15 years or so ago? Or do I have my cities confused. If they really did, apparently they recovered remarkably.

  17. Thanks for my Saturday Japan photo fix!! Hope you are having a great day!

  18. your photographs make me want to visit Japan more than I already do.

  19. Cheeseboy - Once again Thanks!!!

    Brandi - Somebody must be playing a prank on me. I'm not signed up for any of those FF things. Friday Follow sounds a lot like "you show me yours and I'll show you mine." No thanks! It's fine if you want it, but it's not for me.

    I just went to your blog and you already follow 300 people, so you couldn't follow me even if you wanted to.

    I'd rather have 10 people who actually follow me and read what I do, that 1000 Friday Followers" who don't...Sorry!

    Jerry - You are close! The massive EQ was in Kobe. They call it the reat Hanshin earthquake of 1995. thanks!

    DrSoosie - It is my pleasure my friend! I am having a great day. My medical diet is over and I grilled some awesome pollo asada and we ate (and drank a bit) out side tonight...Hope your having a good weekend as well.

    Jhon - That's a nice compliment. Thanks Jhon! If you eve have the chance, do it...

  20. Wish I could go there, Pat, but probably won't ever get there. SO--I certainly am enjoying Japan through your eyes.

  21. Betsy - Glad to be of service!

    Joan - thanks!

  22. Wow - this is very cool... i saw something similiar in China.. probably for the same reason they had moats in many places..

    thanks again for the cultural rush! love it!


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