Thursday, June 24, 2010

El Sur Grande

PLEASE enlarge for best viewing

We've all seen color photographs of this view a many times. I think it looks equally stunning in black and white. If you've never been to the Big Sur area of coastal California, you've missed one of the most breathtaking drives in the world. Not only because of the view, but because parts of the drive is more than a little bit scary.  It's a must see...

Another view from a little closer to sea level.  The path leads to the water


  1. Nice place to visit, I like the first pic, nice capture!!

  2. It looks more dramatic in black and white! Dangerous even. Wicked! :)

  3. I like black & white scenics too ...

  4. Great scene Pat. And great B&W.
    I would not mind driving there myself although i think i ll miss some of the view.

  5. My bride and I drove up PCH on our honeymoon...she was driving...and you know, when it is not YOU in control of the car, it is more scary. But, we made it!

  6. Giuseppe - Thanks!
    Alex - Me too. thanks!

    Toni - Me too...

    RA - Thanks, I agree, it's almost too big to take it all in.

    BW 707 - thanks!

    Costas - You would have to miss some of, or crash! The california coast is about 900 miles long. It's an amazing drive!

    Joe - I know! When you're not driving it's more scary because you're not in contro. But when you drive you can't see! I've driven that road at night a few times also. It's even scarier then!

  7. Beautiful pictures, Pat, and a gorgeous area. I hope to see it ---and take that special road sometime...


  8. Thanks for dropping in, Pat. It was a pleasure to have at These Nine Acres. I enjoyed the scenery in this image. Well done.

  9. I love both, each one has its quality.
    Great landscape! You're capturing it so beautifully!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~B :)

  10. Hi Pat,
    thank you so much for your visit to It's my more creative outlet than the daily photo and I really appreciate your comment.
    I see you are on a team with The Chieftess...I'll have to check out that world.

    I adore these photos - the 1st one must be difficult to post in B&W since the scene is a familiar one, your photo is a delight. The 2nd is like an old master's painting.

  11. Stunning image, I enlarged the first and you're so right; the black and white style really adds a certain mysterious beauty.

  12. Wow, that looks like a scary drive allright. See this is something we don't have in Holland. I adore these kind of shots of yours, just how you like my shots of the old city I live in :)

  13. Your eye for angles and contrast is magnificent!

    Awesome Pat!!


  14. Haven't made it that far over as of yet but by the pictures will have to add it to our things to do list.

    Nice Shots Pat

  15. Love it! Headed to this area tomorrow. Freaky!

  16. That B&W shot looks awesome. That looks like it would be a great drive!

  17. I always love your black and white, but in this case, give me the sand and trees, closer to the water. I'm not much for scary drives. (especially when hubby is doing the driving)

  18. Been to the Big and Little area. Just like I remembered. I think I prefer the B&W.

  19. I would LOVE to go there and take some photography. It is on my "wish list" for sure! (or do I mean for SUR?) ha

  20. I liked both the images. They are stunning. Looking at them wants be to be there and witness the beauty.
    Great shots, Pat...:)

  21. I have not been to Big Sur if you can believe that. There are still so many lovely places to see right in in California. I now have put that on my places to see list! Beautiful photographs as usual.

  22. Hey Pat, this is exactedly where I'm headed in a few days. I can't wait. It's become my regular vacation spot. I believe it's the most beautiful area in CA. (It is a scary drive at night, alone, but I'll be making the trek during the day this time.)


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