Monday, October 22, 2012

I'll be back in a couple of weeks!

Much too much going on right now, but I'll be posting again in 2 or 3 weeks. Happy Halloween!

See you soon!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Street Candids 6 - Family - And a Halloween Blog Fest

These folks are all part of my family, but the photos are very candid.

Making a wish before flipping a coin into a fountain in Palm Springs. I love the high level of concentration on her face. She is my granddaughter and had no idea I was watching her.

My wife (on the right) and her sister. She looked at me just as I took the photo. Judging by her expression (enlarge please), I can't tell what she was thinking.  My wife on the other hand looks to be very interested in something that she found.

My friend Budd at Scifi Media is hosting the Scare Me blogfest on Halloween. Please follow the link and check it out and/or participate. Even if you don't participate, check out Scifi Media. Especially if you are into Scifi.

Here is Budd's blurb about it...
This is my first Blogfest and it will be happening on 10/31/12.  The purpose of the Scare Me Blogfest is to write about the scariest book that you have read, Movie you have watched, Ghosts you have encountered, and/or to share your own scary story. Just sign up on the Linky below (on his blog) and post your  entry on Halloween.  A panel that includes me, myself, and I will argue and fight to decide which entry was the best and that entry will get an award.  Who knows, I may make several.  



Monday, October 8, 2012

Street Candids 5

Faces! The thing that draws me to people on the street is their faces. Seriously, I don't take photos of just anybody that walks by. If you've been here for a while and have seen my street candid photos, you'd have to agree that most of them either have a classic face or an unusual presence.  To me, these two guys are perfect!

This gentleman was manning the grill at a Greek food stall at the weekly Palm Springs street fair.  I LOVE his face!  If you ever find yourself in the southern California desert on a Thursday, you won't be sorry if you save some time for this weekly event. EVERY Thursday evening. Music, food, art and tons of people!

I can't be sure whether or not this guy is homeless, but I am sure that he's one of the fringe people you see where ever people are gathered. Many people are afraid of them, but I think they're pretty interesting and usually have a good story to tell.  Either way, that face was screaming at me to take a photo. It was late afternoon and the light was perfect.

More to come...


Monday, October 1, 2012

Street Candids 4 - Japan

Most of you already know that I really like taking candid photos of folks on the street.  Several people have asked in their comments how I feel about others doing the same to me. I'm a fairly unremarkable looking guy and people normally wouldn't think to take my photo.  Unless...

They saw a large white guy standing on a wall, taking their photo. 

Shootout at the OK corral... This one is pretty washed out, but I had to shoot from the hip to photograph him photographing me.