Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Golden Pavilion

Yesterday, I posted a photograph of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. Because of the numerous positive comments about it, here are some additional photographs and information.  The Japanese name for the Golden Pavilion is Kinkaku-ji, it sits on an semi-island surround by beautiful ancient gardens.

Although the pavilion is an incredible place, the ancient gardens surrounding it, are it's equal. The many different shades of green plantings are amazing. Although I think I took some decent photographs of the gardens, in no way do they do the colors justice. 

These photos were taken on an overcast and rainy spring day, Other than a slight contrast adjustment, please note that these photographs have not been processed or "photoshopped" in any way.  It took a genius to plan out the garden and to select plantings for it.  The area has changed very little in the last 700 years.

for better viewing, please enlarge these photos

Normal tourist vantage point

Abnormal tourist vantage point (I'm probably not supposed to be there)

Certainly not supposed to be here

 Here either


  1. These are SO incredible. Words can't describe the emotions they elicit. Thanks for posting these views of paradise to brighten my Monday morning.

  2. Amazing photographs. They are stunning!

  3. I'm normally a stories yay! pictures boo! kinda reader, but lord are those some beautiful shots. Makes me want to be a geisha.

  4. oh "spring day".... like my tattoo. lol

    and it may have taken a genius to plan the garden, but it took a genius to take the brilliant pictures as well. you can give ALL the credit to the "landscaper." psssh.

  5. I think one of the best arts of the Japanese people.. is garden and landscape making.
    They are not equaled by anyone else.

  6. Just beautiful colors and design! Can you imagine sitting there and saying "In spring, the gardens will have pink and red. In fall, yellow and gold..." and mapping it all out?

    Lovely, Pat!

  7. Wow! Breathtakingly beautiful!!!! (And I love that you weren't "supposed to be there" so you could take these incredible shots!)

  8. I like abnormal people in general. Love the colors here and the reflections as well. Your pictures always make me so happy! I am glad you combined your blogs.

  9. wow, such intense color! next time someone asks me "if you won the lottery, where would you travel?" i'm going to say this place. ^_^

  10. My gosh, it's like something out of a fairy tale. Fantastically gorgeous and beautifully shot.

  11. Amazing...the first 3 look just like oil paintings.
    That house is gorgeous...and I love the mood of the light rain.
    Were you really not supposed to be there? Was it private property?

  12. Hi Pat, I love seeing all of your pictures from Japan. The Golden Pavilion is totally awesome.... I cannot get over those beautiful gardens...That waterfall caught my attention (as you can imagine)... ha

    Hope you have a great week.

  13. OH. MY. GOSH! I'm speechless!!! (I know, it's rare) I don't think I have the vocabulary to describe my thoughts on the beauty of these photos. Thank you, Pat!

  14. These visuals just made it to the top of my bucket list. Breathtaking.

  15. Unreal.

    All I can say is THANKS!!!!


  16. those are some awesome colors. I want to go there and see it in person. Great pics Pat. Bravo.

  17. How could you ever stop shooting??? Those are fantastic shots! Well done, Dude...


  18. These are some of the most stunning photos I have ever seen. I am not saying this just to please you..I am saying this with sincerity. You really are gifted. I hope you have these framed beautifully and hanging in your home so you can enjoy them everyday.

  19. Ann - Thanks, my jaw dropped when I saw this place.

    Cara - thanks!

    LD - And a fine one you'd make!

    Ashley - thanks so much. It's not too hard when that view is sitting in front of your camera.

    Costas - the pay more attention to detail than anybody else. And they do it in almost everything they do.

    Brenda - thanks! It is supposed to be equally stunning in both fall and winter. Different views for each season.

    Marlene - Yeah, my family sometimes gets a bit embarrased by my willingness to most anything to get a good shot. thanks

    Betty - I am glad also. I know that some folks don't really like it though. The postings will be a bit more even when I get the rest of the pics from the other side posted. Thanks!

    Vencora - yup, to see everything there is to see, you'd need to win the lottery...lol

    TS - Thanks so much.

    Joe - thanks! It's one part of a fairly large Buddhist temple compound. It is private property, but they allow tourists in for a small fee. Tons of them go there. I found a long time ago that it's easy to get "lost" and take the little "authorized personnel" paths. LOL.

    Betsy - thanks. I like that waterfall pic also. the pic could have been better, but it was really raining when I took it. You know how hard that is...

    Ms A. - No, thank you! like I said it's an easy place to take good pictures. I can only imagine how could they have come out if it hadn't been so gloomy that day.

    Jesse - yep, they really do have an impact. maybe we'll go back in the fall. I hope...

    John - my pleasure!

    PTM - thanks so much! It's awesome to be in the middle of it all.

    Chuck - I didn't stop. I took a lot more than I posted. thanks!

  20. Rene - Wow, thanks so much for saying that. Very nice of you. I don't have any of them framed actually...I don't know why!
    thanks again.

  21. Patrick..that rene was really me. I was at my other office and sined in on the wrong account.


  22. You did it again...
    another showstopper set of
    photos... I want to grab my
    camera, click my heels and be
    there..oh and I will whisper
    I'm not suppose to be here,
    but whoo-hoo...

  23. DrSoosie - that's pretty funny. Well, just consider what I said to "her" to be said to "you!"

    Faye - Thanks so much!
    "there's no place like Kyoto, there's no place like Kyoto!"

  24. Simply breathtaking! I saved them all! No, don't worry, I won't sell them..... LOL
    And hey, thanks to powers that be you take untouristic photos!

  25. ABAO - thanks!

    RA - I'm glad you like them. Maybe You just helped me name my next blog..."the un-tourist."

    Costea - It is amazing...

  26. To me these beautiful pictures look more like paintings, the top ones especially. So nice!

  27. Just STUNNING. The other folks said it for me,...they look more like paintings than photos...
    Maybe this is what heaven (Nirvana?) is like???
    How wonderful you got to see it in person!

  28. It is indeed very beautiful. You take great pics pat.

  29. Excellent shots again my friend..

    The earlier ones look pinkish.. is the hue slightly off or are the trees really that colour?

    Glad youre getting out and about and making the most of things...

    Excellent Pat!


  30. Ally - I know, the colors are amazing

    Joan - It may be Nirvana or Heaven, but not so much during the summer time...

    Blue Wave 707 - thanks!

    Warren - Thanks, and right back at you...

    Anthony - Thanks! The trees are really that color. They do things with plants and trees that nobody else even dreams of. Have you ever seen all the different types of maple trees from Japan, or what they do with them..amazing...

  31. It is a unique and beautiful garden, Pat. Your photos are splendid and true to being a photographer, you when to extreme measures to get the perfect shots...well done!

  32. Breathtaking. I'd love to see this someday! :)

    You're just like my mom, always sneaking out to get better pictures, whether she's allowed to or not. Or like me, I suppose. Though the firefighters thought it was funny. Oi.

    Love the photos!


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