Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Laguna (south of Broadway)

Although I took the following photos in Laguna, they aren't really related to the storm damage.

Always a fairly common sight around Laguna. First it was hippies and now it's surfers.

Pacific Coast Highway

Skim Boarding  -  The approach

The turn

Drop in


Walking towards Main Beach and downtown

It's under 60 degrees and this moron is sunbathing! A little bit of the storm surf damage to the right.

She loved the photo, but wasn't happy that I didn't show her new boots. Really? What's the matter with you people?

The view from our table while eating at Olamendi's Mexican food. The land in the background is Catalina Island. It's 30 miles offshore.  The Chicago Cubs used to hold their spring training there.

All of these photos are south of Main Street.  I'll post more of Laguna soon, but next time north of Main Street. Lot's of cliffs in that direction.



  1. wow, life goes back to normal quick.

  2. I wish I could surf, but I'm sure the only thing I'd shred is my face. Also I live in Nebraska...

  3. Budd - When tourism is the main source of this towns income, they do everything possible to keep 'em coming.

    Chris - No surfing in Nebraska? Can't you surf on those "amber waves of grain?"

  4. I just go to all the places you Photograph!!!!


    Thanks for the trips my friend!


    I surf! Surf and Turf--LOL!

  5. Great photos! And surprised that VW still runs.

  6. Those are some really great photos.

  7. What do you mean, "you people?"

    Reality television has ruined the word "Laguna" for me...

  8. Love the view of the water from your dining table!

  9. Very nice photos, Pat...I especially like the surfer action shots :-)

  10. Beautiful photo of Olamendi.

    btw: I went through the cancer experience with one of my cats. I think it was diagnosed in orange county but can't remember the city. Really hard to go through. I don't know if I'd do it again.

  11. Your pictures make want to do the unthinkable, brave my relatives and visit the state.

    That last shot is just beautiful.

  12. Oh boy! The view in that last photo is spectacular. I could handle eating Mexican food with THAT view any day of the week! (Ok, so I could handle eating Mexican food whilst looking at a toilet. I love Mexican food. But really, you get my drift, eh?)

  13. Maybe your sunbather is Irish?? ha ha! I remember once, my first car was a convertible and it was SO hot and I just HAD to have my roof down! It was only 15 degrees C!! ha ha!

  14. la la la la laaaa!

    This Minnesota girl insists on believing -- at this time of year, anyway! -- that these places don't exist!

    la la la la laaaa!


  15. I'm now going to go away and cry. That looks BEAUTIFUL. Plus the mere idea of eating mex food by the ocean is too perfect. With palm trees everywhere. Damn you California! :)

    I won't show you what's outside my window currently: A gas station, about three feet of dirty snow, some naked trees and a 70s looking prefab building with some anonymous business in it. Pah.

  16. Is that a souped up Westphalia? Neat.

  17. Cotton - Good time to come, no more rain for a little while!

    John - My pleasure! Just relax and enjoy the ride! some surf and turf sounds pretty good!

    Alex - Thanks Alex! It sounded as good as it looks. Maybe a Porsche engine in it.

    OT - Thanks so much!

    Softy - By "you people" I mean wives! that one was mine! I agree about the TV show. The family of my wife's old doctor was in that stupid show.

    Brian - It's a nice place. Only get those ocean sunsets during winter though...

    Nat - Thanks Nat! I appreciate it!

    Pasadena Adjacent - thanks for stopping by and commenting. As to the cat, I understand. I don't think I'd have a choice in the matter. I assume you read the post relating to the cat photo on my home page? It's a tough and expensive thing to go through.

    Tim - That's funny! I suppose you wouldn't have to let them know you were here! Where do they live? It's a big place with lot's to see.

    Marlene - Thanks! I'm with you. I can eat Mexican food anytime at all.

    DiamondsOnMySoles - Yeah, he's probably used to much colder weather. I guess you had to take advantage of the car...

    Pearl - It's hard for me to even imagine living in such a cold place! Brrrr! la la la la...

    TVA - I'm so sorry! My friend always says, "If palm trees don't grow there, don't go there!"

    becca - Thanks so much! It's easy when there is such nice scenery around.

