Saturday, June 19, 2010

Emma Pearl 001

Enlarge please

This little stinker is named Emma Pearl. She's about 8 years old and weighs only about 6 pounds. She was clearly the runt of her litter.  Please enlarge the photo and see if I'm the only one that thinks her eye is the "the eye of sauron."   Every time I see her in sunlight, my wedding ring starts spinning on my finger...


  1. Oh that face!!! This is a gorgeous picture and I am not just saying that because I am a nut job about cats....

  2. She is a beauty Patrick...
    What an eye.....!!!!!!!!
    What a photograph....!!!!

  3. Have you seen my hawks Patrick..?
    I had more visits.

  4. Don't know about eye of sauron, but it's a plenty fascinating image.

    Nice photos here! I found you at either altadenahiker or Brenda's Arizona--glad I finally made the visit.

    Congrats on your cancer news. I'm trying not to imagine 20 days on that diet!

  5. The Eye of Sauron now turns to Pat Tillet... once of my fav books/movies, definately looks like it.

  6. I like her. Plus you can see the spark of your demise in her eye...

  7. Her eye is so much more beautiful than Sauron's! Especially when enlarged the colours are so vivid, they almost move!

    Can't stop giggling at your "Every time I see her in sunlight, my wedding ring starts spinning on my finger..."


  8. My cat came from a meat market dumpster, is now 12 and has never weighed more than third Calico in a row!

  9. OM Gosh!!! Can God Paint or what!

    I am enraptured by the Lines around cats eyes. Great Great Photo Sir!

    Thanks for the Big Smile I found while viewing!


  10. That is a pretty cat and I know one when I see one.

    'wedding ring spinning on my finger' - THAT is just good writing.

  11. Well---HELLO Miss Emma Pearl!!!! Isn't she just the cutest one!!!!!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  12. hmmm... you might be onto something! Green instead of fiery red and yellow, but otherwise pretty close. Did Peter Jackson ever have access to your cat?

  13. She is the twin to my cat! Beautiful!

  14. What a beautiful portrait and I am not even a cat person...
    It is an outstanding capture...
    texture and feeling...
    Great one Pat. !!

  15. Really great is always their eyes that make cats so mysterious.

  16. I love her, I can't believe she's that lightweight for a cat her age. Very pretty eyes. Reminds me of my mom's cat.

  17. THAT'S an amazing close-up photo! Beautiful cat!

  18. What a great close up of a beautiful cat. You are right about the eye though; watch her carefully.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  19. A heart-stoppingly stunning photo!
    I love cats and so this is the best of both worlds.

  20. Commented earlier on this post.
    Then while out to dinner I met
    two of Emma Pearl's cousins at
    a little redneck BarBeQue joint
    called PEARL's ... REALLY...
    I will post photos one of these

  21. Bett - Oh yes you are! It's okay, I'm a nutjob about them also

    Costas - Thank you sir! Yes, I saw your hawks. Looks like you have some new pets there...

    Banjo - Thanks! Altadenahiker or Brenda, both are great...thanks for commenting...

    baygirl - I'm scared!

    Mei - I see it...

    RA - Thanks! yes, I'm glad you get it!

    BD - This one was a stray as well. We have a couple more also. One is a calico-torti mix.

    John - You are welcome!

    Cal - thanks my friend! It's spinning even now...

    Betsy - She is a cutie! Thanks!

    Neil - I'm thinking she's not real, maybe computer generated.

    chicken - If she is, then you got a cute one!

    Ms A - I know, I'm allergic also. And we have three of them!

    Faye - Thanks, it did come out pretty nice! Love her colors.

    Chuck - I agree, their eyes are amazing

    Ally - She was the runt of her litter.

    Marlene - thanks!

    D & R - thanks! I'm on full alert!

    Jesse - Thanks!

    Joan - Thanks! a good subject.

    Faye - I can't wait!

  22. I live for cats. I've got two of em Montague and Squishy. Montague is an F3 Chausie. They're an African jungle cat Hybrid.

  23. Reptilian comes to mind. I wonder what she's like in a BAD mood? Amazing eye.

  24. Creeeeptastic. But mostly awesome. It almost looks like a mini fish...

  25. What a natural! Obviously the camera loves her.

  26. If you start seeing orcs and the trees around your house start toppling, I'd grow concerned.

    Looking forward to your Movie Dirty Dozen on Monday!

  27. Woah!! This is crazy! You're so right, the similarity is striking!!

  28. Warren - I like a lot also. I checked yours out, pretty cool...

    Tapirgal - She is a little terror. I think because she is so small, she over compensates

    SN - The more I enlarge the eye, the weirder it looks

    Talli - She's a cutie!

    Alex - I'm already concerned!!!

    Sarah - Scary looking!

  29. my cat, Maggie, weighed only 6lbs too. she was the light of my life and i miss her every day. i am sure emma pearl is adorable regardless of your spinning ring.

  30. California Girl - I'm sorry you don't have her anymore. I know just how that feels. thanks for the comment!

  31. all the better to see you with...


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