Thursday, October 21, 2010

Children of the Corny 2

11 days 'til halloween

I thought I'd post something a little less spooky today.
Don't stare at the eyes for too long...


  1. OMG! I stared at the eyes too long and now I'm hypnotized! Don't ask me to cluck like a chicken...

    *cluck, cluck, cluck*


  2. Haha, this cracked me up, yet, it still is a bit freaky...

  3. Awww cute. oooo, just stared at the eyes too long. :)

  4. hahahah. OMgoodness...This is the cutest of the cute!!

  5. Oh that look! Too many creamed prunes I'll bet!

  6. Oh my gosh. This photo is amazing.

  7. haha...yay! I like a little less spooky.
    (Have to say I do come on here every day...but as I scroll - if I see anything remotely scary, I have to stop. I'm the type of person who drives with her vehicle lights on in the dark after I see a horror PREVIEW in the theater!!! Still sleep with my lights on too....:(
    So....Yay for todays post!!!
    (And as soon as you said don't look in the eyes for too long...I skimmed right past them.)
    Scarde-Y Cat!

  8. LOL! Is this you? Rather than spooky I think this is pretty cute!

  9. I can't say I'm a huge Halloween fan (it's fun, but I don't get too into it), but this photo is captivating! Yes, I'm staring at the eyes! About doors. I am a fan, (and I even like THE Doors :) So what's the web site?

  10. By the way, I like your cool new graphic at the top.

  11. I DID stare a the eyes...and was waiting for one of those big scary surprises...

  12. I looked in the eyes! I looked in the eyes!

    Best. Hair. Ever.

  13. Oh the eye's are definitely spooky but that hair gets me!! ;)

  14. Babies are great at staring contests! The eyes really are captivating.

  15. LOL!! Ok, this one kinda made me chuckle! Of course, I didn't stare at the eyes too never knows what can happen when you do that!

  16. Spooky, Pat! And those eyes are rockin'!


  17. Awww, this baby is so cute!
    Now this is a photo that I can't remember seeing!

  18. Why did you mention not staring at the eyes? I did! I may never be the same!

  19. Well, this is definitely spooky! I stared at the eyes until I felt like they were inside me!!

  20. Imagine that attacking you in a back ally a night ;)

  21. That is freakier than a jar full of doll heads...same eyes BTW.

  22. Well, at least it's alive.

  23. CD - I said DON'T stare at the eyes! cluck cluck...

    Ree - just a bit.

    copyboy - I warned you!

    Penny - It is kinda cute! except for those eyes...

    Brian - yuck! Now that's scary...

    Helena - Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Dawn - I PROMISE, it will only be this way until Halloween has come and gone...

    Cake Betch - No it's not me. It's one of my kids, but I don't remember which one. I don't think I saved the original either...

    tapirgal - I'll send you the link to the "doors" blog.

    Joe - I warned you! The surprise will come when you least expect it.

    baygirl - Yeah! a spike...

    Tim - Oh oh, I warned you about the eyes...

    Talei - I think you could impale yourself on that hair...

    Sarah - Yes they are captivating. Right up until the time they pull you in.

    Marlene - Thanks for heeding my warning.

    Ms. Anthropy - HELLO!!!! They are indeed! nice to see you out and about...

    Alex - Oh come on! It's just a baby...

    Arlee - It's one of my kids, don't remember which one...LOL

    Nevine - They are some cool (and scary) looking eyes.

    Alice - Doesn't all THAT cute to me! scary...

    BB - It's kind of like "don't stick beans up your nose!"

    Ally - Hey there! Nah, it's one of our kids, I really have no idea which one it

    Ann - Thanks! But less spooky than yesterday! I warned you...

    Warren - Or even worse a whole nursery full of them. In a farm, just outside a small town in Iowa. Where all the grown-ups have mysteriously disappeared..

    Jhon - Mine also...And I'd like it back...

    Chuck - hmmm, are they really doll heads?

    altadenahiker - or so it seems...

    Marguerite - It does! And like we've seen one also...

    Lynda - Thanks! There maybe some coming up soon...

  24. My oh my Alfalfa but you have changed !!

  25. How can I not stare when a.) you told me not to stare and that makes me want to stare. b.) those eyes are staring at me...what am I supposed to do?

    :) great picture!

  26. Baby Dracula, just look at the hair, hard evidence!

  27. That is a child whose eyes will always be stared at too long. Interesting shot.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  28. faye - LOL...I never even thought of that! Good eye faye!

    Toni - there is nothing you can do! I warned you...

    dot - thanks!

    Entre Nous - I think you may be correct!

    D&R - yep, just don't stare into them for too long...

  29. whose baby is this? October 31st is my grandma's birthday LOL. Only young people celebrate Halloween where I live though, because it's a relatively new tradition. I'm not sure my grandma has heard of Halloween.

  30. Francisca - thanks! It was a natural...

    Minoccio - I don't remember who it is. One of my kids I think... I hear that it's spreading all over the world...

  31. LOL. This is one kid (the only one I've seen, perhaps) that I have a hard time calling cute.

  32. Robyn - that's funny! I honestly think it's somebody in my family. I have not idea who though!


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