Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes I Can Hide Behind My Hands

To retain my sanity
To be this lonely
Face to face
Eye to eye
With my feelings
I surround myself with
Too busy to think
I surround myself with
Too busy to feel
I surround myself with
Safe and secure
Within my blanket
Of chaos
I’m naked without it
Sometimes I can hide behind my hands

Thanks to my good friend Melanie Gottlieb for the original art work.
This poem does not relate to my current life at all, umkay?



  1. There is something about covering my eyes with my hands, even for a brief moment that seems to give me a bit of a break from the world for just a bit. Oddly, when I wear sunglasses out in public, which isn't nearly as often as I should, being able to avoid eye contact for a little while feels like respite.
    Does Melanie have a web-site? I'd love to see more of her work. - G

  2. Love the doodle intertwined with the hands and face- love the colors-
    The poem is sad and frustrated I am glad it is not how you feel right now!

  3. Great painting, great poem (certainly something I can relate with). I don't usually like blog poetry, but yours is quite often very good.

  4. Wow...I feel it!! Very nice - and moving - poem. The drawing goes very well with it. Bravo!! I am glad that this does not relate to your current life at all. Right? Take care, Cat

  5. Picture works so well with it. Have you two ever thought about teaming up to create a graphic poetry comic book? Might turn out looking pretty cool.

  6. I can relate! Love this. The artwork and the poem.

  7. Glad you clarified your words, Pat... I think you have a great life now.. Praise God for that.

    Very interesting artwork to go along with the poem.

  8. Finding order in chaos, a beautiful and a profound paradox. This is a wonderful poem, Pat.

  9. Loved this, Pat! Yes, we often hide our eyes for many reasons...even when we are happy! A bit like "If I can't see you, then you can't see me!"

    Loved that drawing too!

  10. What a powerful piece of poetry. I especially like the 'I surround myself with' lines. Snaps to your artist friend -- she's as talented in her art as you are in yours!

  11. But can we really hide behind our hands? I think what your wrote was very poignant...especially for me. I think
    in my own way I was hiding behind my hands a lot this the way I use them at work. My office and my work were my refuge and I hid behind them that way. Sometimes I wish if I could just cover my face with my hands my brain would turn off but alas that never happens for me. I think my brain has its own motor which keeps on churning no matter what I try to shield it with. I really love your poem and the imagery.

  12. Glad you clarified...though, I don't really "get" poetry. I try...really, I do....but most of it is lost on me. I'm just a regular dumbledork. ;)

  13. i surround myself with those things.

  14. I like this type of poetry. Very powerful. Thanks Pat!

  15. Great poem. I do so love when you post your poetry. You just have a way of saying so much with so few words.

  16. Beautiful artwork; your friend is quite talented. Love the written post too.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

    P.S. - There are no unions for horses or humans in 1774 Williamsburg. :p)

  17. Well, I still love the poem anyways and the drawing by your friend.

    By the way, I have an award for you on my blog tomorrow.


  18. Ah yes. We all feel this way at times. Indeed. The power of the poem....

  19. The poem and the artwork make a very powerful combination. Maybe it is just human nature to bury ourselves in our work to escape our true feelings.

  20. Liking both alot.

    Thanks for the many comments yesterday. I'm flattered you took the time to check out all those posts.

  21. Georgina - I know, it's like a little provate space for a moment. Melanie doesn't have a website, I wish she did.

    Soft nonsense - thanks! I didn't like it for years also. I used to write it and throw it away...

    Cat - thanks! It doesn't relate to my life at all anymore! I'm glad to see you are back to posting. Nice to see you here...

    tapirgal - You must be paying attention! thanks...

    Jesse - Thanks! To do that I'd have to actually committ to finishing something I start...

    These Nice Acres - thanks so much! I'm glad you get it...

    Betsy - thanks Betsy! I'm as happy as a clam!

    Alice - Why thank you! We sometimes need a few seconds of escape...

    Nicole - Thanks so much Nicole!

    DrSoosie - Speaking for myself. I think people use a lot of things to hide. Hands, glasses, hair, inner voice, activities, other people, chaos, etc... I know it worked for me because I really couldn't deal with what was going on in my own brain. Anything to avoid dealing with my "reality."
    With some help (a lot of it) I eventually dealt with the issues...
    Thanks my friend!

    Marlene - Nah! Your talents are just in other areas. What you do, you are fantastic at. Lot's of folks don't "get" poetry. Not a problem!

    Vencora - I know just how feels. I've had more hours of counseling than I can remember, to learn how to stop doing it.

    Ally - Why thanks! I pulled it out of my "trapper keeper." LOL

    Tim - Thanks Buddy! I try to limit the words as much as possible.

    D&R - thanks so much! Maybe I should have gone there back in the day to help them "organize."

    Clarissa - I just left your site. Thanks so much for the recognition! I'm honored to be included in that group...

    Bossy Betty - We sure do. I agree a simple poem can many times say much more than a story.

    SQ - Thanks! I'm sure it is human nature. Especially so for those of us who are dysfunctional and can't deal with our issues.

    PTM - Yup, it kept me from nutting up for sure...

    California Girl - thank you much! I haven't had time to get to your blog everyday, so I was trying to catch up. It was my pleasure!

  22. Umkay! But an awesome write, nevertheless... truly awesome!


  23. Cool poem..

    and accompanying art work..

    Nice work Pat..


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