Monday, September 24, 2012

Street Candids 3

Please feel free to embiggen.
This one was taken at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma, California.  If this lady would have seen me taking her photo, I would have felt badly about it and approached her to apologize for interrupting her very personal moment. I wasn't however, going to pass up this shot. To me, it was very moving.  Even more so these days, because this beautiful cemetery is also going to be my final resting place.  I would have loved to move to the left several feet to get a good perspective running down that wall of niches. 

This guy is most certainly giving me the old stink eye for taking his photo. When I got up close to him though, he didn't have anything at all to say to me. I think my stink eye trumped his.  The photo was taken at the Orange County Market Place. (the following sentence was added after several comments) I guess I should have set this scene up. The lady in front of me is my wife. This guy was REALLY checking her out. I was trying to get a photo of that, but by the time I was ready, he saw what I was doing. 

This one was posted several months ago. This gentleman is one of the inhabitants of Slab City, in the Southern California desert.  He didn't care about the photo and even waved at me. 



  1. I love candid photos that capture a single moment in time
    Come Say HI

  2. Hi there - good pictures. For all that we may quake from taking pictures like your first one I think we still need to. While this is a private time for this person - the story that lies behind the image has a public aspect. Governments would like us to forget that their decisions up up with moments like this.

    Keep taking these pictures - they are worth a 100 of my pictures of damselflies. (?)

    Stewart M - Australia

  3. That first pic really got me- big old lump in my throat. As always, your pics are thought provoking and tell such great stories~

  4. That first one is really powerful and moving.

  5. mr. slab city is a character - and probably has to be to survive in that area.

  6. Terrific B&W "people" shots, Pat!! The first one is very moving indeed!! Thanks for sharing these! Have a great week!!

  7. Yes, that first one sure is a special moment.

  8. The first shot is amazing, Patrick!

    Wanna have a stink eye contest? Do ya? Do ya?

  9. my favorite is the slab city guy. I don't know why.

  10. One day, you'll meet one of us and we'll photograph you right back. Come to think of it, it could be a kind of 'Where's Wally' exercise. (Do you have those books in the U.S.A.?) Any blogger who can track you down could put up a shot of you. Could be fun!

    But seriously, how do you cope when strangers take pictures of you?

  11. You truly have a gift for this! That first photo is absolutely beautiful.

  12. Very nice! I love black and white photos.

  13. I love that first photo. It has such a strong message. And the second one is hilarious!!

  14. It's interesting how some people don;t mind having their photos taken and some do. I had a fisher on a dock give me the "stink eye" last weekend. I felt embarrassed but waved and smiled. I love these photos, Pat.

  15. Love them all and that first one is very touching. (I like that you can read the wall, too... WWII, Vietnam...)

  16. That first shot was incredible. A real Pulitzer-prize winner. I know that wasn't what you were after, but still a powerful shot...

  17. at first i thought the Slab City guy was someone i know. that would've been an interesting coincidence. ^_^

  18. ..and black and white pulls something real out.

  19. All of your candid shots are amazing, the emotion of the first one you can actually feel, and the stink eye most likely figured out that he was busted, the shot of him checking her would have been interesting although with the lead up makes this one priceless, Slab City guy I liked also.

    Good job Pat, excellent as always

  20. You have clever eyes and I'm always enchanted by your beautiful photography.That firs one is very dramatic! :) Thanks for sharing!

  21. Each of these photos has something poignant to say. The fact that you posted them in black and white just strengthens the emotions in each shot.

    I agree with becca; I like candids also, especially when they are this good.

  22. These are so good (and I hope everybody 'embiggens' == even better that way). The guy at Slab City just absolutely represents the way that place feels... I admire (and envy) your ability to capture the moment with candids!.

  23. I love the first photo. Come to think of it, the cemetery is a great place for photographers.

    I have been here last March, and I see very young soldiers!

  24. There's so much emotion in these pictures. Were you mad at the guy for checking out your wife? He looks mad at you for taking the picture.


  25. Those are all great emotive shots, Pat. You have a knack for candid photography...without getting maced or tased!!

  26. Nice candid photos. I don't like it when guys check out my wife!

  27. The first is so emotional and tears at my heart. It tells a very powerful story that is timeless, but we all wish this story would come to an end. The last I remember and it is one of my favorite images of all time. I seriously love that one.

  28. These are wonderful and I love the last one. It really shows what a beautiful free spirit he appears to have

  29. Terrific candid shots, Pat. People watching is a fun pastime and you do it sooo well ~:o)

  30. I was in San Diego two weeks ago and went to the sawp meet...lots of interesting people, but I only took a few pictures because I didn't want to be confronted about why I was taking their pictures. I still regret not getting the shot of a woman in leopard tights and high, high the swap meet for God's sake!

  31. You've got to wonder about it -- how many photo albums, slideshows have captured your own face, passing through a stgranger's life. Of course to them, you're the stranger.

  32. Such varied but all emotional shots of everyday life.

  33. awesome!
    i really like that bottom one!

    hope you have a great weekend, pat!

  34. I'm glad you captured that woman in her moment, it is very moving.

  35. I love how each one tells us a little bit about the person and the emotions each is feeling at that moment in time. For some reason, I'm particularly drawn to the middle one, I think you've really caught his mood there.

