Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Post

I have a lot to say and much of it isn't exactly current. If you know me you've heard some of these stories, but nobody has heard all of them. I can't seem to put them all in a single document, or even remember them all at the same time, so I've decided this may be the only way to go about it. I apologize in advance if the content offends anyone...

If you find some interest in this stuff, or we share some common ground, feel free to tag along. Also, feel free to comment, criticize, or tell me I'm crazy. That is not a problem. Despite what I'll be saying, please understand that I'm very happy and content now. In fact, I'm so very happily married that I can't believe my good fortune. Of course I'm making an assumption that anybody will even read this after I start. But then again, it's really for me. So even if nobody reads it, I'll be happy that it's somewhere other than in my head.

Many of the coming entry dates may not be related to the "date" at all. They may in fact be very old. In my opinion, I had the good fortune of being born at what may not be the right time, but was certainly an interesting time. I may not have been born into the right family, but I wouldn't have experienced all that I did, if I'd been born elsewhere.

As I'm sitting here typing this I can already see that I'm going to have to intermingle a lot of current thoughts, with those of the past. Soon the rambling will begin. There will be some history, poems, song lyrics, and general drivel. No telling what will show up here.