  18. Warren - I believe it is! Based on the 63 camper I used to have, I'd say it's just about that year also. Mine wasn't so low though, cause I took it everywhere, even all the way to your great country...

  19. Oh, your photos are gorgeous! I can not seem to get warm cold here! My favorite photo is the last...I'll just stare at that one for awhile! ;)

  20. Beautiful series of photos. It's like living in paradise.

  21. Enjoyed cruising with you! Your photographs are always wonderful. We got to 40 degrees today in Virginia. Didn't want to sunbathe!

    Your previous post of pictures of the storm are incredible. Storm was incredible too (LOL). None of us wants to be in a storm like this. Glad you and your family are okay.

  22. I LOVE Laguna Beach! The art scene is outrageous, even if I could barely afford to peek in the gallery windows. I used to lived on Pacific Coast Highway, but in Hermosa Beach. Way less chic!

    The storm photos I've seen broke my heart. Glad to see your pictures reflect southern California in much better shape than the others. Looking forward to seeing more!

  23. Pam - thanks so much! We feel pretty lucky to live in such mild weather (most of the time)!

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi! It's very nice here, that is for sure...

    Ann - Thanks! 40 degrees? Brrrr....
    We are doing just fine!

    Nicole - It's an amazing place, that's for sure. Artists, hippie types, and surfers... Much like Topanga Canyon used to be. I used to have a friend that had a condo on PCH in Hermosa! We had a lot of fun up there! Thanks Nicole...

  24. Oh this is me.. I surf (well boogey board now), am a hippie (without the drugs)and always wanted to hitchhike and ride in a VW van..

    Love these pics!!!!!

  25. At least it LOOKS above 60 in that dudes picture. Nice view from the restaurant.

  26. Amazing pictures Pat, never surfed myself but have rode in a VW Bus :)

    I too like the last shot from the restaurant, Beautiful.

  27. Great captures... I can almost feel
    the rays .

  28. OH---I got stuck on that sunset picture.... WOW!!!!

    Glad Laguna is getting back to 'normal' so quickly...

    Can't believe that guy is sun-bathing in 60 degree temperatures... YIPES...

    Thanks for sharing Laguna to us. How close do you live to there?

    Thanks for sharing.

  29. Great shots and what quick clean up! Sunbathing in the 50's is stupid.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  30. Great pictures and descriptions, Pat, you always make me miss California so much!
    Been quite a while since I have visited Catalina, but have had some pretty good experiences there.
    Hope you are feeling real good.

  31. I Cannot believe you didn't show the boots! Seriously?

    And hey...when I see sun- I sunbathe. regardless of the digits;)
    (Seriously....i am a sun worshiper)

  32. Come on! try again! I want to see the new boots! ;)

    These are fabulous picture.
    These sunset one is stunning.

    Suntanning in 60degrees? We Canadians (and possibly those from MN and the like) think that's a bloody heat wave! ;)

  33. Love the pics - especially the surfer! I have tried surfing in Cornwall - was great fun but I spent more time falling into the waves than catching any!

  34. Glad your storm is over. The mess will be gone soon too, and your photos today are a lot more appealing then yesterday's (talking content, not skill).

    Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most awesome stretches of road in the world, and I've don a LOT of road trips. And pray tell me, WHY is he a moron for sitting in the sun? The rest of your country is frozen! :-D Wonderful sunset you had there, Pat, and I bet the Mexican dinner you ate was a whole lot better than the disappointing meal I recently had at a Tequila something-or-another Restaurant here in Manila.

  35. Lynne - Back in the day, I used to drive a VW bus that I think was the same year as this one. Mine was a camper and I sure put a lot of miles on it. Speaking of hippy types, Laguna Beach (and Canyon) was a haven for them. It was great.

    Chuck - It may look over 60, but believe me it was cold (by our standards anyway). thanks Chuck!

    Jimmy - A different world, that's for sure. thanks!

    faye - thanks! I think the guy was getting red, but it was frostbite!

    Betsy - Thank you! There is a hill just behind it called "top of the world." If that hill wasn't there I could see the main beach and the ocean.

