Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Reflections -- Monterey Bay

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Reflections by other photographers at Weekend Reflections.


  1. beautiful and peaceful image!
    i love it!!


  2. Beautiful reflections Patrick.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I could hang out there and just stare at the beauty!

  4. A great composition. I like the view peeking through the tree.

  5. Fantastic capture, Pat! Love the boats on the water and the colors are beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend!


  6. Nice one! I want to be there. :)

  7. Alex - Yep, not only a lot of boats, but you have to have a boat to get to your boat!

    Betty M - Thanks Betty!

    Costas - Thanks so much! you have a great weekend also.

    Brian - I'm with you! It's a nice place. This city was the Mexican capital of California (a long time ago).

    Karen - Thanks so much! It was hard to miss.

    Sylvia K - Thanks so much! One of my favorite places to visit.

    EG Wow - Thanks! I agree with you!

    Ren - Thanks Ren! It's a very relaxing spot. Not that far from the fantastic aquarium they have there.

  8. Such a pretty harbor. I like how that yellow sailboat is stealing the show.

  9. Love the picture. It almost doesn't look real somehow. Like toy boats on a blue canvas. Very cool.

  10. I like that the shot is framed with the tree

  11. Dorian - Thanks so much! There always seems to be a camera hog in every shot!

    Karin - Thanks so much! Have a great weekend.

    Tim - thanks Tim! It was a hard one to screw up.

    Budd - Thanks Budd! It was a natural for a good photo.

  12. I think I'd take Monterey Bay over Lake Britton this time of year. Inland lakes are just too hot in July and August.

  13. The blue in that shot is eye-popping, Pat! And I love that you got it from beside a tree. Just lovely!


  14. It could be in Brittany, France!what a peaceful view!

  15. That water almost looks like blue glass. Nice!

  16. What a great view, I love that tree!

  17. well what amazes me is the color of the water. what hour of the day was this taken? just wondering - it's bewitching.

  18. I'd love to be sitting under that tree and enjoying the view in person. Nice capture!

  19. Looks so incredibly relaxing...

    Can I come for a visit?

  20. Monterey Musing!

    such a nice shot - glad I stopped by-

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  21. Beautiful peaceful scene with reflections!

  22. It looks very nice and quiet. Greetings.

  23. Lovely photo. I wish I was on one of those boats right now!

  24. What a serene and lovely image! I'd love to sail off...
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  25. As always, love your photos. I live vicariously through your camera lens. :)

  26. What a beautiful place! My wife really wants to go to Monterey and she likes your photo!

  27. That's a lot of sailboats in the bay ...

  28. How I'd love to be there right now. It's been raining since last night here and rather cool. Even some tornadoes in central Alberta, just a couple hours south of us, last night.

  29. so now I am singing.. sailing ...
    the oldie one hit wonder from
    Christopher Cross......

  30. I am beginning to really enjoy pictures of boats, water and sky. Think I will try a local lake this weekend...if it's not 120-degrees outside! Nice picture Pat.

  31. Martha - I hear you! I'd still like to see it though.

    Nevine - Hey there! Thanks. Without the tree, it would have just an ordinary photo.

    Malyss - I wish I had taken it in Brittany! Maybe someday...

    Ms A - thanks! It was totally calm. Although there are none in the photo, there were several seals swimming around.

    Woody - Thanks so much! I agree, the tree makes it work.

    Ms. Becky - Based on the color of the water, I'd say it was about mid-day. thanks so much!

    Lindy - thanks so much! I'd like to be sitting there also.

    Kato - You can come for a visit. that spot is still there waiting for you.

    Cloudia - Thanks so much for stopping by. I just returned hoome after spending a couple of weeks in your great state.

    Dianne - thanks so much! It was very serene.

    Japy - It sure was. Thanks for stopping by Japy!

    Belle - thanks so much! Me too!

    Ricky - I agree with you! I'd like to be there as well.

    Lola - thanks so much Lola! I will continue to visit your blog.

    One Woman's Thought - I sure wish I was!

    Marlene - Thanks so much my friend! I'm glad you like my little photo stories.

    James - Thanks James! I'm surprised you haven't been. It's a wonderful place.

    Blue Wave - Yep! To me, it seems like an hard way to keep a boat.

    Shirley - That's pretty scary! It's cooling off a bit here as well. It's usually pretty mild here.

    faye - I saw him sing that song live (a long time ago).

    Chuck - I like to look at them because it reminds me how much I love to see them in person.

  32. Magnificent scenery, the blue water is awesome and the tree looks a frame for this postcard! :)

  33. Nice boat reflections and such a peaceful bay.

  34. What a beautiful view Pat, I really like the way you framed the shot with the tree limbs. I wouldn't mind spending a few hours enjoying that view.

    Have a great weekend!

  35. A part of California I missed seeing on my visits. I will have to try to get there next time because it is lovely.

    Pat this is a wonderful shot and a treat for us land locked midwesterners.

  36. Busy bay! But a calm one. Can you /do you swim here, too? I enlarged the photo, but hey, you didn't leave it large enough. LOL!

  37. This makes me want to get on a boat and catch some rays and some sleep. :)

  38. lovely colors
    the yellow boat really pops
    and your perspective makes me feel I'm standing there

  39. Great shot but there are so many boats it almost looks like a parking lot.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  40. It looks like a watercolour painting - so serene and peaceful!

  41. As a sailor, this is a PERFECT shot! Just discovered you on Weekend Reflections .. new follower!

  42. BEAUTIFUL!!! Hello my Brother--may you always find safe harbor!


  43. Did my last post make it!

    May you always find safe harbor! Love Love- the boats!


  44. Beautiful capture. Can't help but be extra cheered by that splash of yellow.

  45. Nice shot Pat. The framing is excellent and the color of that water...

    Looks like you guys had a fantastic fourth. Nice series of shots there.

    Thanks for visiting. Yes. Bell bottoms and sandals do date that young lady on the subway car.

    You might want to check out my Weekend B&W shots. I found some prints and negatives I shot in downtown Saigon with my minox.

  46. peace and quiet there.
    I can picture myself on one of those sailboats, bobbing on the gentle ripples, sipping a cold glass of .... yum.

  47. My favorite bay. Love the photo.

  48. Leia - thanks so much! All I did was push the button (well, maybe a bit more)!

    Arija - It's a beautiful place. thanks for commenting!

    SQ - Thanks Judy! I hope to be back up there pretty soon. Have a good week!

    Rita - It's a great area. If you do, make sure you have a couple of days at least!

    Francisca - There isn't enough marina space for private boats, so they anchor instead. I had to reduce the size for something else and I don't know where the bigger one is! darn...

    Baby Sister - Me too! although right now, I'll opt for the sleep!

    Dianne - Thanks so much! I really appreciate what you said!

    D&R - In the overall scheme of the bay, it's still pretty empty. Thanks!

    Shrinky - thanks! It came out really good. The color really popped.

    missing moments - Thanks so much for both commenting and signing on! I appreciate both!

    John - Both posts made it! thanks John! I'll be over...

    Oakland Daily - thanks! I thought that one boat is what made the photo work.

    awarewriter - Thanks so much! We did have an amazing fourth! I've seen your some of your b&w vietnam shots, but it's been awhile. I'll be over!

    Tess - It sure was. The water was so still. Thanks Tess!

    Rosemary - Oh yeah! A cold glass of almost anything! thanks!


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