Friday, October 15, 2010

Dead Stop Heart

Snowy laden, frosty weight
Heavy hinges, iron gate

Steamy breathing, icy tears
Crystal clarity, hidden fears

Acid bile, stark pure dread
Deep blue fear, living dead

Tilted gray markers, hammered names
Deep dark thoughts, wormed remains

Coal black raven, lifeless eyes
Oil fired lantern, shroud demise

Flutter movement, scurry scratch
Shudder whine, rusty latch

Bone sinew fingers, skyward reaching
Dead stop heart, vomitus leeching

Dank breath exhale, silent scream
Loose bowel pinch, nightmare dream


the first of several original poems to celebrate the season


  1. I can totally picture vinny price reading this.

  2. Whoohooo!
    My favourite season.
    Great stuff! Keep it coming!

  3. Cool poem, Pat. You're really getting into the season with creepy pics and haunting poems.


  4. No...! :) Your posts are too scary now! Bring back Arizons!

  5. Maravillosamente terrorífico. Ya se lo que le tengo que recitar a mi hijo cuando se porte mal.

  6. Wow, yours? Didn't know you were a poet as well!

  7. Wow, yours? Didn't know you were a poet as well!

  8. I forgot the translation in the previous comment. He was paralyzed with a shudder even at the nape, awesome, very good poem. A greeting.

  9. Wings - Thanks! than you shall have more!

    Jesse - I wish! It does have that feeling...

    Nariane - Mine also! there will be more.

    Clarissa - thanks! When the weather changes it brings out the dark side....or not!

    Talli - Sunny days will be back soon enough Talli. I have some more things for the halloween season first...

    Leovi - thanks! It's pretty creepy!

    Alex - Thanks Alex. There's a page link under my header to poems. Or in the label column. Oh yeah, it's mine!

  10. Oh man, I am waiting for Halloween to be OVER so I don't get spooked everytime I visit your blog! First it was photos, now it is the poetry...
    Good stuff, Pat!

  11. Brenda - Thanks! A couple more weeks and you will be unafraid!

  12. I'm almost afraid to tiptoe over here these days...heehee.

    Seriously, though.....creepy!!!!! (But kinda fun, too!)

  13. Loved this! Yes, I could just hear Vincent Price reading it!
    You should post some more of your poetry here.
    Wow, I'm going to have to start and get ready for Halloween too!

  14. Never thought I would find - loose bowel pinch - so well placed in a poem.

  15. Great poem Pat.. I admire you good writers that can rhyme and have it be good..
    Happy Pre-Halloween!!!!

  16. Creepy.. but suitable for the season.

  17. This is awesome, Pat! It's perfectly worded, free flowing, and scary as hell!

  18. Awesome. I loves me some horror poetry.

  19. Ghoulishly good poem....sent a shiver down my spine!

  20. Nicely done! You should consider entering the Freaky Writing Contest if you haven't already:

    Happy weekend!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  21. Very well written Pat, I was impressed with each line as a different feeling came out with each one.

  22. Marlene - All in good fun!

    Alice - Thanks! that would be fantastic! I will post some more...

    Jhon - I was giggling even as I wrote it...

    Lynne - thanks so much! Tis the season!

    Costas - Thanks! This time of year, creepy is good!

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! I'm happy you thought so...

    Tim - Me too! It just doesn't seem "normal" to post any other time...

    Nat - thanks! I'm god to hear that...

    Angela - thanks for stopping by and commenting. I just went to that website...

    Jimmy - Thanks Jimmy! I like the way it worked out.

  23. Adore it. And here you've been saying you can't write. My eye!!!

    Looking forward to more.


  25. I'm in awe! I don't know why I should ever be surprised at you immense, diverse and amazing talents!!!


  26. Rabbit - thanks! I really do feel that way. I have no real clue about grammar and punctuation rules and I can't spell worth a crap. I need a personal editor...LOL

    Warren - Really good video Warren, thanks...

    John - Why thank you! Oh please!

    Karin - Thanks! Same to you!

  27. Wow, Pat, did you write this? Awesome...and you say you have no talent for music. Let me tell you, writing the lyrics can be the hardest part about writing music! Too bad we don't live near each other, I bet we could collaborate!

  28. Joe - As far playing something, I can do nothing. I have written some lyrics. I should post some of them and will soon! thanks buddy!

  29. You just put me into the season. :)
    Love it! Looking forward for more!

    Have a great weekend!

  30. I belive you are trying to scare us...
    I read it in translation to Greek also...

  31. Some little boy really likes his Halloween. (This little girl does, too.)

  32. Cool! The cadence in this reminds me of the three witches from Macbeth. - G

  33. Si me ataca alguno de sus muertos vivientes tengo oro para sobornarlo.

  34. Scary, Scary, Scary....almost felt I was reading a prologue to a horror novel...multifaceted are we??? ;D

  35. It's just that your poem reminded me of Alan Parsons musical interpretation of Poes work.

  36. Joe - missed the last line. Yeah, that would be fun. I wrote hundreds of poems and lyrics in the past and some where along the way, they all turned up missing. I think during a move! I was so upset!

    Betty - Thanks! there will be more! You have a good weekend also.

    bilsot - I am trying to scare you!

    altadenahiker - Maybe I enjoy them so much now, because they weren't so hot when I was a kid.

    Georgina - Thanks so much! I wanted the poem to feel very old.

    Leovi - Thanks so much! the "undead" always intrigued me. I'm still waiting for the zombies to appear.

    Songwords - thanks! I so happy you said that! I may be multifaceted, but I'd rather be exceptional at a single thing. jack of all trades and master of none...

    Warrenn - I got the feeling. That's why I really liked it...

  37. Excellent Poem Pat.
    Very creative.
    I was pretty happy with my poem too this week. Must be the season.
    Great work mate.


  38. ooooo....creepy! I love this time of year!

  39. I agree that this would have been perfect for Vincent Price to recite on Halloween...with appropriate music of course. Great poem Pat.

  40. Anthony - Thanks! you are right, it's the season inspiring us...

    Toni - Me too! My favorite non-holiday season...

    chuck - I agree! He'd have to be wearing a velvet smoking jacket sitting in a dimly lit den with a fire place while doing it.

  41. I have to agree with some of the comments above, I would love to have heard Vincent Price read this poem.


  42. SQ - I think we have concensus! Vincent it is...

  43. I so love this. It captures the season well :)

  44. Love the many facets to your blog. You have now gotten me more in the mood for Halloween!

  45. Lynda - Thanks so much! one of my own favorites...

  46. DrSoosie - thank you very much! I'm in the mood also...

  47. Rosemary - If you have goosebumps, my writing was a sucess...thanks!

  48. Rosemary - If you have goosebumps, my writing was a sucess...thanks!

  49. Hey! Not bad, not bad at all!

  50. My Queen of Halloween daughter loves this!

    As creepy as anything I've ever read or seen!!

  51. Ann - Thanks so much! I have a lot of "creepy" in me and it comes out around halloween...

    Ree - Thanks! chilling is good...

  52. loose bowel pinch is my favorite line by


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