Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Year of Blogging

My lovely wife (Buymebarbies) just informed me, that the one year anniversary of my first blog post was last week. Although it was in fact the first thing I posted, it was totally introductory in nature. You all know what I mean! It contained all the obligatory “first post” statements.
  • “I apologize in advance if the content offends anyone.” (I was worried that I’d offend everyone)
  • “I don’t really care if anybody reads this, it’s really for me” (Total BS)
  • “I’m posting these things for myself!” (Yeah, right!)
  • “…feel free to tag along.” (Please follow me! Pick me! Love me!)
  • “Feel free to comment.” (I hope people are nice and tell me how much they like my blog)
  • “Blah blah blah! (Well, at least this part hasn’t changed)
My first 75 posts had about 20 comments. My first related “series” of posts about Marine Corps boot camp got a grand total of four comments. That’s too bad because it was really good! Yes, I did just say it! I'm going to post that series again someday.

Thanks to all of you that have tagged along and commented. I truly do appreciate it.

Tomorrow I’m going to re-post my first “real” post. Not the introductory post, but the one after that.

Thanks again...


  1. Yay! Congratulations! Making it a whole year is a big, big deal! Back in the day, I just about printed out my very first comment and hung it on the wall. I was just so excited! -G

  2. Man, at this rate I need to get to 100 or something quick. That way I can start reposting old stuff ;)

    Also, nearly positive that my first "real" post was a Scott Pilgrim...

  3. If you can do a year, you can do two - I look forward to the next year of your photography and prose.

  4. Happy first blog birthday to you!

  5. wO hOOO!!



    aLL THE bEST,


    Caps lock affliction in your honor!!


  6. Happy Blogoversary to you! Where's the cake??

  7. Congrats! And it should be for you, yourself, first and foremost. :)

  8. A year under your belt...congratulations :) Look forward to more!

  9. Congratulations.. I'm the new kid in town, and I'm glad to tag along with you!!!

  10. Congrats on hitting a year!!!! And no you didn't offend me once. Well only the fact that you're way cooler than me. That's offensive.

  11. Congrats on ONE year, Pat.... The best and hardest thing about getting more and more comments each day is that it makes more work for you (me) to comment back.... ha ha

  12. Congratulations, Pat! :)

    Please, celebrate the occasion by re-posting the boot camp stuff... it would be cool to see you comment them yourself as well. :)

  13. I've just past my one year anniversary on this blog too, but I've been around other blogs, and even had my own for a while.
    Yes, I love to blog, and I blog about anything that come into my head.
    When I first started this one, I was getting no comments, or maybe one or two, but I just kept on writing my usual rubbish! (I Know that it's not to everyone's taste!) but I just love to write!
    Is it just being nosy, taking a peek into someone else's life?
    I love your writing, Pat. I just have to keep coming back to see what happened next!
    You have kept me on the edge of my seat, made me laugh, made me cry....and I am so pleased that I met you!
    Big hugs!

  14. Congrats on your one year mark Pat, I really enjoy reading your blog and am proud to have you return the favor on mine.

    I am not obligated to say this and hopefully will offend anyone but if I do please feel free to-----oops sorry was getting off track.

    Serioulsy Congratulations my Friend I look forward to many many more posts from you

  15. Happy one year of blogging! And a big congratulations is in order :D I loved your break down of the obligatory first post, my one was just the same! Here's to another year of wonderful blogging to come :)

  16. Congrats. I think I first found you on the Google cafe page, I don't think I've been on that page since like February.

  17. Congratulations Pat - I know that I'm glad that I found your blog, and I hope you stay around for a lot longer

  18. I'm thinking that after I hit the first year, you I can just start re-posting EVERYTHING. Then all the new people get to see my best early stuff, and I can retire from blogging and just do re-runs!

  19. Wow, you have so much posts, I thought you'd been here a lot longer. I have my personal blog since December 2007, and I have a total of 90 posts LOL. That's an averave of 3 posts per month. Keep up the good work, I really like reading your stories.

  20. Happy Blogiversary! I had no idea about your earlier posts about Marine basic. I've been skimming through them and realize I have to go back and read them all.

    RE the "blanket party." My father did Army basic in the late fifties and has a story about a rural recruit who'd never brushed his teeth and had no plans to. Since the Army also had the "collective punishment" principal then, too, he and a bunch of others tried to hold the guy down and brush his teeth. Not fun.

