Monday, July 18, 2011

Poipu Beach -- Kauai

I'm trying to post this using an unsecured internet signal that isn't worth a darn. I hope I can get it finished before it goes away. We're at a camp ground on top of a mountain overlooking the Anza-Borrego Desert. Just about as different from the photos below as possible.

If you look at any list of "The World's Best Beaches," Poipu Beach is sure to be on it. In some surveys it's rated as the best all around beach anywhere. It has two crescent shaped beachs separated by a small sandbar and protected by a barrier reef.  It was the most crowded place we saw on Kauai, but "crowded" is a relative term, because there really weren't very many people there. Somehow, I got there without my good camera and had to use my p&s. I think you can still see the beauty of the place.

View to the right

View to the left

View to the middle



  1. Wow is such an understatement.. I am in awe of this beautiful Poipu beach.. your photos are fantastic, Pat.

    I want to be the one lying in the shade under the coconut tree.

    be well, be happy

  2. Looks like a beautiful place. Compared to Carolina beaches, not crowded at all.

  3. A really beautiful beach Patrick.

  4. absolutely stunning! Look at all the blue! You can stop teasing now... :)

  5. Great pictures.

    I think I could retire on that beach.

  6. we own time on Kauai at Poipu Point. I LOVE it there but I do not frequent that particular beach when we go. hubby says the beach is not barefoot friendly (in the water), so I prefer to relax at the beach pool the resort has.
    of the larger islands tho, Kauai is my absolute favorite when it comes to scenery and relaxation :)

    beautiful pictures!

  7. I think I'd get bored.

    Why are you on top of a mountain?


  8. Those are really great photos- love to read about your vacation travels- I hope you continue to enjoy your safe (Mountain/Desert) trip.

  9. beautiful blue!
    lovely shots!
    i wish i were there now...
    have a great week ahead, Pat.


  10. For heaven's sake, please tell me what kind of P&S you use! Those are amazing photos!

  11. I'm still daydreaming about being there!

  12. I've not been to Poipu but I think the beaches of Laguna are some of the prettiest ever. At least, to my memory and happy times.

    I also love Bermuda!

  13. I wish I had stowed away in your suitcase! It's SO PRETTY!!!

  14. this is paradise. the person laying in the shade under the palm tree is one lucky person. great shots Pat. I hope you're having fun up on top of the mountain wherever you are. stay and be cool. :)

  15. gorgeous. jealous, so jealous.

  16. You're right...that is a beautiful beach. And I agree, it doesn't look very crowded as I define the word. I could really be back at a beach right now, for sure.

    Hope you're having fun on the latest "Pat Trip" and looking forward to seeing the sites through your lens when you get back.

  17. hopefully you're going to share some desert pictures, too ^_^

  18. Pam - thanks so much Pam! My photos really didn't do the place justice. I also loved that spot!

    Alex - It sure was. I don't think I saw a crowded place the entire time we were there.

    Costas - thanks Costas! I hope you are doing well.

    Sarah - Okay, only a couple more teases to come.

    Budd - Thanks so much Budd!

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks! I'm right there with you.

    diane - I envy you for the timeshare! Not to many "barefoot" friendly beaches on volcanic islands, that's for sure. I also love the place.

    Esther - Nah! Too much to do and see to get bored. I'm sitting on this mountain because it's one of my favorite places to "get away" to.

    Ren - Thanks Ren! I appreciate it. The mountain we were on and the desert we looked down at. We didn't go down there though. Today it was 108 there.

    Betty M - I agree with you Betty! I also wish I was there. You also have a great week.

    Baby Sister - Thanks so much!

    missing moments - I love it there, but I have a little trouble with the humidity.

    Ms A. - Thanks Ms A. The p&s is a Nikon S600.

    Brian - I'm with you!

    California Girl - I agree with you. I'm so lucky to have those beaches (Laguna), so close at hand.
    I haven't been to Bermuda yet.

    Lola - I didn't take very much with me, so you might have fit!

    Ms. Becky - I agree with you. I wanted to kick that person out of there. I was there for 6 days. We just got home a few hours ago.

    Belle - It sure is! I'd like to see it again very soon.

    Robyn - thanks Robyn! I'll be by as soon as I can...

    becca - It sure is! Thanks becca.

    willfulresemblance - Hey now, don't be jealous! Just hop on a plane.

    Chuck - Same with me. Great beaches are usually covered with people. that makes them not so great in my eyes. We had a blast. A lot of hiking, relaxing and reading.

    Ven - I'll share some from the high country, but it was too hot to go down the hill to the desert.

  19. I have a photo of a monk seal and a sea turtle (lying on the beach) in the same shot. Did you see any?

  20. Sharon - We saw two monk seals at the little beach next to our condo and several sea turtles. I might post some photos of them but I think people might be getting burnt out on my Kauai photos.

  21. Oh!
    To be on that beach right now would be better than winning a lottery for me!
    I need beach time- and that one looks perfect.....

  22. I could handle being there right now. You take the most interesting photos, Pat. I love the feelings they leave me with. :)

  23. Yeah, looks "packed"! Not really. Beautiful. I'd love to be there.

  24. Oh no, I feel a creeping envy coming on. That blue, blue sky...

  25. Great shots of a wonderful beach, Pat! I wouldn't mind being there, I must say...we're getting as much rain this July as we normally have in the spring and fall.

    Glad you're having a good time...I look forward to seeing some of your desert pictures when you're home...

  26. Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous beach. For some reason I have always thought these beaches would be packed with beach towels and umbrellas. I'm amazed.

    Good for you on the word verification Pat, I got rid of it about a year ago. I should do a message like yours, maybe we can wipe it out!

  27. Yup, I could spend some time on Poipu Beach. Lovely indeed. And yes, my blog is verification free. Wish everyone's was.


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