Monday, November 7, 2011

Snow Canyon Utah

Back to Utah for a post.  Snow Canyon is truly an undiscovered jewel. It's close to a few national parks and because of this, people just pass right by. If you are ever in southern Utah, it's a must see.

The road into Snow Canyon. We were awestruck when we saw this scene for the first time (a few weeks ago).

No jeep roads here, so we had to dismount and explore on foot.  This trail took us to those low red rock formations. They are petrified (or solidified) sand dunes.

The dunes.

This is an odd shot. Not because of the scenery, but because I'm in it.

Just because...

The clouds really made these photos.

More sand dunes.

An amazing vista.

Very high desert, so it's not as hot as it looks. That's my wife heading towards that large, bright red formation.

I still have a couple more posts to do from this trip, so I'm going to continue alternating them with pics from our just completed roadie to the central California coast.



  1. Amazing photos! That first one looks like a painting--stunning. I had no idea that Utah offered such beautiful sights -- good to know!

  2. Did you camp there? The state web site says there is a very nice campground with RV sites.

    It is beautiful. We must go there next time we are in Utah, not all that far we live in the Phoenix area.


  3. just gorgeous colors in the soil and rocks. and that cloud shot is my favorite. :)

  4. Thanks for the pictures of Snow Canyon! I've been to all these places you showed, and my kids have hiked the higher dunes. I love that place, one reason because it's small enough to feel homey yet not, if you know what I mean. Did you explore any of the caves?

  5. That place is so amazing! Beautiful photos!

  6. If ever I'm in Southern Utah! What a thought!

    One day, maybe I'll be able to travel the world. Glad to know this scenery is in a place not as hot as it looks. I think heat will bar me from lots of lovely places because I really can't take it.

  7. These rock formations and the petrified sand dunes amaze me with their beauty. How fortunate the sky was also lovely that day!

  8. Just catching up from being gone ... your photos are awesome Pat. But I love those ones from Oceano ... incredible dunes! And I'm with your wife ... wine cooler always the priority! LOL!

  9. Sarah - thanks Sarah! There is PLENTY more to see there. Utah has four national parks and several national monuments.

    kerrys - We camped in Hurricane, maybe 15 miles away. We did look at the campground though. It's very private and in a beautiful spot.

    Budd - Thanks Budd! I appreciate it.

    TexWisGirl - Thanks so much! The colors are amazing. The drive from Sedona to this area is about 250 miles of amazing...

    KarenG - My pleasure! We didn't do the caves this trip (I forget why), but we all the other trails.

    Brian - Thanks Brian!

    Esther Montgomery - It can get hot there. I probably wouldn't go there in mid-summer myself, because I can't take it as well as I used to also. My grandparents were full-on, desert rats and I've wilderness camped in deserts all over the U.S., but not these days...

    Belle - Yep! It's a whole different look without the clouds. Not as nice either...

    missing moments - I like both places equally, but I always like to be close to the ocean as well. Thanks so much!

  10. I love those landscapes so diferent to the ones i´m used to. Greetings.

  11. Why am I no longer able to do a second click on these, to make them full screen? I feel cheated when I can't embiggen enough. You know how much I enjoy your photography!

  12. Stunning photos! How do you find these jewels that most people don't even know exist? And thanks for your kind words on my blog!

  13. You look so powerful in that shot, Pat. It seems you should be presenting the 15, er 10, commandments.

    You're right. The scenery is exquisite. Thanks for the photos.

  14. These are beautiful! Like a John Ford western. Except in color. And without John Wayne. Or burning squatter's cabins. Or Natalie Wood with the Apache, Sioux, ONE of those tribes.
    Hmmm....maybe they AREN'T like a John Ford western, after all.
    But, they're still way beautiful.

  15. @Robyn: Except he has no beard. Or a white robe. Or stick which can turn into a snake. And he's not married to Lily Munster (aka Yvonne DeCarlo).
    So let it be written so let it be done.

  16. I am enjoying reading your blogs Pat and especially your blogs about your road trips. I am glad to see you getting around. I have been to some of the areas you have talked about and some I havent, but since reading about them, I would like to go. Couple years ago I went to the Grand Canyon and Sedona area in Feb. I forgot it snowed there. It was spectacular. A whole new look at 2 areas I had been to before, just not in winter. It was gorgeous! Happy Travelling!

  17. Wow, stunning. The rocks are redder, but we've got all that sage and brush up north here. Love that blue, blue sky.

  18. I feel like I've been on a mini vacation with gorgeous views and only one oddity but it wasn't you, Pat.
    What ever camera you use.. I what one!

  19. Beautiful photos of the desert, Pat! It looks like a wonderful place to explore!

  20. Wonderful photographs Patrick. Love the colors in them. Thank you for sharing them.


  21. When I went to visit my stepdaughter recently, they went to Sedona on vacation earlier this year. The pictures are amazing. These red rocks and hills remind me of that. So beautiful. Someday!!

  22. Pat those are great could you not want to spend a few weeks just relaxing there and taking in the surroundings. What I find surprising bout the the one pic is not that you're in it but that you're standing versus sitting and I would be!

  23. Wow, wow, wow! Outstanding images of a remarkable place! I love this type of Western terrain, and I had never heard of this place. It's truly a gem, as you say.

  24. Enlarge? What happened to the word "embiggen"? I like that one better. ;) Gorgeous photos as always. Always make me wish I was right there.

  25. Amazing shots! What a location. And that one photo wasn't that odd, Pat.

  26. Japy - Thanks Japy! That is why I like your photos also. Different from what I see...

    Ms. A - I have no idea. At least they are enlarging though, right? Thanks Ms. A. I appreciate it.

