Monday, September 12, 2016

Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park

Skull Rock is another very popular spot in Joshua Tree National Park. It is located just outside of Jumbo Rocks Campground. If you don't feel like hiking to this spot via the Jumbo Rocks Trail, you can drive to it! It is right alongside the main road through the park. As usual, there are also plenty of other great natural sights in the area.

 That is one large forehead on that skull!

 A small arch very close to the skull.

 A few additional photos from the area.



  1. Maybe it's a gorilla skull?
    The rock formations lend themselves to all sorts of objects one could see in them.

  2. you know, while some of them look like skulls, some of them look like bums too :)

  3. Gorgeous photos. One of them looks like a big hand to me.
    You visit some spectacular places

  4. Hello, neat rock formations. The skull rock is cool. Great photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Wow----those are some HUGE rocks/boulders.... Amazing pictures at a beautiful National Park.


  6. Only your fantasy limits the patterns and shapes you can see in these photos - a wonderful area.

    Take care!

  7. More great photos. AS close as I am and as many times that I've driven close to it, in my 25 years living in L.A. I have still never been to Joshua Tree. I want to go someday though my wife has no interest in going there. Maybe sometime when we have visitors I'll persuade them to take that trip.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  8. Interesting rock formations. Reminds me a little of Vasquez Rocks.

  9. Really, really interesting patterns in the rocks. I like the skull.

  10. It could be a kin to the Flintstones!

  11. I was so happy to see you has published amother post about Joshua Tree National Park again. It is such an amazing place. All of the rock in the area are impressive. I pray there is no graffiti on them. genie

  12. One of the few places of yours I've been, thanks Pat. Maybe back there someday.


  13. Alex J. Cavanaugh - It sure looks like a gorilla skull. Looking at all the boulders there is kind of like looking at clouds. All kinds of familiar shapes appear.

    DEZMOND - Yep! It's "all in the eye of the beholder."

    Trish - Hi Trish! I totally agree with you about the hand. I'll be over...Thanks!

    eileeninmd - Thanks Eileen! You have a good week also.

    Betsy Adams - Yep, some of them are VERY large. I the haven't posted it yet, but the largest known free standing boulder in the world is also in this area.

  14. visualnorway - It is always fun to look at all the shapes. It's a great place.

    Arlee Bird - Thanks Lee! I hear that a lot. It is well worth the time and effort.

    Kay - I agree on both counts Kay.

    Wayne - I agree! Lots to see there.

  15. Brian - Maybe it is!

    William Kendall - It is gorgeous!

    genie - Thanks Genie! Despite what you hear, there isn't very much graffiti there. Even a little bit is terrible though.

    Should Fish More - You are welcome Mike! Thanks to you also. I hope you do make it back there sometime.

  16. Fabulous photos. Thanks for sharing.

  17. JT's rock formations are kind of like clouds -- open to interpretation, but whatever you decide they look like they're wonderful to contemplate and dream about.

  18. The Geezers - You are most welcome, and right back at ya!

    Sallie (FullTime-Life) - You are so right Sallie! I love it there.

  19. That rock is named perfectly. Lovely shots!

  20. An interesting place--the name fits!

  21. Such fascinating shapes of rocks! It looks very desolate and dry but an interesting place to go hiking for sure.

  22. Such grand rock formations. I love these. Quite beautiful.

  23. Al - Thanks Al!

    sage - One more desert oddity, right?

    Karen Jones Gowen - Hi Karen! It seems like wherever you look, there is something interesting to see.

    robin andrea - Thanks so much Robin! I love that place.

  24. That dude had one big brain! Must have been a genius.

    Well done Patty for getting out there again after your recent scare.


  25. Reminds me of a monumental giants' graveyard,
    thousands of years after the mysterious disaster
    has passed and the noble great shapes abide.
    Masterly, Patrick!

  26. I thought this JT blog was the last one and got confused but this is a new one and turns out I'm just dumb! Yay!

    I climbed up to Skull Rock when I was out there and took an up close and personal photo with it. I love the rock formations out in JTNP. :)

  27. What a fun place! It almost looks like Skull Rock in the Disney version of Peter Pan. :)

  28. Stunning photos. It must be an amazing place to see in person.

  29. Gorgeous pics, Pat! You can really see the texture of the rocks and just how smooth they must feel to the touch.

    In the 3rd photo down, it looks like fingers or toes wrapped around the rock!

    Thank you for sharing, buddy!

  30. Anthony J. Langford - Thanks Anthony! If he was that smart, you'd think he'd move to a cooler sport.

    Margaret Benbow - Me too! Kind of like something from Easter Island. Thanks Margaret!

    VEG - Well, it could have been the last one, but somehow became the next one. I don't schedule these very well. You climbed Skull Rock? Oh man, I guess you don't know about the curse!

    (there is no curse)

    Baby Sister - It is fun! Fun, interesting, and sometimes brutally hot.

    M Pax - Thanks Mary! It really is an amazing place. Hope you get down here someday and are able to check it out.

    Ron - Thanks Ron! A lot of people think the rocks are smooth. This kind of granite tends to be very rough. Some is smooth though. I thought about the fingers also. My pleasure Ron! Thanks back ya...

  31. That is quite a name! I would be nervous to spend the night there :)

  32. Icy BC -I've slept very close it many times, and haven't been haunted yet!

  33. Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely stunning, stunning, stunning!

  34. Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy - Hey there! Joshua Tree is my favorite place.


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