Thursday, June 3, 2010

Japan 20

Purple Eared Pooch

Field trip to Sensō-ji (a Buddhist temple) in Asakusa area of Tokyo

Better view of multi-color cherry blossoms at Aunt Junko's House.
The color is a little distorted. It was so overcast, I brightened it a bit.

not a great pic, but I love the look on my wife's face


  1. Did he Cut One?

    LOL--she is giving him the evil eye!

    snicker--- I love the regimental look of the class on the field trip--it even looks as if all the shoes are the same brand--expensive Nike's/Adidas somethings!

    As always...EXCELLENT!


  2. I love the colors you manage to capture! Absolutely amazing!

  3. I can't believe they have real life manga animals posing as pets.

  4. LOL - That was a dog that was waiting for his owner to come out of the store. We had to get a shot of that. Where else would someone have a purple eared dog, just for fun!!!

  5. Do you get to witness "that look" often?

  6. Your photos impress, as the look on your wife's face!!! Precious!!!

    Of course, I love the hilarious comments, too. Did he cut one? LOL!! Manga animals!? ROFL!!

  7. Something tells me that's not the last time you saw that look!!

    Gorgeous photos as always. That tree! I would have stayed under it all day!

  8. Cara - Thanks! Nature at work...

    John - they all wear uniforms. Thanks!

    Copyboy - of course they do! where else, would they?

    BMB - as regimented as they are, they seem to get joy from little things like this.

    Ms. A - Not too often, I'm happy to say.

    Marlene - I like it also. I'm glad I caught it.

    Betty - Not the first, and most certainly not the last! thanks! the tree was at my wife's aunt Junko's house. She took great pride in that tree.

  9. Every wife is capable of "The Look"..Lord knows I've seen it plenty!

  10. Hahahahaha!!! The first photo is so adorable!!!!! Aaawww. I love these photos, Japan seems like a nice country to visit. Hope I will someday..

  11. I love those bikes in the first picture. I have a friend who travels to Japan quite a bit and always brings back pictures of bicycles.

  12. BD - Oh yeah! I know it well myself...

    Biana - Thanks. It's an amazing place. I hope you do get to go.

    Aut - Lot's of bikes...everywhere!
    Most folks in the city don't have cars.

  13. Neat pictures, Pat... Loved that picture of your wife. The Cherry Blossoms are so pretty... Love it that they are multi-colored. The temple is gorgeous... I love the architecture there. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Have a great weekend.

  14. Loved the color of the blossoms and the intensity of the wife's face too! Sweet!

  15. I have to agree the expression on your wife's face is priceless! Again...the cheery blossom tree is definitely need to hang this one in your house. I insist!

  16. Betsy - Thanks. you have a nice weekend also...

    Joan - Oh yeah, that face, that's my girl...

    DrSoosie - thanks! maybe I'll hang it...LOL

  17. What a great collection in this post... from the purple eared
    pooch to THE LOOK.... loaded with
    smiles and giggles.

  18. I have seen that look on my Daughter-in-laws face looking at my son Ha Ha

    Cindy is probably looking at me like that right now :)

  19. Purple pooch is saying to himself, 'What is everyone looking at... haven't they ever seen a bike before'
    Your wife is adorable, Pat... are the gorgeous cherry blossoms for her!

  20. @ Mrs. A - Pat was just so happy that it was someone else besides him those eyes were looking at!! LOL!! YUP, gotta say, that was "THE LOOK." ;-) Can't remember if I smelled him or heard him!!

  21. Faye - I little bit of everything.

    Jimmy - I can feel that "look" on me, even if I'm not lookingl...

    Pam - thanks! Yup, I grew them just for her...

    bmb - I'm glad I was on the other side of the subway car. I never would have seen it if I was sitting next to you.

  22. I went crazy with cherry trees with they bloomed here in New York. I had to hold back from posting more!

  23. Another great set of pictures...that first one has great colors working. The Look made me feel guilty of something...

  24. What did that guy do to BuyMeBarbies?

  25. It is the colors of a wonderful flower.
    The state of the train is interesting...


  26. Aron - I totally understand!

    Chuck - thanks...don't feel guilty...too funny

    ABAO - I have no idea what he did!

    ruma2008 - thanks Ruma...

  27. Nice Collection by nice's so beautiful picture.


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