    Lolamouse - Thanks so much! A local person told us about it. Zion National Park is very close, so people just pass this beauty by. As your blog, my pleasure!

    Robyn - Standing on my pedestal looking over the masses! You are welcome and thanks to you as well.

    Al - Thanks Al! Thanks so much! You are so funny! I was just trying not to fall.

    Michelle - Thanks for reading and commenting Michelle (Washington Michelle?). I REALLY want to see Sedona in the winter. I've seen photos and really want to see it.

    M Pax - Thanks for the nice words. It seems like all the western states have at least one red rock area. I agree about the sky.

    Pam - I always enjoy touring via other people's blogs also. I usually use an old Nikon D70. Thanks Pam!

    Icy BC - Thanks so much!It sure was a great place to explore and I want to do it again. There is much that we missed.

    Kay - Thanks Kay! Nature is quite an artist.

  27. Barb - It sure is! The best thing about it is that you can't really escape the beauty. Change a tire, go out to pick the paper up off the lawn. It's everywhere...

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck! Yep, there is lot's to do and see. There was so much awesome stuff there, that I think we barely scratched the surface.

    tapirgal - THANKS so much! I had never heard of it either. Seriously, the ranger even told us that it is never crowded at all.

    Marlene - I hadn't even noticed that I used the wrong word. Thanks so much Marlene!

    Alex - Thanks Alex! Well, me being in one of my posts is fairly odd.

  28. So beautiful, but where's the snow?

  29. Great photos, the colors are amazing! Especially the top photo, absolutely beautiful.

  30. Beautiful photos. I love that great place with these amazing rock formations. Greetings.

  31. Nothing odd about any of these photos, Pat! ;-) You're right, that big blue and white sky makes the yellow broom and red rock ROCK! I'm sure I've told you before that Utah's nature makes it one of my favorite states, and that is in a country that has an abundance of beautiful spots. It's time for me to return! Keep 'em coming!

  32. These are so pretty! I would love to go there.

  33. Yup, Washington Michelle! I'll keep reading and looking for your next adventure! =)

  34. Jesse - Oh yeah, the snow! It isn't names Snow Canyon for the snow, but for a guy names Snow who owned the property at one time!

    Christine - Thanks! It's pretty easy when it's all just sitting there waiting to be photographed!
    Time sure is passing slowly...

    Leovi - Thanks! There are many places like this in the SW part of the U.S.

    Francisca - I agree with you, Utah is amazing. Different, but still amazing!

    Mama Zen - Actually, there is almost too much to see there. Four National parks and several other places that could be...

    Michelle - Thanks for reading and commenting my old friend...

  35. what a spectacular!

    beautiful clouds and scenery!
    great red!

    hope your day is going well.

  36. wow, wow, and more wow. these photos are amazing. I've never personally seen petrified sand dunes, what fascinating formations. and the colors in these photos are over-the-top. I love high desert. my only experience with it was in N.Mexico, and if not for the lack of water, I'd want to live there. I'm not sure I could live in a state with such dry conditions after living next to a great lake and the lushness of Wisconsin. but I surely do like visiting...
    great shots Pat. happy day to you. and I love the shot with you in it!!!

  37. As always your photographs are amazing. I want to go to these places.

    Blogging from A to Z

  38. I am awestruck Pat. Thanks for sharing these fantastic vistas.

  39. What a fun adventure, Pat. These pics are beautiful.

  40. gorgeous makes me want to travel even more

  41. Truly amazing colors and views! Never had the chance to explore this area, we just settled in Sedona.

  42. I loved your coastal photos and I love these too. Keep them coming!

  43. I love this post! If you and my husband ever went anywhere together you wouldn't come back for three weeks! I could see you both taking shot after shot to capture the light!

    You have so many talents!

  44. Betty - Thanks Betty! All is fine!

    Ms. Becky - thanks, thanks, and more thanks! I had never seen their either, they were pretty cool. I understand what you are saying. I live right on the coast and even though I may not seeing the ocean every day, I always know it's there. Mary wife keeps talking about Sedona Arizone all the time though, so we may be moving one of these days.

    Arlee - Thanks Lee! It sounds like a road trip is needed!

    awarewriter - Thanks so much for the kind words! I really do appreciate it.

    Laura - Thanks Laura! Nature is quite an artist...

    becca - I'm with you. I see things and want to go there.

    Blue Wave - Thanks so much! It was a great trip...

    Ebie - Thanks so much! You just moved to Sedona? I am so jealous... We go at least once a year and just love it. Do you live Sedona itself or outside? Either way is awesome!

    James - Thanks James! I'm always afraid that people will get bored by them.

    Jenny - Thanks so much! Oh yeah! That's exactly what I do. My wife is very kind to put up with!

  45. Gorgeous shots .. and you look pretty damn dashing yourself.. life is treating you rather well my friend and it shows..

    I so enjoy your blog!!!

  46. All beautiful photos, Patrick. Always in awe of landscapes, the magnitude, and especially when our photos can reveal some of that.

  47. I love that first picture. It's my favorite. And I love Utah. It's so beautiful. :)

  48. I wanna go! Just gorgeous photos, Pat.

  49. i've always wanted to spend more time in Utah. it looked amazing from the plane. ^_^

  50. Having just driven through Utah...I can imagine all this now. Utah is one place I want to go and explore for weeks. Beautiful color in your captures. And you need more with you in them;)

  51. Beautiful pictures. Utah is on our list to visit when the spouse finally retires.

  52. Thanks for sending me the link. These are gorgeous; like a mini-vacation for me! We have *almost* the same image as the second to last one you have posted, except I'm in it! LOL!


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