  36. Really interesting photos.

    Top one: Interesting cropping. Vietnam AND Persian Gulf? You have to wonder. He would have been my age. It must be strange to know where you will end up. Ms. Itinerant here doesn't know yet. I always wonder when I see cemeteries or mausoleums for those who served, because I wonder where their spouses will be....

    Second photo: You used your WIFE as bait? That's awesome.

    Third: Just a really interesting looking guy and image.

  37. Bravissimo, Pat! Each picture says so much. In fact, the second one is shouting!

  38. .•°♫♪♪

    Acho que entendo... eu também não gostaria que você me fotografasse sem eu saber... mas se eu soubesse com certeza ia sorrir.
    Bom fim de semana!

  39. I love how that guy thought you were going to shrivel up if he gave you the stink eye, and you captured his stink eye and now own it. Yay Patrick!

  40. Whoa, that's a stink eye alright! A death ray eye! Fuck him!

    Love the first and last two. They would make great wall photos.

    Or additions to your book! lol hint!!

  41. Love the photo journalistic style. It's strange how people in public are worried about getting their picture taken when it is probably taken many times without them realizing.

  42. I like that they are all in B&W...kind of like a documentary. Good ones.

  43. becca - I love them also and that is exactly the reason why I do...

    Stewart M - Hey Stewart! Thanks so much for the supportive words! I appreciate it. Don't sell yourself short buddy!

    Shelly - Thanks! I thought it was a pretty moving scene also.

    Alex - Thanks Alex. One of those things you see that you MUST get a photo of.

    TexWisGirl - Yep! I totally agree. From what I've seem he's pretty typical of the people who live there full time.

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! I appreciate it.

    Brian - Yep and I'm glad I didn't interrupt her.

    Bossy Betty - Thanks so much my friend! No contest, you'd probably win!

    Seriously Though - I like that one a lot also. It would have been really nice if there were heat waves shimmering off of the road behind him.

    Lucy - Bring in on! The books that we have here are titled "Where's Waldo." They are fun. I don't get my photo taken very often by strangers, but my next post has some strangers taking photos of me.

  44. Al - Thanks a lot Al. No award winner, but I could easily feel her emotions...

    Ven - Oh yeah, that would have been very interesting.

    Jerry - I agree with that! While not as pretty, b&w does things that color can't come close to.

    Jimmy - Thanks Jimmy! I always appreciate your comments. I probably should have talked (interviewed) the guy at Slab City.

    Leia - Thanks Leia! If something looks interesting to me, I always hope that I can capture what I see and how it made me feel.

    Rita - I agree with you Rita. Three totally different feelings. In fact, I thought about posting them (especially the first one) by itself. Thanks Rita!

    Sallie - I had to chuckle at what you said about the guy at Slab City. It's so darn true! thanks for the nice words...

    Ebie - Yes! There are a lot of young men and women buried there. I'll be there also, but hopefully, after a long long life. It's a beautiful place, yes?

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! Yes, all different emotions... I wasn't mad at him. Heck, I was happy to see and capture that look on his face.

    Chuck - Hey Chuck! Thanks, I try to avoid mace and tasers at all costs. Don't tase me bro!

  45. Al - To me, it depends on the circumstances. This guy, I did't like it much, but having a camera in my hand, I'm glad he did.

    Stickup Artist - I agree! Not much else in this world can tear up a family like war can. Thanks so much for the nice words about the photo.

    Mynx - thanks Mynx! Like a modern day hippy! I'm always happy to see that are still some free spirits around.

    Pam - Thank you Pam! I'm always interested in people, that's for sure.

    #1Nana - I would have taken that photo, even if it did cause a confrontation. Were you at the Sports Arena swap meet?

    The Chieftess - Thanks!

    altadenahiker - Yep, I've always been told that I'm stranger than most people!

    Chrissy Brand - Thanks Chrissy! All three certainly do have a different feel to them.

    betty manousos - Thanks Betty! I ALWAYS have a great weekend. Most other days as well!

  46. Leovi - Thanks Leovi!

    Wayne - Thanks Wayne, I'm I'm just glad that she didn't catch me catching her moment. I would have felt bad about interrupting her.

    Talei - Thanks Talei! Yes, he didn't like it and he showed it! Too bad for him!

    tapirgal - Thanks! We didn't want to burden our kids with having to make arrangements, so we did it all in advance. If you do it that way, the spouse will end up right next to you, when the time comes. I can't think of a better place to end up. It's so beautiful. there.

    SparkleFarkle - Thanks! Yeah, he looked like he wanted to shout!

    Magia - Yes, it was a nice scene, but a sad one. thanks Magia!

    Margaret - That's right! I own that stink eye! thanks so much Margaret!

    Anthony - If looks could kill! thanks for the nice words (as ilways) Anthony!

    Carly - I think you are exactly right. Most people I take photos of, never had a clue. Before or after...

    Rosemary - I'm with you! B&W lends itself beautifully to candid photos. Thanks Rosemary!

  47. That first photo is very beautiful, although sad.

    The second photo (you took me on a roller coaster) cracked me up with the great story that comes with it.

  48. Hi Pat, I like your Street Candids series. Good stuff.

    I particularly like the cemetary shot, painful as it is. What a lovely place for you to be buried. I used to visit it once in a while because it is tranquil, peaceful and beautiful.

  49. Slab City.

    There but for the grace of God...

    I like the stink eye picture!


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