Friday, June 11, 2010

Technocracy At It's Finest

I promised someone that I would do a vlog. Or maybe I didn't, whatever.  At this time I do not have the means to record a video, but I did find one of me recorded a short time ago while I was still working at the lab.  Please pay close attention...

You are correct, that wasn't really me. I'm much cuter than that...


thanks to John McElveen


  1. Hi Pat, I couldn't get the video to work (black screen)--but your baby picture is adorable!!!!

  2. You know, I can't WAIT to get home so I can view this!

  3. Aawwww, such a cute picture!!! I love it!

  4. That guy ought to learn some big words! :) Hilarious! Where can I get a turbo unfabulator? (sp)

    I too got the black screen in my Reader but when I clicked your page all was well.

  5. Anything explained by a person in a lab coat must be science! The government will almost certainly buy it! And a cute baby picture as well.

  6. I didn't get a black screen. But I did get the giggles.

  7. Wow, random. lol

    Very funny, man. But how can I trust that's your baby picture now?

  8. Betsy - Thanks! I obviously went downhill from there...

    Joe - I hope it works for you. Videos are always so hit or miss. Somebody warned me to never post videos, cause a lot of folks can't see them.

    Biana - thanks!

    TVA - I seem to remember this guy on the tonight show or somewhere. I have no idea how he does it all with a straight face.

    Neil - No doubt about that.

    Joan - Well at least you got something out of it! I guess some can't see the video at all.

    TS - You know it's me because it looks like a young Van Heflin and that is what I looked like.

  9. Wow! over my head... only sentence I could understand "It's not cheap but I'm sure the government will buy it."

  10. Awwwww .. what a cute baby pic..

    Like I really understood every word in that video..... brainiac !!

    You are one funny dude !!

  11. baygirl - Over mine also.

    faye - why thanks! I don't think anybody understood anything in that video. Pretty darn creative me thinks...

  12. now make a real one....
    i'll even play a featured role in it....
    c'mon!!!! it'll be fun!!!!

    trust me. not one single person who meets you in real life, doesn't love you.... i'm sure blog world is the same! ;)

    p.s. that guy has more hair than you do.... HA!! JUUUST kidding!!!!

  13. Hey Pat! Do you mind if I post about my surprise that you were the first to know that this week's theme was from Felicity? I think you might have been the only Vietnam War Veteran to have ever watched the show.... lol

    I wanted to ask you first.... I didn't want to embarrass you by expressing my surprise....

  14. ABAO - No problem! Any press is good press! as they say...

    Ashley - Hey! I happen to have all of my hair! I don't know about the video. I'm kinda nasaly...

  15. I couldn't get the video/audio to play so I just made stuff up! OH! And thank you for all the nice things you said about me on it!!!

    Cute baby!

  16. Thanks for the video, I learned a lot of important things from "you!"

    But now I'm wondering if that is REALLY you in the baby picture.

  17. Hello! I am a new follower from Friday Follow, so glad to have found your blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  18. That video was done in one take and completely without cue cards, teleprompters, or any help. He made everything up on the fly! We use this at work from time to time to let people know they are full of shit! Thanks Pat...

  19. Betty - Thanks, I was a darn cute baby...

    Aut - I loved that video. And it better be me, because I have photo hanging on the wall...

    furygirl - Thanks!
    Friday Follow. hmmm...

    Chuck - The guy is great! I think I've seen him on the tonight show several years ago (or somewhere!).

  20. Love the video! It sounds like something they would have in an episode of Star Trek to save the day when the writers have backed themselves into a corner.

    The best part of your baby picture has to be the pose. Now we just need to find a picture of Van Heflin with his finger in his mouth.

  21. Video is awesome! I totally disagree about Star Trek! It's the lost LOST video. You work for the dharma initiative.

  22. Jump Raven - Yep, it's pretty funny. as to the pose, I often recline in that manner still today!

    Copyboy - I do, or I don't, if I did, we wouldn't really be here, sort of...

  23. Ummmmmmm.. I really don't know Pat--never heard of Pat--and I didn't even post this!

    I'm confabulated!

    Pat--you are a riot!!!

    Have a GREAT WEEKEND my friend!!

    John-- uhhhh I mean,

    S. Hwaking M. Kaku

  24. Pat, I was able to view it from home. Pretty amazing stuff. Would be funny to play that for people who are learning the English language, especially for people who are getting pretty good at it, and think they know how to speak it.
    Cute baby pic, but not as cute as the pic of the whining little kid on your old header...

  25. Couldn't understand a word he said! I'll take the baby, I understand them better. (you're so cute)

  26. You are too much! Odd video fellow but very cute baby photo.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  27. I'm with Ms Anthropy. Couldn't understand anything he said!
    I take the baby!
    Love, love that photo! So sweet little baby. And I'm now saving it.
    Is that okay!
    Pat, you're soo cretive. Love your blog!
    Have a wonderful weekend! ;o)

  28. Aww that picture is really sweet..!

  29. John - I understand totally! In a way, or sort of, or what?

    Joe - I can see them franticaly leafing through their english dictionaries. Oh yeah, that other photo pretty much fit the "family of origin" posts that I was spewing out. I have more to spew so I'll have to find the appropriate photo.

    Ms A - Ahhhh shucks!

    Darryl/Ruth - thanks! Yes the video was indeed odd.

    Betty - It is more than okay! Thanks for the nice words! I'am having a good weekend, hope you are doing the same!

    Sarah - Well, that's just me...Sweet!

  30. Of course it's not you in the video.

    DUHHH. Everyone knows you're THE DUDE. Sheesh.

  31. Marlene - That's right damn it!

  32. Pat, dooood, you're such a tease. Making us think you've created a video blog... but if that little beauty below is you as a toddler than AWWWWWWWW :) Super cute!

  33. Ally - Even I think I was cute!
    boy do things change...

  34. Ah, yes, the magneto reluctants and the differential girdle spring connected to the reciprocation dinglearm.... I hear the government is now using them to try to clean up the oil spill in the gulf....


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