  21. you're a geek.
    just because your mother hid the fact that she thought you were wonderful, you've finally found a world who thinks you're wonderful.

    i know i do.
    congratulations on your 12th bloggin monthaversary?

    when's mom gonna start a blog?

  22. And just look at how much you've grown!!! It's been such a pleasure to be included in your world. I look forward to every word you write and every picture you post. Happy Bloggy Birthday! ... and many more!

  23. Congrats to you! I do love your blog and since you are an animal lover too I have to love you! LOL Keep writing cause I will keep hanging around.

  24. Awww...congrats on your blogaversary! I've missed your blog the past few days....I've been away.

  25. Pat,

    Seriously, thank you- and I have linked to this post from my last post if that's OK. If not--well I don't know how to undo it!



  26. First Pat I want to say congrats to you. Second...I kind of laughed to myself about the things you listed. I think I, like all other new bloggers, said the exact same things. After blogging for six months I can say that I am not just doing this for myself but to connect to others. Also, every new follower is like finding an unexpected gift...it is exciting and makes you feel liked. Finally, the comments are key. I finally realized this is the most important part. We are not just doing this for ourselves but to read what others think of our opinions, experiences, pictures etc. It is validating and enriching. I can say for myself that I am happy with the regulars who are always so kind to read what I have written and take time to let me know what they think. So...I know you have found in me a loyal follower and if I miss a few in the next days it is because of health reasons. But I as Arnold says, 'I will be back!"

  27. “I don’t really care if anybody reads this, it’s really for me” (Total BS)

    Wise and honest words, my friend! I discovered you kind of recently, so I hope you'll keep going and going for at least another year..for my selfish pleasure (since you're not blogging for you and all)

  28. As you may or may not remember, I have only been following you for a few short months, but I am so glad I found both of your blogs...I read everything you write or photograph you post...congrats and keep up the good work!

  29. Pat, I am glad you found my blog and became my first follower as this is how I found YOUR blog...and I am so glad I did. Your posts are fantastic and your photography makes me slightly envious.

    I try to spend some time each week reading some of your older posts and now you have given me the idea to go to YOUR beginning and start there. Thanks!

    Happy 1 year! 228 followers and 30,000 hits I would say is a true testament to your quality blog...here's to many more!

  30. Congrats on your one year blogiversary and best wishes for many more! Cheers!

  31. I was there at the beginning when you were getting very few comments. Now look at you, ya comment whore. You get tons of them daily and I can only be jealous of your skills as a photographer and story teller. I told you that once they found you that the large lines would form around you. Good on ya mate and here's to much future success.

  32. Georgina - thanks! yeah, I remember the first one that wasn't from my family!

    Soft Nonsense - If your first post was a "Scott Pilgrim" than it would be fitting if you reposted it now...

    Shot n Show - Thanks!

    Jhon - I'm pretty sure I can do it. I really should repost some of the old stuff because 90 percent of my followers haven't seen it. thanks!

    Jayne - thanks!

    BB - Thank you my friend! I ate the cake...

    John - Thanks so much! It's an honor.

    Wings - It is for me also... But now I share!

    Nancy - Thank you! Lot's more coming!

    Lynne - Thanks, it's a pleasure having you here. Su poema español es muy hermosa...

    Jesse - Amazing! Not as funny as you though...

    Betsy - Why thank you! It is a lot more work now. Plus I used up a lot of my best stories early on. I guess I can always repost some, most folks haven't seen them anyway!

    RA - thank you! I will repost it very soon...

    Alice - I remember when you hit that mark! thank you so much for the nice words. It makes me happy that some of my words had an impact on you...

    Jimmy - thanks buddy! There's plenty more to come...

    Sam Liu - It's pretty funny how so many of us say a lot of the same things when we start! thanks!

    Ally - I've gone there a few times, but mostly just to argue with a couple of people who seem to live there... thanks!

    Neil - Thanks to you Sir! I'll be here and I hope you stick with it!

    Joe - If you could only figure out a way to get some residuals...I agree about the best stuff being early. Mine is sure that way...

    Minoccio - Thanks! I enjoy your movie reviews also...Keep up the good work!

