Sunday, June 13, 2010

Japan 22

enlarge for enhanced viewing
Bullet train entering Tokyo main station.

Even though the train is the subject and focal point of the photo. Can you keep your eyes off of the long line of fluorescent lights running the length of the terminal?

The feeling of perspective  and depth caused by the light and the train, is crazy. When I turned to my left and saw the train and the light at the same time, I almost fell off the platform getting my camera ready. Please enlarge the photo and follow the light fixture all way down the terminal.  I don't usually have an opinion relating to my own photos, but I really like this one...


  1. I think you are right and the railing adds even more to the effect. It's odd that there are not many people cluttering up the shot. Well done.

  2. What a brilliant photo, Patrick. I love it!

  3. You are right, everything visible seems to spring out from that one point of light at the end of the platform. The effect is amazing! :)

  4. Chuck - Thanks! yes, the rails add to it as well. Just like most places the train terminals are not nearly as crowded during non-rush hour times.

    Talli - Thanks!

    RA - I wish I had a nice telephoto lens with me that day so I could have dug further towards the point everything converged.

    Betty - Thanks thanks and thanks!

  5. I enlarged the photograph and you're so right! That seemingly endless stream of light is really quite beautiful. This is a truly wonderful image indeed.

  6. Yep, you are right, excellent combination of many perspectives, and I did follow the light all the way to the end.

  7. Sam - Thanks!

    Faye - Thanks to you as well!

    Joe - Go towards the light...

    Don and Sher - The Vanishing Point!!! That's it! Thanks...

  8. Dang it man, that is just amazing. I would so hang that on my wall.

  9. What a neat picture, Pat.... I did enlarge it---and WOW--what perspective... Thanks!!!

  10. That was the FIRST thing I noticed Patrick..the lights and how farrrrrr down the hall they took my is a striking picture!

  11. Yes, the light is dizzying. It's coming at me/the viewer from all kinds of other directions too (the escalator on the left, windows to the right..)
    Very illiminating. :)

  12. Yes indeed an amazing shot !!!

    Ehh hem..... Mr Tillett WASN'T Friday your test day ??? Any results yet and more importantly WHAT have you had to EAT ?????

  13. TS - Thanks! Maybe I will do that.

    Betsy - thanks, it kind of amazes me every time I look at closely.

    BD - thanks!

    Joan - a lot of things in this one, all leading to a point in the distance...

    Robyn - I know! I was amazed when I saw it. I had just gotten off of that escalator and was amazed when I looked to my left.

  14. Vickie - Thanks! Yes my dear, Friday was the test day. I won't have the results until monday or tuesday. I lost 20 pounds.
    I ate tacos last night...SO GOOD! and about 4 hours later I got sick! to rich for me right now I guess... When I know, you will know...promise! thanks for asking!

  15. It's freaky, but when I enlarged the photo, the bright white light was almost difficult to look at, it was so lifelike and bright.

    I hope your results are in your favor.

  16. I love this photo. It's almost haunting.

  17. What I like is the light seems to be heading into the dark and the train 9which looks like a dark streak) seems to be heading into the light. You are correct...there is a nice juxtaposition between light and is kind of entrancing.

  18. I can sure see how that might be a bit disorienting. (and that thing DOES looks like a bullet)

  19. I love the depth in this photo, wonderful perspective

  20. I love the depth in this photo, wonderful perspective

  21. I love the depth in this photo, wonderful perspective

  22. WOW! That is a great array of depth,light and perspective...
    I can see where that hand rail would be a useful device for someone trying to take a picture in this setting....
    To keep one from falling ....

  23. I like this tremendously, particularly the energy and momentum. This is a photograph with subjects coming and going. The train is coming toward the viewer but the light appears to be moving away from the viewer as does the railing. The perspective of looking to where all points meet is going away from the viewer. Really nice.

  24. the light goes on forever. I bet that would make a cool 10 second video with the train coming at you.

  25. Ally - I know, I think it was about a quarter mile long.

    Cheeseboy - Yup, in spite of that long light, it was not very bright.

    DrSoosie - Thanks! I would have LOVED to have my telephoto lens to "reach" into all that a bit deeper.

    Ms. A - If you are standing by the track when it goes by it feels like one passing you also. When riding in it, it feels like a plane.

    Biana - Thanks! lots of lines...

    Solfine - They only have the rails where the really fast trains are.

    BW707 - Thanks!

    California Girl - Thanks! Add the poor lighting to it, and it was all just sitting there waiting for me!

    PTM - I'm pretty sure I have a video of it going by, thanks for reminding me!

    John - Thanks so much!

  26. That is an amazing shot Pat. To me the reflection of the light on the floor stands out even more than the rails.

  27. Are those the trains that use the force of magnets to run?

  28. SQ - Thanks! you are right, there are so many different lines running all at once to the vanishing point...

    ABAO - Most of the bullet trains in Japan are electric. Electric to the tune of 25,000 volts!


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