Friday, November 11, 2011

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Rivers of Despair

Somewhere in the Kentucky hill country
Heartbreak flows through hidden valleys like a breeze
Sorrow falls from slate gray clouds in sheets
Rivers of despair cut soft stone deeply
Gentle crying lingers on the air like an echo

An old post that had about 5 comments, two of which were mine.
The photo was from google and uncredited.

This was supposed to be a Weekend Reflections post, but I obviously did the wrong one!
Sorry about that!


  1. I like the poem ...sad and touches the heart.
    Happy Veterans Day !!

  2. Beautifully composed, Pat.

    Most of us can not imagine that kind of sorrow and despair. All we can do is honor those who serve and show our undying respect and support.

  3. wow. the poem and the photo go so well together. heartbreaking! i better get to work before i lose it all....

  4. Chilling in is stark sorrow and emotional descriptions. Simpy gorgeous poem. Thanks for sharing it again this Veterans Day, Patrick.

  5. Your words, Pat. I can't express, except to say I read and reread and... so powerful are your words

  6. Wow, Pat. That is beautiful. Happy Veteran's Day!

  7. Your words capture the essence of the photo perfectly. So tragic. Let's bring them all home and not in body bags.

  8. thank you for reposting this for those of us that haven't seen it before. so many sacrifices. so many lives. so many families...

  9. Glad you re-posted this, Pat. Your poem and the photo are perfect together! We always need to remember...
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  10. very touching words!
    great photo you paired with them, too.

    great post!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  11. gives me chills
    your poem suits the photo and is both heartbreaking and comforting

  12. Thank you for YOUR service, Pat.

    God bless those who serve and sacrifice.

  13. Such a moving, sad post for this day! When will the human race learn that wars only destroy and rarely create anything but sorrow and loss! Thank you, Pat!


  14. Your post is magnificent, so beautiful words, so important message...

  15. How beautiful and deep. Very well done.

  16. So touching. Thanks to all veterans everywhere. We love you each and every day!

  17. Very poignant and stirring words....if we could all learn to love....

  18. Wow - what a powerful photo. Thank you for sharing it this Veteran's Day.

  19. This photo break my heart. My prayers to all our military men. Happy weekend!

    Weekend Reflection

  20. Your picture and the poem pull at the old heartstrings. Beautiful duo. I used Weekend Reflections to pay tribute to my daddy for his service in WW!. So sad it was not the "War To End All Wars.”

  21. a solemn day of honor and remembrance. I often think about what it must feel like to summon the courage to make the ultimate sacrifice. and I often think about how many lives were lost, and if it was worth it. but that's not for me to decide. but it IS for me to ponder. thanks for sharing the tribute. happy weekend to you Pat.

  22. Powerful post! Beautifully put together!

  23. My aunt and her two daughters lost a husband and father in WWll. It is indeed the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks for the poem and photo.

  24. Lovely tribute and photo, well done! ;-)

  25. Beautiful. I appreciate all that our veterans and those serving now have and are doing for us so we can continue to enjoy our freedoms.

  26. Couldn't have said it better.

  27. The sadness resonates strong from this one, which made me read it three times over...

    Very well written :)

    Arnab Majumdar

  28. So beautiful but so sad. Thank you for reposting this and giving me the chance to read it

  29. faye - thanks faye! I appreciate that.

    Pam - Thanks so much!

    Sarah - Hi Sarah! I'm glad you felt it.

    Nicole Ducleroir - Wow! Thanks so much Nicole!

    Diane - thanks Diana! It gets to me also.

    laughingmom - thanks so much!

    Lolamouse - I'm with you! I'm tired of this country being at war.

    TexWisGirl - So much tragedy. I just want it over with.

    Ann - My pleasure! I've really gotten into the habit of posting photos.

    Betty M - Thanks Betty! Here's to a good weekend for us all!

  30. Dianne - Me too! It's one of those that I can read over and over. I'm totally satisfied that I couldn't have written it any better (for me that is). Thanks so much Dianne.

    EG Wow - Thanks! It's too bad it's all still going on though.

    Alex - Thanks Alex! Yep, a few people more reading it this time around.

    Ms A - It was my pleasure! I also appreciate all they do.

    Sylvia K - It seems that the human race will never learn. There are always plenty of old men willing to send young men to their deaths...

    Leia - Thank you so much Leia. I appreciate it...

    Baby Sister - Thanks! Even I like how it came out.

    Brian - It's too bad they are needed, but without them, it would be a different world.

    Pat - Thanks Pat, it was my pleasure!

    Rekha - Thanks Rekha! If only...

  31. Kim - Thanks Kim. Happy weekend to you also.

    Genie - Thanks Genie! I'll be over to see your post soon. Yes, I agree with you that it is very sad.

    Ms. Becky - Thanks for the thought provoking comment. When I ponder the last few wars, it doesn't make me happy.

    James - Thanks so much James!

    Belle - That really is the ultimate sacrifice. Now days, I have to ask myself, for what?

    Talei - Thanks Talei! I appreciate it.

    Marlene - Thanks Marlene! I appreciate it also, I'm just not sure that the current stuff has anything to do with our freedoms.

    lotusleaf - thanks so much!

    Al Penwasser - Thanks Al!

    Arnab Majumdar - Thank you very much for the nice comment.

  32. It's the right post for the right day. Good job Pat.

  33. This time around you really outdid those five comments on the initial posting. Haunting poem.

    Ann Carbine Best visits Wrote By Rote on Saturday 11/12/11

  34. Thanks for sending well wishes Patrick. I did have a hard week with my Dad's passing. And on a lighter note. It's hard to believe you only got 5 comments. You usually have so many!

  35. Christine - Thanks Christine! Seven to 10 days just can't go fast enough...

    Mynx - My pleasure! Had I known what I was doing, I wouldn't have been posting everyday, with little or no followers.

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck. Can't wait until it's all over...

    Lee - thanks so much! Yep, got a few more this time around.

    Francisca - Now that's the question of the hour, year, decade, century, forever... When do we learn?

    Sharon - My pleasure Sharon! I know it wasn't easy, and won't be for a while. Hang in there.

  36. It's been a while since I read your poetry, Pat. This one is a reminder of the raw beauty of your written word.



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