Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Alive, Well and Redacted

Some folks have contacted me about my absence here. This isn't a "real" post, but I do want everyone to know that I am alive and doing very well. Very busy also.

I could just post some of the stuff I have in draft form, but I realized a long while ago, that what I like best about blogging is the interaction between myself and those who comment on what I post. The same thing is also true about looking at and commenting on the blogs of others. So not having the time to "blog" isn't really about posting, It's about the human side of it all. I promise, that I will be back at it very soon.
As long as I have you here, may I burden you with a personal rant? 
Okay, don't mind if I do! This may sound odd, but I think I love the research side of what I do, almost love it as much as visiting the places related to the research. I've REALLY been immersed in something lately (a big part of me being so busy). It's related to something that nobody else seems to have given much thought to. The obsessive part of it, I don't mind. The part I do mind though, is that I'm trying to find information that other people have gone to great lengths, to make sure that people like me, can never find. I really do understand, but I don't have to like it.
My frustrations revolve around a single word. Imagine yourself having the pleasure of minutely examining a hundred pages or so, of an official document, only to turn to the pages (that should contain the meat of the issue), but instead, only contains one word, on an otherwise unblinking, glaring, mockingly censored, blank document.  That one word is REDACTED...

  • verb
  • past tense: redacted
  • past participle: redacted
  • to edit (text) for publication
  • censor or obscure (part of a text) for legal or security purposes
There are people out there with intentions that are far less than admirable, legal, or ethical. These people are Pot-Hunters, Grave-Diggers, Vandals, etc. I clearly understand why much of it needs to be kept hush hush. However, I am NOT one of those people! My intentions are noble and my spirit is pure. I find a lot of these places based on instinct alone (not to mention all the fine training my granny gave me). It just isn't enough though.

I typed a lot more about this subject, but that information has been...