Monday, September 17, 2012

Street Candids 2 - Palm Springs

My last post consisted of a few candid photos taken in San Luis Obispo. In the comments to the post, several people said they don't take these photos because they don't want the subject getting mad at them. 

Ask The Rabbi
These two were taken at the weekly street fair in Palm Springs. Everything looks okay in this photo. I thought the whole "Ask The Rabbi" deal was pretty cool, so I decided to take a couple of photos. They were smiling and having a good time. Well, they were until they noticed me taking their photos.

I guess I forgot to "Ask The Rabbi" if I could take their photos. 



  1. That is an awesome pair of shots - you can almost feel the change in tone as they move from being oblivious and internally focused to very aware...and very focused on you.

    Funny, but I'd think that in setting up an "Ask the Rabbi" kiosk on a public street, he'd have to expect a certain amount of attention.

    I admire your photographic gumption in bringing this scene home. Superb craftwork.

  2. Great pics. I think that if someone sets themselves up on a public street like that, there shouldn't be much objection to people taking photos. Love the looks on their faces-

  3. But look, his arms are wide open and he is blessing you :-)

  4. You should expect a reaction like the one you got Patrick.
    I remember, some years back, I was in Dubai where I was taking some street photographs.
    There were some women selling things on the pavement, and they started throwing stones at me.

  5. Oh, Oooppps indeed!! Love the change in their faces once they saw you!!! Well, if you don't want to be noticed, don't set up shop on a busy street!!! Have a great week, Pat!!

  6. great shots and maybe he is telling you he is sending up a blessing for you
    Come Say HI

  7. Uh Oh. I wise thing to remember. But the indiscretion created an even better shot. Thanks for all those blog comments. That was so nice.

  8. Lol!! That Rabbi looks like he's about to pounce!! Oops. :)

  9. I heart these photos. I have never seen an Ask the Rabbi kiosk. I would love an opportunity to ask a Rabbi something.

  10. what a great start to the day!

    great street photos!

  11. Carmi said it, photographic gumption!!! Perfect description. I don't have it.

  12. Oy vey... What are they getting so upset about, with the pictures, and the taking?

    Seriously that is a pretty great kiosk, they should be proud to have it shown.

  13. In photography I think "Shoot first and ask questions later" is generally the best way to get real photos rather than staged or posed ones... but not everyone likes having their picture taken, so wearing good running shoes is usually a good idea also... :-)

  14. Funny! Hey, he's out in public. What does he expect?

  15. I agree with Alex, he is out in public, if you were in Hollywood he would have asked for a donation in exchange for the picture.

    Nice shots Pat.

  16. Great pictures, really funny that stall. A greeting.

  17. Love the transition in these photos!

  18. Hi there - thanks for the multiple comments!

    I dont do much street photography, but I do think its OK to just snap away. Why do people get so wired up about things!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  19. Their body language speaks volumes. I like their before and after expressions.

  20. Whatever the adults are saying I can see the embarrassment on the child's face. Remarkable capture.

    I tend to get spooked and stop snapping when someone yells at me. I am going to have to remember these shots and try for the finally.

  21. Oy vey, that's funny, Pat. I'm guessing there may be Jewish laws about Orthodox/very conservative Jews being photographed. (There are laws for everything.) I'm also sure you couldn't have been the first to take his picture without permission.


  22. What Carmi said. I'd be asking questions and hopefully also taking a shot. I do think this is fair game!

    I replied to your Finnish question on today's Astoria post, as there is a real Finnish house posted today.

  23. Interesting. :) Guess you were supposed to ask.

  24. Pat those are two priceless shots. You could not have paid for a better reaction in that second photo...they didn't start chasing you did they??

  25. Oops! Thanks for sharing these great I said before, they're in a public expectation of privacy. (I don't take many people photos because I don't take good ones, not because I think it's wrong).

  26. I don't believe he was a real Rabbi. Did you see his Rabbi license?

  27. Great funny post dear Patrick, and I'm also enjoying reading the comments of friends here! :)

  28. Two places I've visited this year - Palm Springs and SLO. Although I don't take these candid photos, these are fun to see!

  29. I once had a guy yell at me because I was taking pictures of his dog! (Not at the pet center, just a random dog at an outdoor mall). This irateness seems to be age related. I find the facebook generation has no issues having their pictures taken by strangers. Mostly, people over 40 get pretty upset about it. I read that street photographers master "shooting from the hip," or the "hip shot." Sounds like a hard thing to master! Anyway, you got a great couple of images. The before and after concept is great!

  30. Love that series :)

    I was thinking, one could always pretend one is taking picture of something else.

  31. I probably shouldn't have laughed but I found those two shots funny!

  32. I find the contrasting expressions of the three people intriguing. Still glad there are photos like these to see while knowing I would not like someone to photograph me without asking. Trouble is - a.) I would probably say 'no' and b.) a posed expression is of so little interest in a street photograph so any point in taking it would have vanished.

  33. oops! but, good for you! anyone who sets up a booth is asking for attention from, especially photographers! great captures, Pat!

