Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend Reflections - Laguna Niguel Lake at Dusk

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Laguna Niguel Lake at dusk

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.



  1. WOW
    Love the reflections.
    And what kind of birds are those?
    I often think the sunrising is my favorite time of day- but evening reflections often catch my breath.
    Thanks for this beauty Pat.

  2. Really beautiful...the pinkish tones, and the birds in the foreground :)

    Have a great weekend, Pat!

  3. Which I was there with a steaming cup of something.

  4. Awesome pic ... We almost bought a condo fifteen years ago on the other side of La Paz overlooking the lake. That's a fun park to visit too.

  5. that is kind of eerie. Did you mess with the color at all or was it naturally like this?

  6. That dark lilac, dark rose on the lake is so beautiful. And the composition is quiet, and amazing.

  7. Beautiful shot and gorgeous colors!

  8. I like everything there is in this photo: the colour, the reflection and the birds in the foreground.

  9. Dawn - Thanks! I believe they are Herons. I like both times of day. I'm not usually up for sunrise though!

    Nat - thanks Nat! You have a great weekend also.

    Jesse - cup 'o noodles?

    Stephen - We almost did the same! We're ended up very close and walk to lake all the time.

    Budd - Nope, didn't do anything at all to it. The sun was just setting over the hill and the colors were amazing...

    Margaret - I know! I has so happy that they came out in the pic as I saw them. Thanks!

    Rek - Thanks so much!

    Betty - Thanks Betty! It's one of my favorite places...

    Marguerite - Thanks so much! Nature sometimes shows us some amazing things...

    EG - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate it...

  10. You my friend always have something over here at your clubhouse that literally lifts me up when I'm a tad bit blue.. Albet, the blue birds..Ha.. such a gorgeous shot.. Frame-worthy for sure
    You have been blessed with such a gift to photograph and present to us your gifts..
    I thank you so very much for sharing with us all!!!

    Happy Weekend Pat!

  11. Breathtaking capture! Gorgeous reflections and colors! Really superb! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a great weekend!


  12. Very charming... You did catch the atmosphere of the moment in such a magical way... Wonderful.

  13. Lynne - Thanks so much for the nice words Lynne! I'm happy to have helped lighten up your day.
    I hope you also have a great weekend! Thanks again!

    Sylvia - Thank you! For both the kind words and for stopping by!

    RuneE - Thanks for saying that! I appreciate it.

    'Tsuki - thanks! Nature did all the work and provided all the colors. I was just at the right place at the right time!

  14. The way the water mirrors the sky in the evening is one of my favorite things. This is fantastic, and the herons are the icing on the cake.

  15. you created a fantastic pink world, full of softness and peace..

  16. absolutely beautiful
    I love sunsets

  17. Patrick, absolutely stunning! like a painting with the repetition of color: blue of the egrets (?) as is the color of the distant water as is the mountain range.

  18. Nice! Like the egrets in the foreground.

  19. I'm thinking I need this kind of view after this rather trying week. Looks wonderful, Pat!

  20. tapirgal - Thanks so much! I was going for the birds and changed my mind after I saw the rest of it. Herons or egrets? Or are they the same...

    Serendipity - Thanks so much!

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! I don't know why I don't spend more time there!

    Malyss - Thanks! I didn't have to create any of it, I'm happy to say!

    diane - Thanks so much diane!

    Diana - I never noticed that the birds did have a blue hue to them. It was almost dark...

    Alex - Thanks! I'm so bad at bird names. I'm not sure if they are egrets or herons, or if those are one and the same!

    m. - Thanks so much! It's a good place to unwind!

  21. What a mysterious mood you captured! And the herons are the cream on top:)

  22. That is absolutely stunning - makes me feel serene just looking at it.

  23. Wow Patrick. that is insanely beautiful.

  24. Lovely shades of lilac and pink to set off the blue birds.

  25. You are da bOMB---




    Ooops--too many drugs to type--LOL


  26. Mmm, What a gorgeous shot. It's framed so nicely that it's hard to believe it's real.

  27. Gorgeous photo, Pat!

    By the way, stop over at my blog today. I've got a guest poster who has a short story about his mother. Kinda makes me wonder if his mother and yours were related!

  28. Nice colorful reflections... & I'm so sorry about Big Boy (his pic in the sidebar), I dread the day my LiL MaN passes!

  29. It doesn't get any better than dusk by a quiet lake. Even the birds are taking it in. Beautiful shot.

  30. That is beautiful, I could sit and watch that view all evening. Thanks for sharing it. ;)

  31. That was very calming, until I saw the birds!

  32. Amazingly beautiful reflections Patrick.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  33. I can just feel the tranquility pouring out of the picture. Beautiful.

  34. You are a much better photographer than I am. I guess I didn't get my mother's Japanese-Photography gene.


  35. Wow, I thought it was just me . . . LOL! Seems you have to be more than a semi-expert to tell the difference, or else know from others what lives in your location. We have great blue herons here, that's about all I know. Check this out. I didn't study it, I only read enough to know it's not just me!

  36. P.S. I'll bet it would be a project to figure out the age of the stone wall in Gaeta - probably quite a few time frames going on there. I have no idea.

  37. Beautiful pink color tones and the silhouette of the trees and shorline...Lovely shot!!!

  38. There's everything to love about this photo, Pat. The heron/egrets (still not clear after visiting tapirgal's link), the reflection, the pink, the framing... all adds up to eye candy.

  39. Jeanette - Thanks so much! It was the lighting...

    Kitty - It was even better live! thanks!

    Cheeseboy - Thanks buddy! I appreciate it...

    Karin - Lot's of nice colors at dusk...Thanks!

