Monday, October 3, 2016

Arch Rock - Joshua Tree National Park

Arch Rock is located very close to White Tank Campground in JTNP. It is reached by following a very short trail, and is very much worth the effort. The surrounding area is also gorgeous, and includes a couple of natural tanks. (tanks being areas where water naturally gathers).  It's not a huge arch, but there is more than enough room to stand in it and have your photo taken.

Here are a few photos from the area.
 Although they don't look very large in this photo, these rocks are huge.

A rock shelter right in the campground. 

 This one looks like a whale. Maybe Moby Dick...

The boulder in the middle also looks like a whale's head and teeth (in the middle of the photo).

This short hike is great for those who either can't, or won't expend much energy.