Monday, October 20, 2014

Black and White - group 1

As a change of pace, I thought I'd start sharing some of my B&W photos. These are from "The World in Black and White" website. A few of them have been posted here before. Some are old, some are new, and some are middle aged. Counting me, there are currently 13 people who contribute to the site. No narratives to read. A title, a photo and a name. That is it. Of course, comments and generous gratuities (20% please!) are always appreciated...

 Port San Luis

Sequoia National Park (in May)
My wife was prepared for all potential emergencies... She had an umbrella! 

 Oceano Dunes

Little Miss Attitude (she was the one daring lightning to hit here a couple of posts ago) 

Pismo Beach

Monday, October 6, 2014

Red Hands Pictographs - Joshua Tree National Park

Back to Joshua Tree National Park for a few posts (I'm still playing catch-up).

By now, I'm sure you've caught my drift relating to this place. I love it and I've been going there for over 50 years. Unfortunately, I've forgotten more about this place, than I remember. This pictograph site is pretty small and archaeologists who originally surveyed it, considered it part of another close by site (here is a link to my post on it). The park doesn't talk about it, or even admit that it exists. That is too bad, because it is close to one of their most visited and advertised, tourist attractions. I've scoured the internet for information on this site, but there just isn't any. It's only mentioned on two websites that I know of. I know those people and both of them gave it their own name (for different reasons). I'm having trouble thinking of what I"m going to call it.

The site is in this area. If you can figure that out, more power to you.

It's a small panel on the concave side of a boulder.

Same photo as above, enhanced with DStretch. Some of the pictographs are very faded, but it is very clear that most of them are red hand prints. 

Embiggen this photo to better see the hands
A better look.  Although there is zero historical information available about this site, I'm pretty sure it relates to female puberty initiates. I say this because all of the hand prints are fairly small and red is the "female" color.  I'm not saying that all red pictographs relate to females, but these most likely do. There is also another "known" initiate site fairly close by. Here is a link to my post on that site. I wish I knew all the facts.