    D&R - Thanks so much! I'm with you on the percentage. Of course I didn't always feel that way. I'm paying for it now with, old white guy skin...

    Joe - Thanks so much Joe! I haven't been over there for a while myself. I can be at the boat that goes there everyday in just a few minutes. I think it's about time to get over there... Many years ago, I used to scuba dive over there quite a bit. It's a great spot for it. I am doing great now. Best surgery results I've ever had!

    Dawn - I know! I am not a sun worshiper. I used to spend a lot of time in it, but never just to get sun. You probably appreciate it a lot more than I do, because of all the cold weather where you are.

    Nariane - Thanks so much! A heat wave! That's funny!

    Jayne - thanks Jayne! Surfing is very popular here. Despite all the nice warm weather we have in Southern California, the water is very cold here!

    Francisca - thanks! I agree...
    PCH is amazing. You start at the bottom (down by me) and drive for many days and see fantastic sights and places the whole way. As you know, there is lots of good Mexican food around here.

  36. That shot of PCH and the shot of walking on the beach toward Main Beach bring it all back.

    Happy New Year Patrick!

  37. I want to hang out with you. Man you just know where to find paradise. So jealous.

  38. California dreaming on such a winter's day...
    The sky is gray here in eastern Oregon and your photos have taken me back to my youth, where I cruised the beach and didn't realize that life wouldn't always be that simple.

  39. Cali Girl - Even though I get to see it all the time, it still remember being there as a youngster! Happy New Year to you also!

    Jesse - thanks! I feel very fortunate to live where I do. If you ever make it out here...

    #1Nana - Oh yeah! I know just what you are talking about. I don't mind gloomy weather though, just not all the time. When I was "younger" I used to spend a lot of time up in the Eureka area. You get a lot of beauty with the gloom up there...

  40. Just GORGEOUS! I need to get there along that highway for some photography love! hey, that guy sunbathing is NORMAL here where I live...people immediately go out if it is above 60 to sunbathe..we don't get much warmth here and our summers are short...60's right now would be a HEATWAVE. We are getting only in the teens now and expecting a blizzard here tonight. LOL

  41. The only amber waves of grain you could possibly surf on is if there were an ocean made of beer, which would probably be awesome.

  42. Joan - I guess we acclimate to where we live. Yep, Pacific Coast Hwy, is an amazing drive! Hope the blizzard isn't too severe! Thanks Joan!

    Chris - I was hoping you'd see what I said! I agree!

  43. Cool bunch of photos Pat. Maybe that guy got storm damage too.. lol..there's always one...


  44. I figure your sunbather is from the Great White North. I flew to Tampa from Anchorage one winter and folks down there must have thought I was crazy for being on the beach when it was overcast and in the sixties.

  45. Great shots! It's always nice to see OC. That skim boarder was going farther into the surf than I remember. I bet they have super skim boards now. :)

  46. 60 degrees and sunbathing...he must be visiting from Canada! ha ha.

  47. 60 degrees? That's a heatwave this time of year in Chicago!

    Beautiful shots!

  48. You live in such a beautiful place! Your pics are fab and that sunset on Catalina Island is amazing!

  49. MY goodness those are beautiful!! For some reason I feel a pull towards this beachy, sun-filled place....sigh, if only to dream...

  50. Lovin' these California beach photos...thanks for sharing!

  51. Anthony Langford - You are right! One in every group! thanks!

    SQ - I guess it all depends on what you're used to! Did you get a tan!

    James - thanks James! Oh yeah, skim boarding has changed a lot, now they use the shore break to "surf." Lot's of it in Laguna.

    Rosemary - It could be. There are a lot of Canadians in SoCal this time of year. I dont' know if you've ever heard of Palm Springs. It's a small desert city out here. there are direct flights from several Canadian airports to there.

    Marguerite - Thanks so much! We are most certainly fortunate.

    PTM - Yeah man! "perty as can be!"

    Kato - Thanks Kato! We have a lot of them out this way if you ever get the chance...

    Sarah - thanks Sarah! We love 'em also!


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