    John - Thanks John!
    Thanks for reading those! LOL...

    Cotton - Thanks so much! It was all just sitting there....

    Marlu - Thanks for the nice words, and for stopping by!

    Marlene - Thanks Marlene! I read the post! Wow! Nice mom...

    Tricia - Thanks so much! I'm sorry to hear that! It takes a long time (if ever).

    Chuck - If only, I had a nice seat and a cool drink...Thanks!

    Talei - Thanks! My pleasure! I could do that also...

    Brian - they were out of reach! Unless you can swim...

    Joan - Thanks Joan!

    Costas - Thanks for the nice words. It's not Delphi, but it's close...

    Tim - Thanks Tim, it's a nice spot and I can be there in just a couple of minutes.

    Clarissa - I'd trade you some, if you'll give me some better writing skills! In Japan, they look at me like I'm the crazy white guy with the camera...tables turned!

    Sheryl - I had no idea! I thought the white ones were egrets and the blue ones wee herons. I know who to ask! What ever the age of that wall, parts of it must be very ancient!

    The Abbot - So nice to see you here! It's been quite a while. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Thanks for the nice words also!

    TheChieftess - Thanks so much! dusk is a magic time for colors, that's for sure!

  40. Francisca - Thanks so much for the nice words! I'm more confused than ever!

  41. The egrets are enjoying the stillness and silence.. did you, Pat?

    Nicely done!

  42. immensely beautiful with lovely tones. Fabulous these birds in the foreground. Thanks for your information on Newtown Area Photo, I also put my photo.

  43. Beutiful color!
    And those little birds make the scene more peacefull.

  44. Now that one is definitely a WINNER, Pat.. Love the coloring --and reflections... All I can say is WOW.

    Have a great weekend.

  45. Waterscapes at dusk are some of the most soothing scenes for me. It's like the calmness under the water is hovering just above the surface and when the sun finally goes down, the darkness underneath the water will match the darkness above it, and the two will be one. - G

  46. I would like to be in a cabin that overlooks this...that is exactly what I need!

  47. Wow, this picture is amazing Patrick. Thanks for sharing:)
    Wishing you a nice weekend.
    Greetings and warm hugs from cold Norway:)

  48. Pam - Thanks Pam! I very much enjoy this place. If I walked out the door at this moment, I could be there in less than five minutes. Just knowing it's there makes me relax...

    Leovi - Thanks! I'm glad you put your photo up! I'll go and see it next...

    nobu - Yes, the birds complete the scene. Thanks!

    Betsy - Thanks Betsy! It was all about perfect timing...

    Georgina - I agree! Dusk is magical. The birds are in their roosts and all is still and dark. Thanks!

    Toni - That would be very nice! Except for the fishermen, it's a perfect spot.

    Berit - thanks so much! Try and stay warm up there! Brrrr.....

  49. Beautiful shot Patrick! I love the colors, the lighting, the reflections and the birds in the foreground!

  50. James - Thanks! I'm sure you've been to that lake before....

  51. I agree with the other 58 people. It's beautiful.

  52. The salmon cast of the photo is breathtaking. Well, let's be frank: EVERYTHING about this pic is breathtaking. But I'm a real sucker for golden hour light, and this is as gorgeous as it gets.

    You have such an incredible eye for composition. I see your work and I learn.

  53. Sharon - LOL! Thanks Sharon!

    DeLi - Thanks! So very still and quiet at that time...

    Carmi - Thanks so much! You are right! My favorite time of the day. Even without a camera!

  54. What a stunning photo and just fantastic, Pat! Gorgeous, I tell you, just gorgeous :-)

  55. Beautiful shot! Love the pink tone and the birds.

  56. I vote for egret.
    I agree with Carmi - the salmon cast is what captured me. I couldn't figure it out until the word "salmon" jumped out! YES, lovely!

  57. Beautiful photos, Pat. I want to be there!

  58. Marvellous picture with a magic light!
    Regards from wintery Sweden,

  59. Very nice Pat, I agree with Lynne--Frameworthy this one is for sure.

  60. baygirl - Thanks so much!

    Icy BC - Thanks for the nice words!

    Vicki - Thanks! The sunlight was just about totally gone!

    Brenda - LOL! I agree! I always thought "salmon" was a fish!

    Talli - Thanks Talli! I'd go there right now, but it's raining...

    Lasse - Thanks so much! Try to stay warm and thanks for commenting!

    Jimmy - One of these days I might just frame one. I haven't yet! Thanks Jimmy! I appreciate it...

  61. What a gorgeous photo Pat, I really like the soft colors of the evening sky. The birds and branches in the foreground really add to the shot.

  62. Nice shot.. very peaceful.
    Think those are egrets..

  63. SQ - Thanks so much Judy! I agree about the time of day...

    faye - thanks faye! I think you're correct... I'm so bad at bird and plant names!

  64. Wow Pat, that is a wonderful shot!
    Makes me feel serene just looking at it.

    Have a great week ahead!

  65. ahhhh, it looks so serene - what a beautiful place!

  66. This serene sunset is the exact opposite of what I have been seeing this weekend. Visiting my Mum in British Columbia, I am in winter wonderland. Mountains glittering with freezing, sparkling snow. Brrrrrrrr. Hubby and I will be seeing Egrets and warm waters as soon as the holidays are over--can harly wait!

  67. Betty - thanks so much! It makes me feel serene also, of course that just might be the codeine!

    Shrinky - thanks! It is a great place and extremely close to my house.

    Rosemary - It sounds beautiful! Beautiful and cold...thanks!

    Ree - Thanks so much!

    Blue Wave - Thanks! It's a great spot...


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