Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad - I wish I knew you better

As some of you know I really didn't know my dad that well. I didn't see him at all between the ages of 6 and 40.  He's gone now, but from what I saw he was a heck of a good guy.  If you want to get a glimpse into the cut of the man go to this post.

Tillett family reunion in Kentucky. My dad died shortly after this.

Easy to see this is in the south. Not only a can of Crisco, but also a can of "butter flavored" Crisco along side of it.

In the Navy around 1950.


  1. Nice photos of your dad. Sorry you didn't know him well. That had to be tough for you whatever the reason. Where in Kentucky? We lived in Nicholasville County on the Kentucky River. My husband attended grad school @ UK and I worked for a wonderful ad agency. We loved it.

    Happy Father's Day to you and your dad.

  2. That's really cool.

    Clearly though I've missed something by not growing up in the south. I've never (knowingly) eaten butter flavored Crisco. Heck I haven't had regular Crisco more than once or twice.

  3. California Girl - The reason was my mom lied to both us to keep us apart...The picture with him and I standing is just out side of Frankfort. the Kentucky river is about 30 yards to our left. The picture in the kitchen is from his house in Frankfort. I lived in Peaks Mill when I was there.

    TS - It's a different place, that's for sure. For fried food, Crisco is king... They added the "buttered flavor" just to kill you a little quicker...

  4. The physical resemblance between you and your dad is so strong it's piercing. And obviously there are strong resemblances of good character as well. What a blessing that you found your dad again, and he found you.

  5. Nice Pictures Pat,

    Yes Sir I grew up with Crisco but not anymore Ha Ha

  6. This is a sweet tribute, Pat. What a loss for you both, though it seems somehow you did know each other all along.

  7. *Sigh*
    To be perfectly honest..this story touched me in that place way deep inside. Oh my, I am completely speechless and I so apologize for not being able to leave a better review. I applaud you for sharing such a personal story..
    Dear God, bless you...

  8. Butter flavored Crisco. That's classic. And really delicious.

    That last picture is really nice, and gives a lot of insight into who he was.

  9. Hi Pat, Your story made me cry... I'm so sorry that your mother did that to you.... You were just a child.. You did nothing wrong--and she punished YOU.

    BUT--I'm glad you did get to see your Dad a few times before he died. You and he really do look alike...

    Here in TN---people may still use Crisco---but not US... We try to be a little healthier than that!!!!! But---I'll admit that I do like some good ole' fried foods every once in awhile.

    Thanks for sharing about your Dad.

  10. I think what is nice is that you seem to have fond memories of those you retain. I bet you inherited a lot of traits from your dad which is why you have been able to survive the difficult childhood you have described in other posts. I love to look at old photos of family members and try to see if i got anything in the way of physical traits from them. Do you do this with your dad and the photos of him? even though you may not have known him well you carry him within you which is pretty special. Happy Fathers day Pat.

  11. What a beautiful tribute to your dad.

  12. Great pictures for you to hold on to. Loved the part about the butter flavored Crisco, it made me laugh.

  13. You share the same mouth, for sure!

    And I still use Crisco, just not the canned kind. (and rarely, because I don't cook much)

  14. Happy Father's Day to you and your Dad and all our Dads."

  15. Happy Father's Day Pat and I gave you an award on my blog :)

  16. Hey, Pat, I recall reading your posts about your dad. I am sorry it was so tragic.
    I was fortunate in that I had my dad in my life all the time until he died about 4 years ago.
    I still miss him a lot.

  17. Hi. I'm from Alex J. Cavanaugh's.

    Your Dad looked like a very nice guy. I am glad you had the chance for the reunion.

    I wish you a good week.

  18. Loved your post about going back to meet with your dad. Loved seeing the pictures too.

  19. Margaret - We were both shocked at how much we looked alike. I was happy to find him, even if it was for a short period.

    Jimmy - Thanks! I haven't even seen it in years.

    Robyn - We seemed to be much alike. We even both had a single tattoo, in the same place. Odd!

    Lynne - That response was a great review..thanks so much!

    Aut - Yum! Makes me want fried chicken!

    Betsy - Typical crazy actions by my mom. I'm glad the story touched you. It was an amazing thing to see him again...

    DrSoosie - Thanks my friend! His wife said that he and I had a lot of the same mannerisims. I often wonder how things would have turned out had I been raised by him. His step kids and wife adored him.

    Marlene - Thanks! I wish I knew more about him...

    Chuck - By the time I left his house I was sweating crisco...

    Ms A - His wife said we shared the same mouth, and not just the way it looked, what came out of it as well....

    Cal - Thanks buddy!

    KarenG - Thanks Karen. I just left your blog. I totally appreciate it.

    Joe - I'm sure it was tough to lose your dad. I hope yesterday was good for you!

    Ocean Girl - Thanks for reading and commenting. Everybody told me that he was a great guy...

    Blue Wave - Thanks so much!

    Betty - Thanks Betty, it was an amazing journey. I'm thinking of going back to Ky. for a family reunion next month. I won't really know anybody, but I might go anyway.

  20. A gutwrenching experience for you to discover that your mom had lied to both of you and had stolen this relationship for so many years.....
    the good thing is that you both were shown the truth and did get to meet before he passed. I am sure he loved you and cared for you--and that is what mattered the most.

  21. Joan - It was quite a revelation, that's for sure. So I spent most of my life not liking my dad because I felt deserted. He spend most of his thinking he had no children at all. If I had grown up with him (he was a state trooper), I bet I wouldn't have wasted so many years of my life doing unproductive things. We were both pretty happy in the end...


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