  34. LOL! Love the idea of it too, but what a look in the last pic. Love it.

  35. What a fine set of shots. And you take on life...I love it. Naught should have asked that Rabi. The smiles definitely went away. genie

  36. Hubby hates having his photo taken in public by strangers. He turns his head or puts his hand up over his face. It's just how he is. Projecting his feelings, he tells me NO ONE wants their picture taken and I should ASK FIRST. Of course you then end up with posed, stiff shots that are no fun at all. I really like the candid ones best. I think I will take my long lens out with me today and shoot some strangers :)

  37. Haha poor Rabbi - hey if youre putting yruself out like that, then its open slather.

    I tend to think in a perfect world you would ask for permission, but im more inclined to say, hide better.


  38. Carmi - Thanks so much! I could sure feel the change! It's usually very crowded around them and I didn't understand their concern. I'll be back there soon and we'll see what happens.

    Shelly - Thanks Shelly! I totally agree with you! I'll be back there when it's cooler in the desert and I'm going to ask him. Not if I can take his photo, but why he reacted the way he did last time.

    Wong - Thanks Wong!

    Icy BC - HA! That's funny! Now that I think about it, I just might show him the photos.

    Brian - I'm thinking it was something else altogether!

    Budd - Yeah! Same to you!

    TexWisGirl - Gosh, the more I think about it, the more I think I'm going to talk to him next time.

    Costas - I can understand something like that happening in the middle east, but not in Palm Springs!

    Sylvia - I think what you said just about sums it up! Thanks Sylvia!

    becca - Thanks so much! Yeah, maybe that was it.

  39. Sharon - I agree with you. I liked the second shot much more. The comments were my pleasure.

    Amanda - He sure did! The other guy didn't look very happy either.

    Seriously Though - Thanks! He's out there on Palm Canyon Drive every Thursday night. Rain or shine! It rarely rains there, so he's pretty much always there. Thanks for the comment.

    Betty - Happy to be of service! Thanks so much.

    Ms. A - I just might have a bit too much of it.

    Tim - That's funny! I would think he'd be totally pleased. Maybe I can talk to him next time.

    Owen - I completely agree. If you ask, they will either say no, or say yes and give you a "posed" candid shot. No thanks, I'll take my chances.

    Alex - I agree! Maybe I'm misreading him.

    Jimmy - That is so true. Dave Hester (the bad guy) from Storage Wars has a booth every week at my counties weekly Market Place. Kind of like a giant flea market, but with new stuff only. He wanted to be paid for any photos taken of him. That was enough for me to decide that I wouldn't give him any free publicity and didn't publish them on my blog. He sells t-shirts and hats. He'll also autograph them for an additional fee. Geez!

    Lynda - I really liked both of them and yes, it was worth it.

  40. Leovi - Thanks Leovi!

    Talli - Me too! It's like a switch was flipped.

    Stewart - My pleasure Stewart! I can't get on everyday, so I'm always playing catch-up. Thanks!

    Wayne - I totally agree with you.

    N.R. Williams - Thanks! I love it when great things like that happen.

    Rita - Thanks so much Rita! I usually just keep on taking photos.

    Robyn - I'm sure I wasn't the first. Maybe it had to do with me not being one of the chosen! He's probably a great guy and I just caught him at a bad moment in time.

    tapirgal - I agree that it's all fair game. I'll be over to check out the photo! Thanks!

    M Pax - I guess I was! That would ruin the whole thing though...

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck! Their reaction was priceless. Nah, they didn't start chasing me. I'm happy to say that there hasn't been any chasing yet.

  41. Sallie - My pleasure Sallie! Thanks so much!

    PTM - Nope! I forgot to ask!

    Leia - Thank you so much Leia! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself.

    Kato - Thanks! There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity!

    Al - Two of my favorite towns! I've got more candid photos coming up. I think the photos in the next post will be from Japan.

    Stickup Artist - He got indignant over his dog? That's funny! Oh yeah, I think age has a lot to do with it. I do take some shots from the hip, but most of them I just act like I belong their, taking people's photos. Thanks so much! Unfortunately, many times they see me and know what's happening and there is only the "after" shot.

    Mshatch - Thanks! I've done that before. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it does.

    Liz - Thanks so much Liz!

    sage - I'm glad you saw the humor in it. I think the whole concept is funny.

    Lucy - I think you've totally summed up why it isn't worth taking the photo if you have to ask. So I don't!

  42. Carolyn - Thanks! I appreciate it Carolyn.

    Laura - Thanks so much Laura!

    Genie - Thanks! This is a little slice of Americana and I'd think the "Rabbi" would love having his photo taken. Oh well...

    The Empress - Thanks so much, it is a slice of life.

    Rosemary - I don't take many photos of folks just out and walking around, but the way some people present themselves, makes me believe that on some level, they love being looked at. Also, people running a booth or performing in public, seem to want their photos taken. At least, that's the way I see it.

    Anthony - I totally agree! Asking for permission takes 100% of the candid out of it. I'd never ask ahead of time. Maybe afterwards, but not before!

  43. Well, if someone is doing something in a public space, it's fair to take the photo. A Rabbi should know that, I think.

  44. The second shot is particularly amusing and "candid". Oi, you should have asked! But it wouldn't have been the same shot.


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