Monday, May 22, 2017

Dinosaur Caves Park - Pismo Beach

The central coast of California is one of the most beautiful coastal areas anywhere. 

Dinosaur Caves park is in the little City of Pismo Beach.

Most city parks are set up around sports and recreation. However, you won't find any baseball diamonds, tennis courts, or even a swimming pool in this one.

What you will find is an amazing coastline. Cliffs, coves, and lots of gorgeous views. The little town of Shell Beach is on the other side of the park.

 I have NO IDEA why they call it Dinosaur Caves. I didn't see any of either.

 Okay, kayaking qualifies as a sporting activity.

 Also fishing! Hope she doesn't slip. It's a long way down.

 This was a pretty cool sight

 There's that kayak again. Is it safe going through that "dinosaur cave?"

Okay, so it wasn't very thrilling at all. Pretty much all I have for this post is photos. So I had to play it up a bit. Umkay? I'll shut up now.

 Hey, I think they're following me around...

The photos really don't do this place justice. Hard to get the smell, the wind, and the sounds of the ocean in a photo. Hope you enjoyed the photos...


Monday, May 8, 2017

Hidden Valley Area Pictographs - Joshua Tree National Park

Although the pictographs at this site aren't spectacular, the site certainly is.
I first saw these pictographs more than 50 years ago. Since that time they have faded quite a bit, and have suffered some vandalism. I think that you will agree with me that the site is pretty cool.

I wonder where the pictographs might be? 

Yes, that is a mortero (mortar) in the foreground. In this case however, it is likely to be ceremonial in nature, rather than for preparing food (or maybe used for both).

 This is a pretty cool boulder. Right?

 For scale.

Not much to see with the naked eye. 

 I believe that the symbol in the middle is a stylized human (anthropomorphic)

 The rest of the photos have been enhanced a bit with DStretch.

A nice little sunburst and what looks like initials and phone number. That part sucks.

 See the number in bottom middle of the photo? At least I think it's a number.

This site might not be visible at all (to the naked eye) for much longer. This is part of my problem with "saving these sites for future generations." Pretty soon, there will be nothing to see. It's time to figure out ways to share some of these sites, while still protecting them from vandals, and unintentional damage by viewers.