Monday, April 30, 2018

Rocky Point Petroglyph Site - Gila River Area AZ

Rocky Point is another great site along the Gila River. Background info relating to this site, is pretty much the same as my recent post on the Painted Rock site. For thousands of years people have been using the areas around the Gila as an ancient "freeway." While doing so they left a great deal of evidence of their presence.  This site contains petroglyphs, pottery shards, rock alignments, ancient trails, etc. There is also some historic graffiti here.

This photo and the next are in the general area, but may or may not be near the actual site.

 Most certainly a very barren and unforgiving area. 

If you look just left of  center in this photo, you can see a horizontal line of rocks. 

This is the same line, only with the photo taken from above. If you saw it in person it is recognizable as a man made stone wall. Maybe it was defensive in nature, or maybe not...

 The bare line leading away from this is an ancient trail. There is also at least one going up the hill.

 Nature always finds a way.

No idea who left this, but has clearly been here a long time. 

A pretty large pottery shard. There were quite a few of them. (Yes, I replaced it exactly where I found it).

We are spending the next few weeks in Nevada, and Southern Utah, and have already seen some amazing things.