Monday, June 6, 2016

Black and White - Group 8

If you've been around my blog for anytime at all, you are no doubt familiar with my granddaughter Tay. She's made many appearances here through the years. You usually see her because she loves exploring just like I do. The first two photos in this post were taken several years ago. I posted them on "The World in Black and White," but not here (I think).  If you have the time and/or inclination, please check it out. There are 13 of us who contribute, and I think I'm getting close to 200 posts there. I know a few of you are already familiar with it, and two of you contribute there. 

 Much Younger Tay. One of my favorite photos of her.

We were at her great grandmother's birthday party, and out of the blue Tay is looking like a gypsy while she dances towards our table. Tay is also one of the little photos in my blog header.

Yasiyuki Suzuki RIP. He was my wife's uncle, a friend, and a great guy.
Tokyo, Japan

Emma Pearl
One of our long time pets.