    Johnny Red - Thanks! I'm going to post them again soon. I always thought that was a pretty CS way to handle a problem. But I guess it's been going on forever...

    Ashley - Takes one to know one, my sweet! thanks for the support!
    Nah, I don't want your mom to blog! I'm afraid of what she may say about me...

    Ms A - Why, thank you so much my friend! You are one of the nicest folks I've met doing this...

    SenoraG - I'll keep writing! Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Marlene - You better get to steppin' then, you got some catching up to do!

    John - Not a problem! Thanks for the free ink...

    DrSoosie - Thanks for that! What you say is so true! I didn't expect to "connect" so much with so many people doing this. Please take care of yourself! I apologize in advance for my post tomorrow. You'll have to read it find out why...

    Sarah - I did really think it for a minute! I will be doing this for quite some time...

    Joan - I do remember Joan. I sure do appreciate that you read and comment on a regular basis. You are a nice person and one of the reasons that I enjoy this thing. Oh yeah, don't remind about when I had two blogs.. That was so much work!

    Chuck - I think I should get some kind of "finders fee" for that! I also remember who you're second followers was. I appreciate that you feel some loyalty to my blog. That is so flattering! Thanks Chuck! I mean it...

    Marguerite - Thanks! Keep those Cajun Delights coming...

    Cal - I certainly remember! You've been really supported me and I appreciate it! If I'd know I was gonna get semi-populare, I'd have charged admission...
    Seriously, thanks a lot Cal!

  33. Congrats and Happy Blogiversary.
    I'm so glad to have found your
    blog. ALways a fun read and most
    amazing photos... your candids are
    unbeatable and no one can top the
    Japan series.

  34. Congrats Pat. You helped to bring me back to posting after a rather lengthy hiatus. I swear one of these days I will run into a movie you have seen.

  35. Faye - Thanks so much Faye! Right back at ya...

    Michael - I'm happy to be of service! I like the fact that you review movies a lot of people haven't seen. I just wish I had something to comment about more!

  36. congratulations on such a momentous occasion. Evidently I never did an introductory post. Maybe I should do one now?

  37. Congrats on one year of blogging. That's an achievement. BTW, this was a great obligatory first post. I guess, mine was a bit like this.

  38. Congrats dude. My one year is coming up in a month. I should plan something big.

    Here's to another year (clinking imaginary beer glasses)

  39. Congrats on the anniversary. I look forward to reading that first post later today

  40. Cool, congratulations on one year! I have gone back and read some of your series and always have been in awe. Have not gotten to your first ones, tho, so I am anticipating your good good stuff!

  41. TS - Too late, we already know you!

    Mr. S - thanks! It seems like most of the first ones are at least a little like this.

    PTM - Thanks! Congrats in advance to you! clink right back at ya. I just drank a couple of "imaginary" beers. I think I'll have another one.

    Baygirl - thanks! hope you like it.

    Brenda - thanks! I'm happy to hear that you have read some of them. I should have saved some of them for when there were actually people reading them....

  42. Congrats on your first Blogaversary!

    Looking forward to the next year of your great posts.
    I like the list, we all told our selves the same things when we first started.

  43. haha...love it. All those "thoughts" running through a first - time bloggers mind.
    Yep- how true.
    Happy "blog-aversary" to you.
    I'll be just another follower following:)
    Happy day to ya,

  44. Now I'm bummed it took me so long to get over here.

    Must go read The Story in Three Parts, now...looking forward to it!

  45. HA! You said on the 29th of June, and I quote: "Tomorrow I’m going to re-post my first “real” post." It's tomorrow plus three, and I can't bate my breath much longer. ;-)

  46. SQ - Thanks! I can't wait to get started. Lot's of things I want to post. AFTER the holiday...

    Dawn - Thanks! Welcome aboard. I really like your blog also. I think most of us said (or thought) the same thing when we started our blogs.

    Megan - You better catch up then girl...

    pitchertaker - It's there , you just missed it! It's "open wide!"
    Take a deep breath...thanks!

  47. well done on your one year. I'm still a baby with 6mths

  48. Hi Patrick!

    Congrats on your first year anniversary! And I have to thank you - you were the first person to post a comment on my blog when I first started late this April!! I'm still learning but I do enjoy blogging and it helps with my writing! ;)


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